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A pediatric dentist in Greenwood opening her very first dental practice.

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About Park Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Lesa Allison is a pediatric dentist in Greenwood, IN. She’s about to endeavor the most exciting moments of her life… opening her FIRST dental practice! How exciting! She had the vision, the perfect office, hiring her dream team, but what about her online presence?

Headshot of Dr. Lesa Allison, a pediatric dentist in Greenwood who opened Park Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Lesa Allison, Pediatric Dentist in Greenwood, IN
Opening her FIRST dental practice


Dr. Allison already had enough on her plate perfecting and completing the nitty-gritty, final details to open her brand new business. How could she possibly worry about online marketing? With our Startup Dental Package, we provided all the tools and foundation Dr. Allison needed to start growing her online brand. This included:

Creating a strong website foundation

You can’t grow your online presence without a dental website. With Park Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Allison wanted a bright, cheery, and modern website to immediately demonstrate she’s a fun, board-certified pediatric dentist who’s committed to children’s oral health.

Keep scrolling to see what we created!

A Website That's a "Walk In The Park" Wherever You Go

Our Objective: Create a strong website foundation for Park Pediatric Dentistry

  • A Bright and Cheery Brand: Take a look at Dr. Allison’s logo. You can immediately see her brand’s “cheeriness” in the pastel colors. Our creative team incorporated this personality into the design, adding colorful gradients, bright buttons, and multiple colorful bands to make the website pop. On top of the design, we created light-hearted content focusing on the fun nature of the office.

  • Easy to Use and Educational: While the content is fun, Dr. Allison also wanted her website to be an educational resource for any parent in need of dental tips for their kiddos. We accomplished this with informative FAQs on her New Patients page and having her office contact information readily available whenever the parent needs to contact the office.

  • Website Accessibility: Since Dr. Allison specializes in treating children with special needs and accepts Medicaid, it was important her website is readily available to EVERYONE. While ADA Compliance Standards are not concrete, we added some features on Dr. Allison’s site to help make her website accessible to anyone with special needs or disabilities. We did this by creating and optimizing a Website Accessibility landing page and adding a translation feature featuring the top 15 languages used in her area.

Examples of Park Pediatric's new responsive website

View the Before & After

Use the button below to toggle back and forth. The before image is temporary landing page we built for Park Pediatric Dentistry, so Dr. Allison could start promoting her new dental practice before its official opening date!

Scroll inside the window to view site.

Park Pediatric Dentistry new responsive dental website on desktop
Park Pediatric Dentistry temporary landing page before building her responsive dental website
Park Pediatric Dentistry new website on mobile
Mobile preview of Park Pediatric Dentistry's landing page before building her responsive website

Building a Strong Online Presence

Ok, Park Pediatric Dentistry has the new website…now what? It’s IMPORTANT to start creating a strong foundation in online marketing to survive and thrive online. With our Startup Package, we took care of the online basics for Dr. Allison.

Park Pediatric's twitter account and social presence
Social Media

Building and optimizing a clean, professional, and unified presence with your social media accounts is essential to impress patients and help your SEO. We helped take care of the basics for Dr. Allison by setting up social media accounts and creating customized social cover graphics, including:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Google+

Image of local Google listing for Park Pediatric
Local Directories

Link building starts with your primary data providers, making it essential to have online directories (AKA the online phonebook) set up professionally and consistently. With Dr. Allison, we set up and optimized her business listing on critical online directories, including:

  • Google Places

  • Yelp

  • Yellowpages

Image of DIY marketing materials to help promote campaign for Park Pediatric
DIY Marketing

Being found on Google is a popularity contest. It’s crucial to use online marketing every day to start building online relationships with your community. To help Park Pediatric Dentistry, we provided her a weekly toolkit and coach email to provide tips and tricks to build her brand online.

  • Simple how-to articles

  • Easy-to-use blogging instructions

  • How to ask patients for a review

  • Fun graphics to post on social media

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