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Case Study: The Dental Market

A longtime client ready to rebrand his dental practice and website.
The Dental Market's homepage on mobile with the owner in the corner

Rebranding The Dental Market

Dr. James Sarant is a longtime client; this was his first time going through a brand makeover. We remember when he first came to Roadside as Carolina Dental Spa Raleigh and we built him a Flash website (ancient website technology!) to cater to his high-end clientele.

Fast forward to 2017, Dr. Sarant’s target market changed and his practice needed a major brand makeover.

The time came to update his brand, renovate his dental office, and revamp his dental website design and technology.

Going from “Carolina Dental Spa Raleigh” to “The Dental Market”

The original website as for a dental spa, this is the homepage


Once upon a time, Dr. Sarant became a part of the Roadside family, needing our help to build his Flash website. As Carolina Dental Spa Raleigh, Dr. Sarant wanted to attract the clientele who needed high-end cosmetic and reconstruction dentistry.

His Flash site represented his boutique practice with exceptional dentistry. Flash is an animation site that was hugely popular in the 90s because of its smooth animations, creating an elegant experience. However, as the Internet grew, this technology became obsolete and even went as far as Google blocking this technology from search results.

When Flash became outdated, Dr. Sarant knew it was time for a change for his dental website AND branding.

After image of The Dental Market's logo and pages from the website


As the Internet and Google are constantly changing, business goals and branding must adjust to keep up with customer needs. Dr. Sarant knew this, and he underwent a brand, office makeover, and marketing message makeover.

Carolina Dental Spa became The Dental Market with a newly renovated office to match his new brand. He changed his marketing message from a boutique, elegant office to becoming the “home for everything dental,” serving families and those in need of complex dentistry. It can all be found at The Dental Market.

Now, all he needed is a responsive website to put all the pieces together and announce The Dental Market rebranding.

A beautiful new dental brand ready to be seen everywhere online

Examples of The Dental Market's new responsive website to attract patients in Raleigh, NC

Our objective: Design a responsive website representing Dr. Sarant's new brand

  • Updating To New Technology: News Flash: If you still have a Flash website, it’s time to upgrade to responsive technology. Dr. Sarant needed a new, responsive website when Google took down his old website. By creating a responsive website to complement his new brand, all of Raleigh can find The Dental Market easily on any device.
  • Modern and Rustic Design: Same office – just with a new facelift. The Dental Market remodel included reclaimed wood and chic furniture to create a fun, modern look to dentistry. We matched that new look to the new site by using the reclaimed wood as a border to separate the content and incorporating his fun office photos into the site.
  • Attracting a New Market: While Dr. Sarant loves helping patients in need of reconstructive dentistry, his top priority was to revive the general dentistry aspect of his practice and attract families. On his new website, we marketed The Dental Market is “your home for everything dental,” showcasing all of his services, addressing common patient barriers, and listing out the conveniences for families.
Examples of The Dental Market's new responsive website to attract patients in Raleigh, NC
View the before + after:
The before image of the dental website
After Roadside created the new responsive website for The Dental Marketing

Responsive technology > Flash technology

When we say “Flash is dead,” we mean it! Just see the improvements of Dr. Sarant’s new website just from upgrading to new technology!


Increase of Unique Visitors


Increase of Total Visits


Increase of Mobile Users

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