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Case Study: Big Boca Smiles

See how we helped this Florida-based practice become an all-in-one dental powerhouse.

About Big Boca Smiles

Big Boca Smiles has been turning southern frowns upside down since 1983. In the following decades, they have established themselves as THE go-to family-focused dental practice in Boca Raton, FL. Pediatric, general, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics – they do it all.

Examples of Big Boca Smile's new responsive website on various screens

The Challenge

The secret to Big Boca Smiles’ success was the comforting environment that the practice oozed across the board.

The problem?

Its website did not reflect that one bit:

  • It would hit you with an information overload right off the bat
  • The homepage looked like a sales page from the early 2000s
  • The site was NOT easy to navigate
  • You couldn’t tell at a glance that it was more than just a pediatric practice

The good news?

They knew what they wanted from the new website:

  • To visually encompass pediatric, general, orthodontics, and cosmetic services into one site
  • To highlight and showcase the sometimes overshadowed cosmetic side of things
  • To make the site’s layout clean, modern, and intuitive
  • To make sure it appeals to all ages, from young parents to seniors
The Solution
Make the site look (and feel) as warm yet professional as the Big Boca practice.
Examples of Big Boca Smile's new responsive website on various screens
Put everything in its place:
  • The old site would dump much more information on you than necessary. And it would put almost all of it in one place.
  • So, we divided it into clean separate bands. And made it easy to learn about the practice in general, specific services, or certain technologies without rummaging through the site.
  • Not all information is created equal. With that in mind, we put the practice’s biggest benefits high above and the less sexy (but also very much important) info – like insurance claims – on the homepage.
  • Last but not least, the smile gallery has been 100% revamped. New and improved, the gallery includes before-and-after photos, stories for each case, and more social proof, showcasing the doc’s work.
Emphasize the multi-doctor approach:
  • What separates Big Boca Smiles from the competition is its all-in-one dental office. But you couldn’t quite tell that from the site.
  • So, we put that part front and center. The moment you land on the site’s homepage, you’re greeted with a ‘TAKE THE OFFICE TOUR’ video that walks you through the entire office.
  • Then, we made the next band a three-part benefit showcase, with the first one highlighting the practice’s all-in-one dental approach.
  • To put the icing on the cake, the following band introduces the team, where you can meet the orthodontists as well as the general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentists. Also, the headline once again reminds you that you can find all of these specialists under the same roof.
Make the site speak to its clients:
  • Big Boca Smiles’ clientele mostly consisted of middle- and upper-middle-class families. But the old site did not reflect that.
  • So, we face-lifted the copy. Ditching the previous generic slogans, we made sure that the message conveyed one thing first and foremost – this is the practice you can trust. These are the people who care. So kick back, relax, and let the pros do all the work.
  • We also introduced a massive testimonial band. Patients love Big Boca Smiles, so we let them talk and, with the sleeked-to-the-teeth band, made sure they’re heard.
  • We stretched the site out, mixing white and transparent blue bands with office equipment in the background. Revamping not just the layout but also the colors, we made every page reflect the practice’s approach: warm and compassionate but also cutting edge and efficient.
Examples of Big Boca Smile's new responsive website on various screens
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