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De Pere Smiles S.C.

This small town has it all... all the latest dental technology that is.

De Pere Smiles SC new website on mobile and desktop

About De Pere Smiles S.C.

Before and after images of De Pere Smiles SC website

The previous website for De Pere Smiles S.C. looked like your typical small town business website.

Its content got the family-friendly point across, but it screamed “outdated!”

Not to mention it was unresponsive – meaning the website was not mobile friendly.

And you probably would have never guessed this dental practice in De Pere, WI has been ahead of the game in offering modern dentistry.

Drs. Chris Peterson and James Fritsche house the latest and greatest dental technology, have been using laser dentistry for more than 15 years, and are the only practice in the area to offer laser frenectomies for tongue-tied infants.

So, how did they keep their small town vibe from clashing with their modern technology?

For starters, they sought the help of Roadside Dental Marketing.

Many of our team come from dental backgrounds so we get it – they wanted to preserve what they have already established, but they didn’t want to die on that hill.

It was time to show the *online* world what their practice is about… and that includes modern technology and techniques!

Small Town Meets Modern Dentistry

Our Objective: Keep the small-town vibe but showcase a modern approach to dentistry.

  • Don’t Put a Viewer to Sleep: When showcasing De Pere Smiles’ technology, we didn’t get into the nitty-gritty stuff. Why? Patients don’t care. They want to know how it affects them, which is why we focused content on technology around the benefits. Does it make treatment: Cheaper? Painless? Faster? More convenient? HELPFUL TIP FOR DOCTORS

  • Who Brings Home the Bacon? Patients! Whenever we think about designing websites, we put patients and potential patients first… likewise with De Pere Smiles. In this case, we made sure to portray the small-town heart and soul of De Pere Smiles online, but it just got a nice little facelift. HOW WE KEPT THE SMALL-TOWN VIBE

  • Create Familiar Faces: Dr. Peterson and Dr. Fritsche purchased our affordable branded website package, but it looks like a million bucks! How? A professional photo shoot! The dental team’s smiles are welcoming and validate every word listed on the website. Eliminating the need for stock photography also gives the website an even better small-town feel. These pictures are actually worth a thousand words!

As a doctor, it can be hard to not want to “brag” about your newest technological investment (we know it wasn’t cheap… 💰), but you must remember:

If your website’s content isn’t valuable or relevant to people, then they will leave your website and you will have missed a retention or new patient opportunity.

Oh, and your SEO rankings may go down, but that’s another story.

When you think of small towns, you think “everybody knows everybody,” right?

But with social media nowadays, we don’t often interact with “everybody” like we used to. So it’s nice to have a dentist who knows your name, asks about your family, and truly shows he/she cares.

To paint the picture of a “small town, modern dental office,” we did the following:

✔️Repeatedly used varying terms like “family-friendly, one-of-a-kind experience, kind and caring, smile, and atmosphere.”

✔️Scattered patient testimonials to build trust and validate what they offer.

✔️Included a personal story of Dr. Peterson’s experience with his tongue-tied infants.

✔️More! See for yourself: VIEW DE PERE SMILES WEBSITE!

Before and after images of De Pere Smiles SC website

View the Before & After

Use the button below to toggle back and forth. As you can see, the previous website for De Pere Smiles was not responsive to the technology of today: cell phones, iPads and tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Scroll inside the window to view site.

The brand new, responsive website for De Pere Smiles SC
The old website for De Pere Smiles SC
The brand new, responsive website for De Pere Smiles SC on mobile
Icon of a man ripping his hair out over the fact a website wasn't responsive to mobile
The Results Speak For Themselves!

It looks like this small town approves of De Pere Smiles’ modern approach to dentistry and brand spanking new website! Here are the results from the first three months of launching their responsive dental website!


Increase in Mobile Traffic


Increase of Unique Visitors


Increase of Organic Traffic

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