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With roots in real dental practices, Roadside makes marketing simple, straightforward, and successful!
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Dental Practices? We've Been There. Literally.
Many of our team members come from dental ...
Headshot of Angela, Roadside's Director of Client Services

Then: Dental Office Manager

Now: Roadside’s Director of Client Services

Then: Dental Assistant

Now: Roadside’s Client Concierge

Headshot of Misty, Roadside's Director of Client Services

Then: Dental Assistant

Now: Roadside’s Client Concierge

Headshot of Shannon, Roadside Dental Marketing Co-Owner and Head Cheerleader

Then: Dental Office Manager

Now: Roadside’s Co-Founder + Lead Cheerleader

... so we understand that you have a LOT to do!

You likely wear many hats in your position – been that, done that eye-rolling emoji – so we’re guessing that adding marketing and SEO guru to your (never-ending) to-do list may not thrill you … BUT the great news is that we’re here to make your life easier!

Our Website Process is Ridiculously EASY.

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Your new dental website will be as unique as you are! From startups to practices with multiple locations, you’ll find a website package to fit YOUR budget. Take a look at our portfolio and imagine the possibilities for your new, custom website.

Is it Time to Upgrade YOUR Dental Website?

Preview image of ProGrin Dental's new website
Preview shot of Simpsonville Dental Associates' new responsive website.
Preview image of Smiles By Design's new responsive dental website.
"They listened attentively to the look and feel we hoped for. They are talented and fun which made the process enjoyable." - Barbara Silberman, Silberman Dental Group
Preview image of Dr. Karen Cooper's new responsive dental website.
Preview shot of Nashville Dentistry Co's new responsive website.
"Our patients love the ease of use, mobile-friendly interface, and streamlined, sleek, modern feel." - Lori Herbert, Aesthetica
Preview image of Aesthetica Smiles' new responsive dental website.
Preview image of Shoreline Dental's new responsive dental website.

See why our Dental Websites have been killing it for over 20 years.

“Roadside delivered a website that, within the first week of launch, had AADOM at the top of Google rankings!

Headshot of Kim McQueen, Executive Director of AADOM

Kim McQueen, Executive Director

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“My website nicely portrays my practice’s values and personality.

Headshot of Dr. Jeff Schur from Schur Orthodontics

Dr. Jeff Schur

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“ALL of our patients checked us out online and commented that what set us apart was our website.

Headshot of Dr. Eric Farmer from Eric S. Farmer, DDS in Wichita, KS

Eric S. Farmer DDS PA

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“I couldn’t be happier with the finished website. The look and feel is exactly what I envisioned.”

Headshot of Dr. Barsoum from Impressive Smiles

Dr. Barsoum

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“I have gotten so many patients saying my website made them feel so comfortable meeting me and getting their dentistry done.”

Headshot image of Redmond dentist Dr. Shawn Keller

Shawn Keller

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“I barely lifted a finger - had a few conversations so they got our branding message and voila - it appears.

A headshot of Jenn Janicki, Executive Director of Gold Dust Dental Lab

Jenn Janicki, Executive Director

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Roadside really understands it is not just about throwing words on templates, it’s about sending a message.

An image of Dr. Scott Fogel from Scott Fogel, DDS

Scott Fogel DDS

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Each person was helpful and more than willing to answer any questions we had. Communication was efficient and thorough.

Dr. Chris Peterson

Dr. Chris Peterson

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Feedback from patients has consisted of glowing reports...they love the ease of use, mobile-friendly interface, and streamlined, sleek, and modern feel. It's everything we dreamed of!

Lori Herbert, Practice Administrator

Lori Herbert, Practice Administrator

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Let's Talk About Your Biggest Questions!
  • Will my website look like a template?

    My website is the opposite of the generic website and they delivered on everything they promised. Highly recommend!

  • How will you help me find my ''uniqueness''?

    Through the questionnaires, they make you really think about your practice, it is a good way to put yourself and the practice goals back on track.

  • What kind of results can we expect?

    Our online presence has continually grown since we have been working with Roadside. We are in an extremely competitive market, yet they have been able to deliver results for us.

  • Can we rank higher on Google?

    Roadside delivered a website that within the first week of launch had AADOM at the top of google rankings!

  • I'm not ''technically savvy'' and I'm a little overwhelmed by this whole process. How will you help?

    Working with Roadside is great because they have been in the dental trenches themselves and understand our needs and limitations. I never feel like a complete computer idiot when talking with them; they are down to earth. It is just like working with your friends at your office.

  • I have a specific vision in mind. Can you deliver?

    They took our vision and brought it to life. Our feedback from patients has consisted of nothing but glowing reports...they love the ease of use, mobile-friendly interface, and streamlined, sleek, modern feel. It's everything we dreamed of, and so much more!

