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Case Study: Law Orthodontics

See how Dr. Law became the go-to orthodontist for millennials (AKA busy moms).

About Law Orthodontics

“Spreading joy with a smile” – that’s Dr. Maggie Law’s mission when she decided to open Law Orthodontics … Opens in a new window to Law Orthodontics’ website… in January 2020. She had board certification and modern services – all she needed was new patients.

Law Ortho's previous challenges with finding new patients, no online presence, and creating a seamless experience.

The Challenge

Maggie knew her customer persona: the busy millennial mom. As a busy momma herself, she knew to win over her dream patient, she needed a:

  • Streamlined patient experience from her website to the office
  • Trusting impression that she’ll take care of the kiddos
  • Strong message to stand out right away

She wanted her website:

  • Millennial-friendly, so the mommas could do everything online
  • Clear and simple so everything can be found right away
  • To climb Google rankings quickly

The Solution

A personalized design with personality and online efficiency.

AADOM's new website with a Members Dashboard, simple navigation, and a free test drive.
Personalized design.
  • Maggie wanted a preppy but joyful website to portray her bubbly personality. But, she only had family photos and couldn’t do a full photoshoot.
  • We created an airy website using pops of color, lots of white space, and modern fonts.
  • We strategically placed her gorgeous family photos to give off a happy and positive personality.
Personality copy.
  • The website needed to evoke a positive message and vibe.
  • All of the copy focuses on “you” with fun blurbs that every millennial mom wants to read.
  • The website is filled with trust-building factors by highlighting her board certification, Invisalign rockstar status, and patient testimonials.
Online efficiency.
  • The busy mom needs convenience and Maggie wanted her website to scream it while clearly showing what she does.
  • Her patients can do everything on her website, including booking appointments online, scheduling a virtual consultation, text messaging, and filling out forms.
  • Patients can easily get what they need from Maggie no matter what device they’re, making the entire process stress free.
AADOM's new website with a Members Dashboard, simple navigation, and a free test drive.
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