Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

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Dental Marketing Campaigns

There's at least $300K-500K hiding in your practice. Get it back in 90 days. (No wasted budget + $0 ad spend)
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“We used to average 12 new patients a month, now we average 42 new patients. Can't keep up!”
- Dr. Paul Silberman
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Fill your schedule with dream patients. On autopilot.

You want to focus on healing patients through dentistry. NOT figuring out if your marketing is working. Since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of dentists grow and scale their practices through results-only dental marketing campaigns and custom dental website design.

You want results. We'll give 'em to you:
  • See our client grow his organic traffic by 1000%! 1000%
    Growth in Organic Traffic
  • See one client surpassing her patient numbers! 65+
    New Patients Per Month
  • One client received 50% more new patients! 60
    New Patients Per Month
  • One dental practice improved impressions by 178%! 114.6%
    Total clicks
  • One client increased site traffic by 400%! 400%
    Traffic increase
Established Practice
Possible challenge: Well-known dental practice experiencing a slowdown in growth.
Dr. Silberman and his dental website where it received a 1000% growth in organic traffic in a year

Here’s the proof! The Silberman Dental Group tripled visibility online in under a year with nearly a 1000% growth in organic traffic.

Every dental practice has its ups and downs. If you’re nervous about your numbers, it’s time to take a hard look at your online visibility.

Is your dental website working as hard as you? How’s your marketing presence? Is it strong or meh? Not sure what you need?

#EnterRoadside – let us be an extension of your team to get your practice to the top.

Our Solutions

It's time for a new dental website

Your dental website should be filling up your waiting room. Roadside Dental Marketing can help create a conversion-driven dental website that will get you new patients (and keep your loyal ones!). Not only can we make a custom dental website that reflects your uniqueness, but we make it ridiculously easy!

Monthly dental marketing

Whether you want new patients or want to increase specific services (i.e., dental implants), a marketing plan is just what you need. To keep a solid online presence, marketing is crucial to maintain that foundation (especially when Google makes 500-600 changes a year!).

Not sure what you need? No sweat!

Schedule a free call with Shannon and she can provide you her honest recommendations - no obligation necessary.

Specialty Practice
Possible challenge: Specialty practice that has previously relied heavily on referrals recognizing the need for an online marketing foundation.
Dr. Jeannine Wyke and her pediatric dental website where she is now seeing 65+ new patients per month

Here’s the proof! Since launching her new pediatric dental website, Dr. Jeannine Wyke is seeing 60-70 new patients/month – passing her goal of 50 new patients/month!

Respect! Being former dental professionals ourselves, we understand the countless hours and extra schooling you’ve endured to achieve your specialty.

Whether you’re an orthodontist, pediatric dentist, periodontist, oral surgeon or another specialist, Roadside Dental Marketing can help!

Our Solutions
Responsive dental website

With three affordable customization options to choose from, we create dental websites that are results-driven and designed to be as unique as you.

Express marketing package

Most specialty practices have such a solid referral base that they don’t believe they need digital dental marketing. However, it’s important your online presence remains consistent and strong (spoiler alert... referrals are still checking you out online!). Luckily, we offer flexible dental marketing plans customized to your needs and budget.

Not sure what you need? No sweat!

Schedule a free call with Shannon and she can provide you her honest recommendations - no obligation necessary.

Competitive Market
Possible challenge: Practice is located in an extremely competitive market and needs to stand out above the rest.
Graphic of Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry's dental website design. This practice went from getting 40 patients to 60 new patients a month

Here’s the proof! With a new dental website and dental marketing from Roadside Dental Marketing, Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry went from 40 new patients a month to 60 new patients a month!

Are you in a competitive area like Seattle, Houston, or New York City? Take a deep breath…we’ve got this!

It can seem daunting to take on a sea of competitors in your market, but let’s roll up those sleeves and start marketing. Roadside Dental Marketing can propose aggressive yet strategic options to help you stand out.

Our Solutions
Responsive dental website

First, is your website up to par? Does it have a solid SEO foundation? Does it represent your practice well? If no, then a custom responsive dental website can skyrocket your rankings.

SEM ads

Need visibility fast? Paid advertisements guarantee page 1 positioning. They're the quickest way to get your website in the top 5 sponsored results and consistently drive traffic to your site.

Ongoing marketing

If you’re in a competitive market, you must have an aggressive dental marketing strategy. Why? If you can’t outrank your competition, your website will be buried among your competitors.

Not sure what you need? No sweat!

Schedule a free call with Shannon and she can provide you her honest recommendations - no obligation necessary.

Multiple Locations
Possible challenge: Creating and managing a strong online presence with multiple practice locations.
Preview of Lucas Orthodontics' ultimate dental website design with stats showing an increase of impressions by 178.4% and total clicks by 114.6%

Here’s the proof!
Lucas Orthodontics increased total impressions 178.4% and total clicks 114.6% after launching their new orthodontic dental website. (PS: They purchased our Ultimate Website package!)

Nice job! Your practices are thriving and you are sitting pretty. But don’t get too comfortable!

