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Case Study: AADOM

See how we helped increase AADOM’s leads by 469% (woot!).


The American Association of Dental Office Management … Opens in a new window to AADOM’s website… empowers, educates, and connects dental office managers across North America. Their members receive gobs of resources to grow into superstars at their dental offices. Plus, they connect with like-minded peers to grow, network, and make lifelong friends.

Sample of AADOM's old website with a messy navigation, confused current members, and poor user experience.

The Challenge

AADOM had A TON of materials, content, and programs to share with their 4800+ members. With so many resources, their old website:

  • Had a mediocre, too complicated user experience

  • Confused current members on where to access their materials

  • Was messy and didn’t reflect their high-end brand

  • Wasn’t clear on who and what AADOM provides

They needed their new website to:

  • Reflect their high-end brand

  • Make it super easy for current members to access their resources

  • Provide a user-friendly experience

  • Have a solid call to action for potential and current members

  • Focus on the benefits for office managers

The Solution

Revamp their messaging, simplify the user experience, and offer a free test drive.

AADOM's new website with a Members Dashboard, simple navigation, and a free test drive.
Focus on the benefits.
  • The old website didn’t explain how AADOM could help office managers’ problems.

  • We honed in on the copy and kept asking ourselves this one question: “What’s in it for me?”

  • Every word tackles the barriers office managers face every day (no time, feeling isolated, have meaning to their careers).

Simplify the user experience.
  • The old website’s navigation displayed EVERY educational piece and program. It was overwhelming to look at.

  • We simplified the navigation so anyone can understand AADOM’s offering.

  • We created a Members Dashboard for current members to find their benefits in one location.

Free test drive.
  • AADOM offers a ton of FREE resources for non-members, but the old website didn’t show it.

  • To showcase those freebies, we created a free test drive on the homepage.

  • Anyone could take AADOM on a test drive and try out some of their amazing resources for free. This gave AADOM a lead to convert them into an AADOM (paying) member.

  • AADOM’s leads increased by 600% within the first month of launching their website – all because of this lead generation.

AADOM's new website with a Members Dashboard, simple navigation, and a free test drive.
Keeping the website party going with marketing
We continue our relationship with AADOM through various marketing campaigns.
  • Creating excitement for members + Google An icon of two people speaking to each other
  • Responding in times of crisis. Icon of a pencil and a laptop to represent creative website design for dentists
  • Keeping the website alive and relevant. Icon of two hands with a dollar coin between them
Website launch campaign

Watch our video and hear Kim and Lorie announce AADOM’s new website.

You can’t launch a website and expect people to flock to it. It’s crucial to build excitement.

We helped AADOM hype up their website launch by creating:

  • Facebook posts to build excitement over the website launching

  • Facebook posts to show off all of its unique benefits

  • Email blasts to announce the website’s launch and how it benefits members

  • A video of Kim McQueen (Executive Director) and Lorie Streeter (Vice President) talking about the website’s benefits for AADOM members

This type of campaign spreads awareness, excitement, and traffic to the new website to show Google that AADOM is the place to be.

AADOM Cares Campaign

Dental offices were closing everywhere because of COVID-19. The pressure sat on office managers’ shoulders to help their doctors open safely while generating revenue.

AADOM came to us to launch their AADOM Cares Resources campaign.

This campaign gave office managers easy access to free resources to help practices thrive. We:

  • Created an AADOM Cares Resources page within 24 hours

  • Updated the hero area to drive traffic to the page

  • Showcased Heather Colicchio (AADOM’s founder) prominently to deliver her uplifting message that everything was going to be okay

From there, AADOM heavily promoted the page on social.

With this campaign:

  • AADOM membership almost doubled

  • Traffic to the website increased

  • Bounced rate decreased

See the actual results below!

Ongoing marketing

AADOM is a beast when it comes to content. They’re producing relevant content for their members (and new members). We took that content and marketed it for AADOM by:

  • Creating evergreen blog posts from articles their members submit

  • Optimizing pages, blogs, and the website

  • Creating Google My Business social posts for AADOM to promote their blog posts

  • Creating new landing pages whenever a campaign started

Because of ongoing marketing, AADOM is THE place for office managers to access relevant content. Google loves that.

The results from the website launch and marketing


Increase in Leads


Increase on Time Spent on Page


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in New Users


Increase in Desktop Traffic


Increase in Mobile Traffic


New Links per Month


Increase in Traffic From Social


Increase in Traffic From Search


Increase in New Members


Increase in Page Views


Increase in Users

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