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Case Study: Straight Consulting

Orthodontic consultants looking for a fresh responsive website as unique as them!

Preview of our Orthodontic Consultants Website Case Study on mobile with Tracy in the corner

About Straight Consulting

Tracy was once a treatment coordinator (TC) for orthodontic practices who consistently surpassed their doctors’ dreams of case acceptance and business growth. She realized she could teach other TCs her skills and started Straight Consulting – the “fresh blood of orthodontics.”

Changing the game in orthodontic consulting

Tracy brings a spin to orthodontic consulting – she is the only orthodontic consultant who is still practicing as a Treatment Coordinator during her spare time. She’s always on top of the latest trends in orthodontics, being knowledgeable of the orthodontic trenches doctors face every day and what modern coaching tools they need to grow their business.

This is what she wants her website to reflect: Modern, fresh, and unique.

Orthodontic consultants website objective:

Tell Straight Consulting's story and show off their engaging nature
  • Candid Photo Shoot: Tracy and her team wanted to show their approachable, engaging nature, and they did a fun photo shoot with actual clients to tell their story and show they are personable, fun, engaging, and modern.
  • Fun & Modern Colors: Browse through Straight Consulting’s site, and you’ll notice modern, pop colors used strategically. Their brand uses coral and tiffany blue. We took those colors and added yellow as a fun color theme throughout the site.
  • Addressing Barriers: Being a TC herself, Tracy is always in touch with the latest TC coaching techniques. She and her team understand the barriers orthodontists go through every day. To showcase their expertise, we used engaging icons and content that directly addresses those barriers and how orthodontists can overcome them.
Examples of Straight Wire Consulting's new responsive website to market orthodontists
View the before + after:
Image of the website before Roadside
Screenshot of Straight Consulting's new responsive website.

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