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Case Study: Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry

Modern dentists wanting to show off their tech-savvy practice in high-tech Seattle, WA.
Examples of Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry's new responsive website on various screens

About Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry

Located in the heart of Seattle, WA, Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry built their reputation throughout the community as having a modern outlook on dental care with their high-tech technology, unique expertise, and 5-star customer service.

Seattle: Home of the best tech-giant companies

Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry is near high-tech companies throughout the Greater Seattle area, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Every day we rely on their products and services to make our lives easier, and this dental practice is no exception. Aesthetica integrates technology designed to make their patients’ visits comfortable and precise.

A website reflecting that modern dedication

Aesthetica wanted a website that reflected their dedication to the latest technologies and their high-end expertise. They are the Amazon of dentistry!

To make their website vision a reality, Aesthetica purchased our Ultimate Website Package, and our creative gears started churning.

Showcasing superior dental care online on all devices

Our Objective:

  • Design Investment: With the Ultimate Website package, our designers had the creative freedom to achieve Aesthetica’s vision. From customized buttons to strategically placed photos, it’s immediately clear this website shouts “Seattle dentist.” Take a closer look at the logo: We used their colors as the pop color to grab your eye and draw you to learn more about this office. By using charcoal and whites as contrasts, you can quickly scroll through the website but understand Aesthetica’s message right away.
  • Customized Animations: Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry is located right by Lake Union, where seaplanes land every day and the Space Needle is seen beyond the horizon. To emphasize their high-tech office, our designers and developers concocted a custom animation of a seaplane landing on the lake with the Space Needle in the background. Also, we created moving icons and custom animations to further enhance the sleek, modern feel patients can expect from Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry.
  • Photos Speak Volumes: We always preach the importance of a photo shoot. Aesthetica didn’t disappoint. With our customized design combined with photos of their office, there’s no questioning Aeshetica’s commitment to providing the best conveniences and dental care for their patients.

Scroll inside the window to view site.

Aesthetic Contemporary Dentistry screenshot of their new responsive dental website on desktop
Aesthetic Contemporary Dentistry screenshot of their new responsive dental website on mobile

Aesthetica launched their website... then what?

When you launch your new responsive website, it’s important to share the news and get people to visit your website. There are many simple methods you can do to help make the most of your newly launched site. Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry wanted to shout the exciting news of the launch of their new website from the rooftops, so they decided to go with a Scavenger Hunt campaign. How does it work?

Graphic saying Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry chose 3 amazing prizes for their scavenger hunt and a woman holding a prize
Win 3 Prizes

Why should people care you launched a new website? You have to give them an incentive. With Aesthetica’s Scavenger Hunt Campaign, we created a landing page with a form for people to answer questions about the website. When patients answered the questions and submitted the form, they were entered to win 3 amazing prizes:

  • Prize 1: Amazon Gift Card ($300 Value)
  • Prize 2: Amazon Gift Card ($200 Value)
  • Prize 3: Amazon Gift Card ($100 Value)
Graphic saying Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry received 90 entries after one email blast in front of a laptop
Promote, Promote, Promote

The prizes have been decided; the landing page is created; now, it’s time to share the news! With our help, Aesthetica announced their new website through blog posts, email blasts, word of mouth, and social media. By enticing their community with the opportunity to win prizes, their patients responded:

  • From one email blast, about 90 people entered the contest overnight
  • With Facebook Ads, the Scavenger Hunt promotion reached over 1000 people
Graphic saying Aesthetica Dentistry received 321 scavenger hunt entries while a woman holds a tablet in delight
The Winner Is...

After three months, the contest ended. How did Aesthetica do? With 321 entries, the campaign was a success! By a random drawing, this Seattle practice announced their winners through social media and encouraged the community to stay tuned for future contests.

What are Aesthetica's patients saying about their dental website?

It feels very high-tech, just like your office. And very happy, just like your dentists!

Angela, Actual Patient

Your comprehensive, modern, and easy-to-navigate site now mirrors your incredible level of service offered in the office!

Caitlin, Actual Patient

User-friendly, informative, and 'aesthetic'- ally pleasing!

Matt, Actual Patient

Real results keep on rolling in

Within three months, the results couldn’t be any more incredible:


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