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A preview of Harmony Dental's new responsive dental website. Read our case study to learn more.
About Harmony Dental

A close-knit practice located in the family-friendly Beaverton, OR community, Harmony Dental became a part of the Roadside family in 2014. Our relationship started by building a responsive website, accessible on any device. Fast forward a few a years later: While their website was getting positive results, it was time to upgrade the technology to keep them ahead of their competition.

Headshot of Kathy, Business Manager at Harmony Dental

Meet Kathy, Business Manager and AADOM member

Challenge: Juggling multiple responsibilities.

Taking the stress away

Kathy is the rockstar Business Manager at Harmony Dental. On top of her many responsibilities to keep Harmony Dental running smoothly, the practice was going through a rough year with staff layoffs where she had to go through the Front Desk duties by herself.

“You ladies just walked me through it – I was on the phone with Angela and was like ‘I don’t know where to begin to do this,’ and you’re like ‘Let’s just talk.’ You asked me the questions, we walked through it, and we were done.” – Kathy

We heard Kathy’s struggles and completely understood she didn’t have the time to market Harmony Dental AND go through the process of updating the website. We listened and took all of those responsibilities off her plate.

Building Dental Websites Can Be Easy and Fun

New technology. Same amazing team.

To make Kathy’s life easier, we scheduled a quick 30-minute call with her and discussed her likes and dislikes of her current site and transferred it to the updated responsive dental website. We took care of the rest:

  • Highlighting their commitment to integrity, family, and health: Harmony Dental is proud to deliver high-quality dentistry while offering outstanding customer service. In their updated website, we highlighted that even further by integrating a new team photo and going in-depth what a patient could expect at every visit with Harmony Dental.

  • Adding pops of color: Harmony Dental loved the warm colors on their current site. The greens, browns, and beige represent the Pacific Northwest, but something was missing. During our quick call with Kathy, she mentioned about the use of orange for their office decor. We took that inspiration and added a calming orange as the accent color for the website, including the call to actions.

Hear What Kathy Has To Say About The New Site
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View the Before & After

Use the button below to toggle back and forth. The before image is Harmony Dental’s website before coming to Roadside.

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Harmony Dental screenshot of their new responsive dental website on desktop
Harmony Dental screenshot of their dental website before coming to Roadside
Harmony Dental screenshot of their new responsive dental website on mobile
No Mobile Before

A Dental Website Producing Amazing Results

See the improvement just from upgrading to new technology!

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