  • Can you help me with more than just my website?

    I liked that they don't just build pretty websites and call it a day. Instead, they are there as a resource to problem-solve verbiage, marketing, image, reputation management, etc., so that there is a higher chance of success for the practice.

  • I'm BUSY and don't have time to devote to marketing. Can Roadside help me?

    Being an administrator of a very busy multi-doctor practice leaves me with very little free time. Thankfully, Roadside is there to manage our site and social media; they provide key indicators of how we are performing and areas we need to improve. This is incredibly valuable to me, because it allows me to focus on other things. They have done a spectacular job and any requests have always been done quickly and efficiently.

  • I can find cheaper options. Why should I go with Roadside?

    I used Roadside for my website and marketing for years , but then thought I could save money and went with someone else. Two years later, I had a site that saved me around $2,000, but I went from being on page one for almost every main search in my two main cities to being on page three with a horrible site that did not represent my education and expertise (not to mention my practice) that I had spent so much money to build up. I do not have to tell you how much money I lost in those two years. If I can help anyone, please spend the little extra in the beginning to do it right! Our website is the the foundation of our online reputation, and I learned that the hard way. I should also mention after the launch of my new site by Roadside, I am now on page one again. I also pay for their top tier marketing package and it has paid for itself over and over again. I definitely recommend Roadside - their team is on point!

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We're Partnering with BirdEye to Bring You Affordable Reputation Management!

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Boost Your Reviews to the Next Level!

Get the benefits of BirdEye review software at a discounted price when you sign up through Roadside Dental Marketing. Ask us how to take advantage of this special pricing!

  • Monitor All Your Reviews in One Place

  • Take Deliberate Action on Customer Feedback

  • Manage Reviews On-The-Go with Our Mobile App

  • Engage with Customers in Real-Time Without Disrupting Workflow

  • Send Automated Review Requests

  • Real-Time Review Alerts

  • Get Your Customers to Be Your Marketing Engine

  • Enhance SEO

Simplify Your Dental SEO

Keeping up with Google's constant stream of updates may seem impossible ... but rest easy - that's why we're here!



These signals are based on your website visitors’ unique search history.

Being well known and active in your local area’s online community will better contribute to how a person’s unique likes, interests, and search history relates to your business.


Behavior and Mobile Signals

It is a fact that people increasingly shop and browse on their mobile devices. Whether it be calling your practice from your responsive website, getting one-click GPS directions to your office, redeeming one of your special offers, or checking-in on social media, Google notices it all.

We provide the tools, training, and systems needed to rank high when people are on-the-go and in need of a dentist in your area.


Social Signals

Being active on social media is no longer an option, it is a must! Facebook “Likes”, retweets, pinning, G+ posts, comments, etc. are all relevant in your rankings.

Having worked at dental offices ourselves, we’ve distilled simple, actionable solutions to help even the busiest dental team be active on social media the right way—and without overwhelming anyone.


Review Signals

People use online reviews to determine which dentist to use. Google knows exactly when, where, and who is recommending you and your competition.

To earn the trust of Google and prospective patients, we provide tools and systems that get your current patients talking about your excellent services online.


Link Signals

When another website links back to your site, it is seen as an online recommendation, also known as a backlink or link signal. This is a major ranking factor for Google because it determines the popularity and relevance of your website.

Our linking campaigns provide authoritative online recommendations for your practice, thus backing your practice’s rankings with a strong sense of community.


On-page Signals

These signals represent the value of your website and your content.

Our team works around the clock to ensure your content, photos, and keywords are optimized to Google’s ever-evolving standards while still providing a good experience to prospects who visit your website.


External Local Signals

These involve other vital online directories including Yellow Pages, Super Pages, and so much more.

We continuously maintain and unify your presence online making sure your practice’s business name, location, and phone number are the same and consistent on all platforms.


My Business Signals

These signals involve local search signals that relate to My Google Business, including categories and keywords.

To be found online, we make sure your practice’s directory, business info, reviews, and categories are all up-to-date and consistent across the World Wide Web.

You may be bombarded with scare-tactic SEO calls and emails. The truth is, Google makes 500 to 600 changes per year and measures 200+ signals to position each business. Each website and practice have different needs to keep up with these changes.

From years of working with Google-acclaimed industry experts, we have mobilized the 8 critical factors for dentists to dominate on Google. We understand what really matters in SEO and put these factors to work to help your practice rise to the top of rankings the RIGHT way.

Click on a section to learn how each Google signal affects your business:

  • ‘My Business’ Signals
  • External Local Signals
  • On-page Signals
  • Link Signals
  • Review Signals
  • Social Signals
  • Behavior & Mobile Signals
  • Personalization

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