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5 on Google, Nov 18, 2020
Working with Charlie Wells with Roadside Multimedia was the best experience I've had with dental website designs. She was willing to work with my crazy schedule and find a time that would work best for me. She took the extra time to speak with me to get to know who I was and what I wanted in a design. When it came time to show me options she created, Charlie presented multiple options and was able to capture exactly what I wanted to accomplish on my website. She professional, talented and made the process easy. I highly recommend Charlie for creating designs not just for dental websites but also for all businesses!
5 on Google, Oct 15, 2020
Angela, Charlie, Juliet and Bridget have been a true pleasure to work with. Our original website years ago was built by the team at Roadside. I took a wrong turn and tried another group for a couple of years, and I am so glad to be back with the best in the business. They were awesome back then, and I wisely chose to come back home to Roadside, and they just keep getting better. They have been doing this for a long time and their experience and expertise shows in every aspect. From developing the technical aspects of website development, to their patience and willingness to share and educate on marketing strategy, this team knows what it takes to deliver sound results. I view having them in my corner as a competitive advantage!
5 on Google, Oct 02, 2020
Kelsey is an asset to work with. His team is very dynamic and has helped me grow my business. They are very receptive to suggestions and implementing strategies. They also are cutting edge with staying on top of seo, marketing, and adapting to the ever changing market. Highly recommend.
5 on Google, Aug 10, 2020
We just finished our website with Roadside!! I can truly say it was an amazing experience, I would highly recommend you to consider this company. We worked through COVID 19, as we all know everyone is busy now, but they were on top of things the whole time. The level of professionalism of all parties involved, the quality of the product, and their understanding of our market were essential and very welcomed! Thank you Juliet, Arron, Angela and Barak (tech support), you guys ROCK!!
5 on Google, May 19, 2020
We had a very pleasant experience with Roadside. They have a very thorough system for gathering information from you and your team that gives them the ability to accurately represent the culture of your office. We upgraded to have a more personalized website and I am so glad that we did.
5 on Google, Apr 23, 2020
A few years ago, I was at an amazing dental conference and saw the Roadside booth. I stopped by and picked up their material not really thinking anything of it. It wasn't until I got back home I looked Roadside up and noticed they were local for us! I was beyond excited and wanted to dig a bit deeper. We have used multiple different website/marketing providers in the past. It was usually the same thing from every switch. Over promise and under deliver. Once I started talking to the Team at Roadside I instantly noticed a difference. I was talking to people who have been in the dental field! They came to me with so much experience and so much knowledge. Everything they showed me before taking over our site was the most in-depth I have seen. I convinced my doctor to allow me to switch our practices to the Roadside team. They have delivered each and every time. From a whole rebrand, new website, handling all of our online marketing. They have done such a wonderful job! On top of all of that, the Roadside team has SO much content to share with us! I mean they created a 40+ marketing template for their clients. They take the time to help build the website/brand because THEY CARE! I could do on and on about all the fantastic things Roadside has done for us. Big THANK YOU to the Roadside Team for making my life so much easier.
5 on Google, Feb 06, 2020
I am very pleased with our new website by Roadside Dental. The process was seamless, the communication was clear and very informative. The team that was assigned to our project was very creative with our design and what we used. Our new website is amazing.
5 on Google, Feb 05, 2020
5 on Google, Dec 31, 2019
I help Dr. Hinkle with his marketing at Utica Dental and I have nothing but amazing things to say about Roadside. Chantelle is great and so easy to talk to, she is easy to work with on coming up with great plans for our marketing strategy. I recommend them to anyone who wants to see their business boom! On behalf of Utica Dental Thank you. Jerrilynn Osterhout
5 on Google, Nov 22, 2019
Roadside Dental Marketing excels in customer service and staying on top of what is needed to make your marketing efforts bear fruit, both on the technological and human sides of the equation. I like that our website and social media accounts reflect the persona and values of my practice.
5 on Google, Nov 01, 2019
I have worked with this company for years and you might think with such a long relationship that could mean I am not getting the best or the most up to date. Well, that is not the case! I always feel like a priority based on their speed with communication and how well my website does in this Google world. I can’t recommend Roadside enough!
5 on Google, Oct 29, 2019
We have had the pleasure of working with Roadside for about a year now. They launched our new website and it is awesome. Angela, Shannon and everyone on their team are so friendly, helpful, and informative. They really listened to what we wanted with our brand, I highly recommend Roadside! The communication was always beyond efficient and thorough with very timely responses. This company exemplifies professionalism in everything they do!
5 on Google, Oct 16, 2019
Angela has been wonderful to work with, our website is gorgeous and they've helped our knowledge of navigating the world of online marketing!
