Adapt Your Website Content to Meet Patients’ Changing Needs

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses around the world, and the dental industry is no exception. Many practices are closed or seeing significantly reduced numbers of patients. As a result, this is a time of uncertainty for many.

Right now, your website messaging is more important than ever. Does your website address the changing needs and concerns of new and potential patients?

If not, it’s time to adjust and adapt your website content to meet the needs of your community. In this article, we’ll share practical tips to help you achieve this.

A dental website's homepage highlighting emergency dentistry and virtual consultations

Temporarily adjust your homepage during COVID-related closures

If your practice is closed or you’re only seeing emergencies, it’s a good idea to temporarily adjust your homepage’s focus to make sure patients know, at a quick glance, how to get in touch with you if they have an emergency.

In addition to seeing emergencies, are you offering teledentistry or virtual consultations? If so, that should be strategically featured front and center.

A dental website featuring up-to-date COVID information

Finally, it seems like the Coronavirus situation is changing almost daily in some areas. Consider adding a specific page on your site where you can keep your community updated. This is also an ideal location to reassure your patients of the incredibly high standards you already follow to prevent the spread of infectious disease as well as any additional measures you’re taking.

Plan now to adjust your website content once your practice reopens

The strategic website content updates mentioned above will obviously be temporary. What can you do to plan now to adjust your website messaging once your practice is able to reopen its doors and things are back to “business as usual”?

Address patients’ financial concerns

We may not yet fully be aware of the impact this pandemic will have on the economy, but it’s reasonable to conclude there will be patients in your community who have lost their dental benefits and/or their jobs. Here are a few suggestions to adapt your website content to meet their needs:

  • Highlight financing options available so patients can continue with the treatment they need
  • Use patient-first language to help patients understand what you offer and how it benefits them
  • Feature your membership plan on the homepage and highlight cost savings and benefits front and center

Make it easy for patients to reach you

Are you able to offer teledentistry or virtual consultations while your practice is closed? If so, make sure patients know how to schedule and the benefits of meeting with you remotely.

If you’re available for emergencies and/or phone appointments, ensure your website features your phone number and scheduling options in an easy-to-spot location. Can patients text you or ask questions via a chat function on your website? The easier you make it for patients to stay connected with you, the better.

Highlight convenience

If you’ve had to temporarily close, you’ll have a backlog of rescheduled patients to accommodate. Additionally, now is a great time to brainstorm what you can do to attract more new patients in the months ahead. Are you in a position to offer early morning, lunchtime, evening, or weekend appointments? If so, be sure to highlight this on your website.

Additional marketing adjustments to consider

In order to adapt to a changing economic landscape, now’s the time to rethink your marketing priorities for the upcoming year.

With that in mind, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Think about the services that will continue to be absolutely essential and beneficial for patients. Does your website address the enormous value of these services for their costs? Do you need to shift focus to these services over others?
  • Is it a good time to breathe life into your referral program with new incentives or offers?
  • Are you featuring any money-saving special offers for new and current patients?
  • What are some things you can do to create stronger relationships with existing patients? (Remember, it’s most cost-effective to KEEP your existing patients and their referrals, especially in a downturn.)

Think carefully about which adjustments make the most sense for your practice for the upcoming year, and then you’ll have a roadmap to help determine the updates that will be best for your website and marketing efforts.

Now more than ever is a time to adapt your website content and adjust your messaging to address patients’ pain points, show empathy, and build trust. Having an up-to-date dental website that meets the needs of patients and the community will strengthen the perception of your brand over competitors who go radio silent during this situation.

We’ve been creating simple, straightforward, and successful online marketing solutions since 1999. Get in touch to learn how we can help you adjust your website’s messaging through this ever-changing situation!



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