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Case Study: Jess Santucci DDS

Modern. Elegant. Minimal. Not your average dentist.

About Jess Santucci DDS

Dr. Jess Santucci… This text opens a new tab to the official website… is an exceptional dentist in the upscale area of Orlinda, CA, just outside of San Francisco. He has a wide range of expertise but primarily focuses on cosmetic dentistry and TMJ therapy. You might say his office is treading the line between general and specialty practice.

Preview of Jess Santucci DDS's website before, stating the problems that were wrong with it: out-of-date style, not representative of a high-end dentist, and poorly structured

The Challenge

Dr. Santucci had his business down to a T (well, almost). He knew what services he wanted to focus on, what type of patients he wanted to attract, and the vibe he wanted to give off.

However, his website wasn’t aligning with his vision:

  • It was out-of-date (as are most websites after three+ years)

  • The design didn’t resemble a high-end, unique dentist

  • It wasn’t narrowing down his target audience enough

  • User experience was lacking

Instead, his new website needed to:

  • Showcase a high-class specialty dental office

  • Highlight the boutique atmosphere and patient benefits

  • Attract the right clientele (mostly adults)

  • Create a user-friendly experience that drew people in

The Solution

Create a minimalist design, change the messaging, and set it apart from others.

Preview of Jess Santucci DDS's new dental website, highlighting its improvements: timeless theme, clean and modern, and visually engaging
Create a minimalist design.
  • The old website resembled your average family dentist, not a world-class cosmetic dentist with exclusive services.

  • With the Ultimate Dental Website package, we put triple the normal amount of time into the design.

  • For a clean, aesthetically pleasing look, we incorporated large photos from their photoshoot and kept the text minimal.

Say more with less.
  • We moved a lot of content into popups and dropdowns while optimizing it for SEO.

  • Articulate word choice – exceptional, boutique, unique, concierge dentistry, etc. – was crucial and helped portray the office’s high-quality services and atmosphere.

  • Emphasized cosmetic and restorative dentistry, especially TMJ services, to help target his ideal patients.

Set it apart from others.
  • There’s nothing basic or cookie-cutter about this website.

  • The website is more reflective of a high-end designer, not your average dentist, which is key in distinguishing him from others.

  • Eliminating stock photography instantly builds trust and familiarity with users.

Preview of Jess Santucci DDS's new dental website, highlighting its improvements: timeless theme, clean and modern, and visually engaging
Taking it to the next level
Dr. Santucci wanted his patients to feel confident in his care and earn their trust easily, so he invested in a virtual consultation page. Bonus: This was especially perfectly timed with COVID shutdowns!
Add-On Service
  • Connects with more potential leads
  • Reduces chair time
  • See more patients in a day
  • Saves his patients time and money
  • Easy to execute and manage
  • Complies with HIPAA policies
  • Can bill many insurances
  • Quickly builds a trusting patient-dentist relationship

Scroll inside the window to view site.

Preview of Jess Santucci DDS's virtual consultation page
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