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Case Study: Nashville Dentistry Co.

See how this startup went from general services to a cosmetic-focused practice in three years!

About Nashville Dentistry Co.

Dr. Ashish Patel opened Nashville Dentistry Co. … Opens in a new window to Dr. Patel’s dental website… in the heart of Brentwood, TN. He envisioned his new business as a modern, cutting-edge practice to reflect his advanced skills and training. His goal was to have a cosmetic-focused dental practice but needed to start off with broad, bread-and-butter services to grow.  

Preview of the hassles Nashville Dentistry Co went through as a startup practice

The Challenge

Being a fresh, new dental practice, Dr. Patel had A LOT to deal with, including:

  • Needing an online presence (website, social media, Google My Business listings, etc.)
  • Dealing with the construction of his new office
  • Figuring out the logistics of running a business

Dr. Patel knew he needed to hit the ground running – and fast. He needed his new website to:

  • Reflect the same modern, sleek look of his office
  • Show off his expertise and the technology he’s invested in
  • Evoke trust and respect to anyone landing on his site

The Solution

Create a modern + friendly experience. Go big + bold with the design.

Dr. Ashish Patel's new website with a interactive video hero, sleek design, and online conveniences.
Telling a story through videos + photography.
  • Stock photos are old school (and lame!). People spot them instantly.

  • Dr. Patel knew this and invested in a professional videographer and photographer.

  • We created an interactive video hero area, giving users a virtual tour of the office. 

  • The virtual tour continued with his custom photos peppered throughout the site.

Going bold with the design (just like the doc).
  • Dr. Patel didn’t want his website a boring, templated design.

  • His office is clean, sleek with the best dental technologies available. He wanted his website the same way.
  • Keeping the website fresh and clean, we used white space and bright greens to grab people’s attention right away.

  • Created custom borders and overlays to match the office’s architecture and aesthetics.
Convenience from the website to the office.
  • People are busy. And, they have many barriers of visiting dentists – avoiding them altogether.

  • Dr. Patel breaks down those patient barriers with valet parking, modern technology, early and evening hours, and TVs in the ceilings.

  • He kept it going online by allowing people to schedule their appointments online, offering virtual consultations, and offering New Patient Specials.

  • From the office to the virtual experience, his website features all of his conveniences. We show his office décor through photos, placed large calls to action to book online, created a dedicated dental virtual consultation page, and stated his New Patient Specials throughout the site.

  • Placed multiple trust factors with testimonials and “Top Dentist” awards as his practice grew.
Dr. Ashish Patel's new website with a interactive video hero, sleek design, and online conveniences.
Marketing is a team effort
Dr. Patel's practice growth wasn’t going to happen only from launching a pretty website. It involves a comprehensive strategy and partnership.
  • We gave him the foundation. An icon of of two people and plus signs
  • He marketed from the heart! Icon of a heart with a mouse icon
We gave him the foundation:
Built a custom website:
  • Built a reliable, effective starter website to keep costs affordable while his brand stays attractive.

  • Once Dr. Patel had a steady stream of new patients, he invested in a custom web design to truly showcase his brand and expertise.

Organic SEO + linking:
  • Dr. Patel focused on his patients.
  • We were behind the scenes keeping his website updated with Google’s 500-700 yearly changes.
  • Also, we focused on getting credible websites to link back to his website.

SEM Ads:
  • Dr. Patel was going up against docs who’ve established a solid business and online foundation.
  • He wouldn’t be able to get on page 1 of Google for quite a while.

  • He invested in SEM ads to get to position one right away.

He marketed from the heart:
Nashville Dentistry Co's Google My Business reviews
Asking for reviews:
  • 82% of consumers go to online reviews before making a purchasing decision.
  • Online reviews are the quickest way to keep a steady stream of new patients.
  • Dr. Patel continuously asked for reviews as a part of his internal strategy.
  • He now has 140+ 5-star reviews!

Previews of Dr. Patel making community connections to promote his office.
Community connections:
  • Hardcore sales tactics are old news – and #1 way to a failing business.
  • The best way to get referrals is by connecting with your community.
  • Dr. Patel sponsored many local businesses.
  • He shared about his continuing education courses with top dental associations.
Previews of Dr. Patel making community connections to promote his office.
Examples of Dr. Patel being active on social media
Being active + social:
  • Dr. Patel keeps an active social presence by being himself and transparent on social media.
  • Posts before-and-after results to build trust with possible cosmetic patients.

  • Sends updates on what’s happening around the office so patients are always in the know.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Dr. Patel’s growth skyrocketed from the beginning.

Here's what happened 6 months after launching his site:

Visits to his site every month.


Growth in every quarter

Fast Forward 3 Years

Dr. Patel is refining his practice to cosmetic dentistry.

  • Featured in local news stations

  • Won multiple awards as a top dentist in Nashville

  • Won Dental Office Design of the Year by the ADA

The Numbers don't lie
His online presence is outstanding.

Website Visits Per Month


Keywords Indexed




Traffic from Organic Search

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