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Case Study: Neighborhood Dental

See how we helped turn your friendly neighborhood practice into a multi-location business.

About Neighborhood Dental

Neighborhood Dental first started as a humble neighborhood dental practice in Sioux Falls some 18 years ago. Fast forward to the present, and they’ve grown into a seven-practice network that stretches across several South Dakota locations. And they don’t plan to stop growing anytime soon.

Examples of Neighborhood Dental's old website

The Challenge

What sets Neighborhood Dental apart from its competition is how meticulous the team is – from their Dentistry Without Delay motto to the on-time seating guarantee that comes with it.

But you couldn’t tell that from their website at all:

  • The content section would greet you with an overwhelming wall of text
  • There were way too many different icons in the hero section
  • It didn’t highlight their seven-location practice that works together as a network of dentists
  • Neither the colors nor the layout reflected the practice’s personality and approach

Needless to say, the old website had outlived its usefulness. The new iteration had to:

  • Make the site look as welcoming as the Neighborhood Dental offices it showcased
  • Simplify and streamline the entire patient experience
  • Let the patients know what Dentistry Without Delay really means
  • Attract new clients by emphasizing not just their numerous South Dakota locations, but also the advanced tech and comprehensive treatment plans available at each.
The Solution
Let the site visitors know that they’ll be in good hands in any Neighborhood Dental location they choose.
Examples of Neighborhood Dental's new responsive website on various screens
Make sure the patients don’t get lost between multiple locations.
  • The seven-location network that Neighborhood Dental runs is both its biggest strength and weakness. We wanted to highlight this network and, at the same time, make it easy to navigate.
  • So, we made the location selection part follow the booking step. With this change, you can’t miss the news, but it also doesn’t hit you where it shouldn’t.
  • The new navigation bar starts with an About Us category where you can meet the doctors across all seven locations.
  • Following the About Us section are the Location and Services categories that also start with a location selection, making sure the patients are always able to find the right office.
Lay out and promote the Dentistry Without Delay approach.
  • Dentistry Without Delay sounds catchy enough, but the old website didn’t quite elaborate on what it means.
  • Our much more handsome replacement makes sure you can’t miss it. The moment you’re done with the hero section, the new site introduces two separate bands highlighting this mantra and digging into the goals behind it.
  • We also explained what goes into the on-time seating guarantee, including the reassuring promise of $1 for every minute after 10 minutes that you wait for your scheduled appointment time.
  • And who could forget the easy online scheduling, same-day crowns, and simple payment options? We certainly didn’t.
Convey Neighborhood Dental's welcoming attitude through design and copy.
  • Across all seven locations, Neighborhood Dental teams pride themselves on the network’s calm, clean, and welcoming approach. Alas, the old site was anything but that.
  • To clean it up, we first replaced the straight-up essay at the start of the content section with short and sweet bands and blocks that split all the necessary information into nice little bite-sized chunks.
  • Following that, we also threw away the generic and unconvincing copy that was there before in favor of a more personalized and persuasive message.
  • Likewise, we replaced the blinding white and brushed gray with a combination of warm teal, charcoal gray, and a shade of white that wouldn’t strain the eyes.
Examples of Neighborhood Dental's new responsive website on various screens
And The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Increase in map views brand-wide over last year


Increase in search views


Increase in people visiting the site from their Business Listings


Increase in phone calls

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