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How Serene Oaks Dental Continues to Bring in New Cosmetic Patients

Serene Oaks Dental website evolution with collage of websites

If we had to describe our dream client, they would sound a lot like Serene Oaks Dental… This text opens a new tab to the client’s website….

To quickly summarize why that is:

Serene Oaks Dental’s dentists, Dr. Geisca Horn… This text opens a new tab to Dr. Horn’s page… and Dr. Chad Loween… This text opens a new tab to Dr. Loween’s page…, just “get it.”

They understand the importance of their online presence and how it reflects them, which is why they’ve been faithful clients of ours for approximately 15+ years.

To give you a little back story…

How Serene Oaks Dental became our client

In 2002, Dr. Horn purchased her dental practice in North Oaks, MN. She had a friend create her first website, which was pretty templated and basic.

A couple of years later, Dr. Horn came across her continuing education instructor’s website and recalled immediately saying, “That’s what I want!”

As you might have guessed, that website was designed by us at Roadside Dental Marketing.

And in a nutshell, that’s how they became our client.

Now, in a boring story, this would end right here with “… and the rest is history!” But we’re just getting started!

You see:

Over the years, they’ve had MULTIPLE websites with us.

Well, technically “one” website. But they’ve had it rebranded and refreshed various times.

Why is that? Wasn’t the first one good enough?

Why dentists need to update their website frequently

Let us ask you this:

Do you still have your first smartphone?

No, I didn’t think so.

But imagine if you did…

Compared to the latest models, it would:

  • Be slower
  • Not have all the latest features
  • Have poor user experience (UX), like poor battery life, bad camera, etc.
  • Not be compatible with new software
  • Look and feel old

And that, my friends, is why Drs. Horn and Loween update their website roughly every 2 to 3 years, and why they’re our pinnacle of a client.

You should update your website as much as you upgrade your smartphone. Every 2-3 years.

Now, before we show you Serene Oaks Dental’s before-and-after website photos, let’s understand why they invest so much into their online presence.

A Website Should Get Refreshed or Rebranded Every 2 to 3 Years.

Why Serene Oaks Dental updates their website often

Short answer:

Drs. Horn and Loween are NOT your average dentists, and they want that to be crystal clear.

They’re modern, exceptionally skilled, highly educated, and focus on cosmetic dentistry.

They’re also in a competitive market near Minneapolis and need to stand out.

Therefore, keeping their website fresh, functional, up to times with current SEO requirements, and ahead of the competition are MUSTS.

Full answer:

Dr. Horn is a rockstar!

She’s one of only 86 dentists in the WORLD to achieve Fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)… This text opens a new tab to Dr. Horn’s AACD listing….

She and Dr. Loween have:

Basically, you name it – they have it, do it, learned it, etc.

In other words:

They aren’t newbs when it comes to investing in their careers and business.

They want to be the best. They want more cosmetic cases and understand their website is an integral part of the equation.

After all, your website is most likely a patient’s first impression of your practice.

And guess what…

It works!

With each website update, Serene Oaks Dental has found newfound success.

Most of these updates have been “simple” website facelifts (website refreshes), like updating colors, fonts, images, a few bands, content, etc. Not starting from scratch.

But a couple of times, like when they first came to us and then when mobile browsing took off (remember, they started with us in the early 2000s), it required a new website or full rebrand to improve its speed, ADA compliance, UX, responsiveness, etc.

Let’s take a look at their latest dental website rebrand as evidence.

Serene Oaks Dental’s website rebrand in 2021

Last year, Dr. Horn came to us because they wanted to rebrand and not just their website but their entire brand, including their patients’ in-office experience. While we couldn’t help with the latter, we do have to draw the line somewhere; we did help them digitally.

To start, we gathered information on her new vision:

  • Sexy, classy vibe
  • Less bulky look
  • More modern, sleek, and clean
  • Heavy on imagery

Next, our development team got to work:

  • Simplified the overall design
  • Created a brand new, modern logo
  • Emphasized their new photoshoot photography
  • Removed bulky icons, collages, shadowing, and other going-out-of-style design elements
  • Updated colors, making purple tones softer
  • Added a unique homepage hero that alternates photos every time the page loads
  • Cleaned up the navigation
  • Removed and updated content, making it more user friendly
  • Highlighted their credentials, especially Dr. Horn’s AACD Fellowship
  • Updated calls-to-action to increase conversions
  • Improved their websites backend

The result?


Serene Oaks Dental's website before their rebrand


Serene Oaks Dental's newly rebranded website with collage of images

Pretty great, right?

Well, wait until you see how their website traffic improved!

Mobile traffic increased 72%, total traffic increased 37.9%, and avg. pages per session increased 52.5%

Here are the results three months after launching their new website:

  • Mobile traffic increased by 72%
  • Total traffic increased by 37.9%
  • Average pages per session increased by 52.5%

And what does this translate to?

New patients!

In this case, high-paying cosmetic dentistry patients! 💰

Hear what Dr. Horn has to say about her experience working with us:

“I’ve noticed how Roadside has diversified their services into marketing and social media over the years, but they’ve never let their core focus go away, and that’s web design. That’s one thing they’re really good at! Roadside always makes it easy. I can just pick up the phone or drop an email and know they’ll respond. They always have the right people in the right places. For example, I felt really lucky to work with Arron on this website, he just read my mind and brought my vision to life!”

Is your website next?

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