There’s always room for improvement: Does your website reflect your values? Does it represent you – the true you? Are all of your listings up to par?

There’s definitely more to manage when you have multiple locations, but let Roadside Dental Marketing take that off your plate!

Our Solutions
Beautiful website design

Roadside has been leading the website design game since 1999. So, we know a thing or two. With our Personalized and Ultimate website packages, we can take your vision and really make you stand out from the competition. Not to mention, we can make it VERY easy for patients to find a specific location.

Monthly marketing

With multiple locations, it’s extra important your directories are accurate and regularly maintained. Depending on your goals, we may recommend a variety of dental marketing services to dominate your specific locations.

Not sure what you need? No sweat!

Schedule a free call with Shannon and she can provide you her honest recommendations - no obligation necessary.

Startup Practice
Possible challenge: Opening a brand new practice and needing to hit the ground running - fast!
Stat showing Dr. Patel's dental website increased in website traffic by 400% within the first year of business

Here’s the proof!
Dr. Ashish Patel experienced a 400% traffic increase within the first year in business, thanks to organic SEO.

First – congratulations!

Second – it’s go-time! Building a new dental practice from the ground up comes along with a lot of decisions to make regarding location, staffing, construction, finances, technology, decor, and so on. It’s also the time to make foundational decisions regarding your brand and marketing.

It’s important you create a solid online foundation that will grow as your practice grows. How can Roadside Dental Marketing help?

Our Solutions
Branding and logo design

Before you can even open a new dental practice, you must have a strong brand reflecting your philosophy. We have talented designers who will craft beautiful, modern logo to make you stand out.

Responsive dental website

Now, the most crucial step. You need a responsive dental website people can easily find you on. We make the process so easy - you barely need to lift a finger. Not to mention, our affordable website options are built for growth - you can add on to your site as your practice grows.

Ongoing SEO services

When you start a new dental practice, it’s important you have a marketing team you can trust to keep up with Google’s changes to build your website’s authority and drive traffic.

Social media and print materials

You have your new brand, but how are you going to promote it? Let Roadside Dental Marketing optimize and brand your social media accounts and create beautiful print materials for you to make a name within your community.

SEM ads

Your competitors most likely have established a long history of domain authority, putting them at the top of Google results. With Facebook ads, Google ads, and PPC, you can be seen right away on page 1.

Not sure what you need? No sweat!

Schedule a free call with Shannon and she can provide you her honest recommendations - no obligation necessary.

Empowering our practices by partnering with them

Finally, you can do what you do best: dentistry! Let us take care of the rest.

Four Roadside developers working on dental website design around a table
Dr. Shawn Keller
They used roadmaps, checklists, and tools to keep the project moving forward to launch my website in only 8 weeks, and helped me think of and gather materials I would have never thought of to really make my brand and website stellar!" Visit Dr. Keller's Website
  • One dedicated Project Manager
  • Proprietary roadmaps, intuitive surveys, easy-peasy checklists
  • Tons of tools and resources to help you get the best product
  • Designers and writers make your vision come to life
Three members of our team talking in an office setting
Dr. Robert F. Walker Jr.
Roadside's team is super understanding when it comes to knowing the challenges of day-to-day life in a dental office since they have been there!" Visit Dr. Walker's Website
  • Locate hidden revenue opportunities to skyrocket practice growth
  • No ad spend needed
  • 2x ROI or your money back
  • Entire team dedicated to your success
Tow of our top designers  working on a website together and smiling
Dr. Ashima Singal
We especially liked Roadside's multiple package options and the flexibility it gave us in selecting specific services we needed instead of taking an 'all or none' approach." Visit Dr. Singal's Website
  • Flexible marketing packages – only pay for what you need
  • Customizable website packages for any practice
  • Month-to-month marketing contracts – we are just that confident 

Juliet and Angela discussing a client's marketing plan and website
Jina, Director of Operations
Once I started talking to the Team at Roadside I instantly noticed a difference. I was talking to people who have been in the dental field! They came to me with so much experience and so much knowledge ... They take the time to help build the website/brand because THEY CARE! I could do on and on about all the fantastic things Roadside has done for us. Big THANK YOU to the Roadside Team for making my life so much easier." Visit Love Your Smile's Website
  • Video training + scripts
  • Personal point of contact and fast turnaround responses
  • Close more treatment
  • Create a stronger team culture
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Roadside Dental Marketing is one of the highest-reviewed boutique dental marketing agencies.
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Our Mission
Not to be a “status quo” marketing agency, but your marketing guide.

“With a combined 85 years experience in the dental industry, we understand the challenges you face every day when trying to market and manage your dental practice. Our entire in-house team is passionate about our clients’ success. Every day we are focused on providing tangible results for the practices that are willing to invest and ready to grow. Make marketing painless by working with an experienced team who already knows your struggles.”

“With a combined 85 years experience in the dental industry, we understand the challenges you face every day when trying to market and manage your dental practice. Make marketing painless by working with an experienced team who already knows your struggles.

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