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As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

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Dental Marketing Services

Gain a competitive edge with marketing customized to YOUR needs, goals, and budget!

Is dental marketing worth the investment? The easy answer is, “heck yeah!”

With our digital marketing services, you can expect to:

  • PROMOTE steady business growth
  • OUTPERFORM your competition
  • ESTABLISH and prove value to your patients and community
  • ATTRACT the right patients (your dream patients!)
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Dental marketing services to help your practice thrive

Our carefully selected marketing options are the key to - not just surviving - but THRIVING.

A preview of one of our marketing websites: They went from 40 to 60 new patients a month with dental marketing services from Roadside

Are your current digital marketing efforts producing results?

Instead of passively waiting for referrals and for patients to magically find you, purposeful, intentional dental marketing is vital to continually grow your business.

We could compare your practice to a houseplant. Not many houseplants can survive without sunlight and regular watering. Marketing is the equivalent to hydration and sunlight for your business!

And, just like houseplants have different needs, no two practices are alike. That’s why Roadside’s dental marketing packages are completely customizable based on your area, competition, goals, and budget.


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Why choose Roadside Dental Marketing?

Put simply - we're your best choice for dental marketing services! Here's why:

Roadside's marketing team gathered in a collaboration meeting
We have 20+ years experience

We’ve been helping dentists and specialists build their businesses since 1999 – before Google was even a verb! Our base of dental marketing knowledge and experience is stronger than our competition and we use it to YOUR advantage.

A dental assistant and patient using marketing tools from Roadside Dental Marketing
We live and breathe dental

Several of our team members (including our co-founder and CEO Shannon) come from the dental industry, which means we’ve been in your shoes and understand the unique challenges you face. We’ll handle the marketing heavy lifting so you can focus on doing what you love!

Shannon and Whitney looking at a computer and smiling
We simplify complexity everyday

We firmly believe in making marketing SIMPLE, successful, and straightforward (it’s one of our core values!). We’ve created systems, solutions, and roadmaps to keep your marketing running in the right direction – the direction YOU want to go.

Which marketing services are best for your practice?

We tailor our marketing packages according to your specific needs and budget - no cookie-cutter packages here!

Learn more about individual dental marketing services below:
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    Dental SEO
  • Icon of a pencil entering the top of a computer screen
    Content Marketing
  • An icon of a network
    Social Media
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    Reviews + Reputation
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    Pay-Per-Click Ads
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    Custom Video
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    Facebook Ads
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are ever-evolving, with Google updating its search algorithm 500-700 times a year. Because of this, ongoing SEO is essential to keep your website relevant for both Google and – most importantly – your potential patients. Roadside’s Dental SEO packages include the essentials for local and organic growth and visibility, as well as easy-to-follow reports so you’re always aware of what we’re doing and how it’s helping you.

Content Marketing

Your website should never be a “set-it-and-forget-it” product and it should always be optimized to cater to your visitors’ questions and needs. Cue in our content specialists! We will create, measure, and promote fresh content to keep your website humming and converting to its full potential.

Reviews + Reputation

With 90% of consumers reading online reviews before visiting a business, incorporating a reviews strategy is VERY important. Don’t stress! It’s possible to build a positive reputation and increase those 5-star reviews on Google (and 200+ other platforms) through our reviews platform.

Social Media

The best source of authentic social media content is YOUR TEAM! But we don’t leave you on your own – each week, we provide you with ready-made social content, coaching, and DIY resources to help you share your uniqueness with your audience on multiple platforms. Additionally, we can help craft your practice’s messaging, build engagement, and drive traffic to your website through compelling social content and targeted promotions.

Custom Video

If you’re not using video in your dental marketing, why not? Video is great for SEO, conversions, increasing the time people spend on your website, and overall user experience. If your goals for business growth include increasing your organic rankings, video is worth the time and effort!

If you don’t have your own videos, don’t stress: We’ve got you! We can create custom marketing videos using your photography and/or your website content.


Your brand encompasses so much more than just your logo – it includes every interaction a customer has with your brand, online and offline. A cohesive, professional, and modern-looking brand is a tremendous asset to help you build trust and convince patients to choose you over the competition.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Would you like to be on page 1 – guaranteed? Paid advertisements (or PPC) are the fastest way to get your website in the top five sponsored results, consistently driving traffic to your site. This is an excellent solution for new practices to jumpstart business and implement a brand strategy. It’s also an incredibly valuable option for dentists in areas with a lot of competition.

Facebook Ads

Our Facebook Ads team focuses on targeting real people, not just keywords, customizing your ads for different objectives, creating effective calls-to-action to drive conversion, and generating measurable success. No shooting in the dark here!

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions!
  • Is dental marketing really necessary? We've always been able to rely on referrals.
    Referrals ARE great! BUT you need to make sure your online presence helps them to act now and choose you.

    The way dental patients shop now is completely different than it was ten years ago. Even if a person is referred by a friend or family member, they’re going to check you out online. Period. They’re looking at your reviews, what others are saying about you, they’re checking out your location to see if it’s convenient, they’re trying to figure out if you’re in-network with their insurance, they’re seeing what your practice’s personality looks like on social media…

    The bottom line is this: Does your online presence give them enough reasons to choose you?

    We invite you to schedule a no-risk call with our team to learn how we can help.

  • I have a great dental website. Isn't that enough?
    If you have a great website, that’s AWESOME! You have a good foundation for your online presence.

    Imagine you were about to build a new home. You buy the land, a foundation is laid, and then… that’s it! You’re done, right? Wrong!

    Just as your new home would need framing, a roof, and all the other components that make up a house, your website is really only the foundation of your marketing efforts. More is needed!

    Schedule a call with our team to get our honest recommendations for a marketing strategy that matches your goals and budget – no strings attached!

  • We're a specialty practice and our patients come primarily from referrals. Do we need marketing?
    YES! Specialists are often competing against the “all-in-one” practices where everything is under one roof. And, referred patients are spying you out online before they officially commit. They’re looking at your reviews, checking out your location, figuring out if you’re in-network with their insurance. Therefore, a solid, strong, consistent online reputation is very important.

    However, the marketing services best for a specialist are going to be different than the services recommended for a general dentist. This is where our customized marketing strategy will help you determine the best options for YOUR unique needs.

  • What if I'm not sure what I need?
    We’ve got you!

    Our team of experts can take a look at your existing online presence, the competition in your area, and other critical factors and can make recommendations based on your unique situation. Schedule a time to discuss the options right for you today.

  • How will I know if my marketing is working? What reports can I expect to see?
    Rather than tell you, why don’t we show you?

    Watch this 4-minute video to get an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the reports our marketing services clients can expect to receive.

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