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Case Study: Children's Dental Professionals

See how we helped this team of superhuman moms + pediatric dentists connect with parents online.

About Children's Dental Professionals

As moms themselves, Dr. Walker, Dr. Frazier, and Dr. Parr were a pediatric dream team who could put even the most anxious kids at ease in the dental chair – no small feat! They had an incredible talent for making dentistry fun, developing deep relationships and trust with children and parents alike.

When this trio of board-certified pediatric dentists in Wichita, KS…Opens in a new window to client’s About page… came to us for a website makeover, we knew we had something special on our hands.

Preview of the old Children's Dental Professionals website pointing out the problems.

The Challenge

Children’s Dental Professionals’ needed a fresh new website that showcased their modern, friendly office and commitment to serving families with above-and-beyond dental care.

Unfortunately, their old website just wasn’t up to snuff:

  • Clunky, outdated, cookie-cutter design

  • Very few opportunities for conversion

  • Difficult-to-digest blocks of text
  • Sub-par stock photography

  • Poor mobile experience

  • Didn’t adequately convey their unique approach

They needed their new website to:

  • Have a fresh, modern design that reflected their office culture and contemporary technology

  • Portray the brightness of the office, while still appearing professional and classy
  • Have plenty of compelling opportunities for conversion to drive new business

  • Have easy-to-digest, engaging content that speaks to their value

  • Be super intuitive with easy-to-find key resources on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Build trust with authentic, fun photos of the office and team

The Solution

A shiny new website worthy of their value and optimized to boost business.

Modern refresh
  • The old website used a template that looked generic and behind the times. It also wasn’t mobile-friendly.

  • We gave them a full website makeover with a bright and cheery look, while still feeling classy (not cheesy!).

  • We revamped the navigation and user experience to make it super intuitive for current and new patients to find what they needed.

  • We optimized the mobile view to better serve the way most busy parents were interacting with their site.

Build trust
  • The top-notch team at Children’s Dental Professionals clearly goes the extra mile for their patients, but their old website didn’t do that value justice.

  • We overhauled the copy to hone in their personal, energetic, and family-oriented feel. The goal was to make it feel like you knew them before walking through the door.

  • We filled the site with genuine photos of the staff working with real patients and families. It’s hard not to smile when browsing through all the friendly faces!

Boost new business
  • Their old site lacked engaging calls to actions, causing them to miss out on new business.

  • We designed the whole site with conversions top-of-mind, pulling visitors in with compelling copy followed by clearly telling them what steps to take.

  • We highlighted all the conveniences they offer and gave clear information on what to expect, making it an easy “yes!”

What are their patients saying about the new website?

This is an amazing website! Easy to navigate and provides wonderful information about all 3 professionals!

Virginia L., Actual Patient

Love the new website – all the pictures, great information, and personal information about the Doctors.

Jennifer W., Actual Patient

These results speak for themselves!
Children's Dental Professionals' website saw an incredible boost in traffic and SEO power within just 90 days of launch.

Keywords indexed

Think: search engine brownie points

Mobile Traffic

Visitors per month

Total traffic

Visitors per month

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