5 on Google, Oct 16, 2019
We have worked with a number of marketing firms and Roadside is, hands down, the best. They are original, thorough, easy to communicate with and fairly priced. They are up-to-date, always, on current trends in marketing and how that relates to dental. The help we have received has been finely tuned to us, who we are and our philosophy. Highly recommend!
5 on Google, Oct 15, 2019
Working with Roadside Dental Marketing has been a great experience! I love working with Chantelle. She is always professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate the guidance and all the valuable tips.
5 on Google, Oct 15, 2019
Roadside has been very helpful and creative with our new website design. We are grateful for their help. It looks amazing!
5 on Google, Oct 15, 2019
Working with the Roadside Dental Marketing has been a great experience!! I love my new website, and I have received many compliments on it. I am a startup dental practice and Juliet, Arron, and Shannon have been nothing short of amazing to work with. They are SUPER responsive and timely. They have been very helpful with getting our on-line going!! I would highly recommend Roadside Dental Marketing!
5 on Google, Oct 14, 2019
We love Roadside! They always have valuable tips for new innovative marketing resources, and help behind the scenes to keep our website looking fantastic. We would recommend Roadside to anyone looking for an amazing marketing team! 🙂
5 on Google, Oct 10, 2019
ProGrin Dental loves Roadside Marketing. They are thorough with us and give us monthly reports on what they've done! I love the transparency and they are super friendly to talk to! Very personable!
5 on Google, Oct 09, 2019
Roadside has been absolutely amazing in the many years we have worked with them! Their attention to detail is remarkable. When they say they are going to do something, you see the results very quickly! Their monthly calls are a fantastic resource! We have learned more about the online world than we ever wanted to! Our office highly recommends Roadside Dental Marketing! #roadsidedentalmarketingisthebest
5 on Google, Oct 09, 2019
Simply the best! We were so lucky to find this dental marketing group. We do dentistry and they take care of the other stuff I don’t have the time to do! So helpful and thorough. They respond super quickly and get the job done. I have absolutely no reservations and know that you won’t be disappointed with the many services they have to offer.
5 on Google, Oct 09, 2019
I highly recommend Roadside Dental Marketing! This team is simply amazing to work with. They are creative, professional and always friendly. Communication is amazing and always on point. Five stars over and over!!!
5 on Google, Oct 04, 2019
Highly recommended full service marketing agency, specifically for dentists - You need Roadside to redesign your website, lead your marketing strategy, and push you to find new ways to grow your business.
5 on Google, Sep 30, 2019
I love working with roadside. They always give us great ideas to implement and make our site run smoothly and look great.
5 on Google, Sep 18, 2019
I love love LOVE Roadside Dental marketing! We have been using them at my place of business for over 2 years now and they continue to bring the WOW when it comes website as well as keeping us current with our marketing and SEO. The team I work with completely Rocks and is a joy to chat with when ever i have a question or need to change something up! I highly recommend you give them a call if you are in the market for a high-performing website and dental marketing.
5 on Google, Sep 04, 2019
Working with Roadside Dental Marketing is the best decision you can make for your practice. Not just because they build sleek and intuitive websites but because they truly bring your brand to LIFE! AADOM has been so fortunate to work with such a creative team. We trust Roadside with the most important part of our business, our customer facing message. Thanks Roadside team!
5 on Google, Aug 16, 2019
Roadside was wonderful to work with for our new office website!! We needed a lot of guidance and they were patient with us and helpful all along the way. Very pleased!!
5 on Google, Jun 24, 2019
Overall a very good experience working with Roadside Dental Marketing team. Excellent Website Design, Professional & Flexible team! We especially liked their multiple package options and also the flexibility it gave us in selecting specific services we needed instead of taking a all or none approach.
5 on Google, Mar 31, 2019
Roadside has been nothing but the best for our new website design and marketing strategy! The entire staff has been so helpful! We are so excited of the things to come!
5 on Google, Mar 29, 2019
They have been great to work with. Would highly recommend.
5 on Google, Mar 26, 2019
Our office has worked with Roadside for over 7 years. Roadside designed our original website then redesigned our current fresh looking website. A well designed website has been critical in reaching patients, informing patients, and education patients. The quality of our website is outstanding and aligns with our practice brand. Angela Byrnes, Roadside client services, is patient and excellent to work with; she has amazing interpersonal skills and has always understood the direction of Dr. Bodensteiner's practice. Misty Powell is another knowledgeable Roadside expert I enjoy working with. Having digital marketing in place with Roadside makes less technical work for our office so we can focus on patients and delivering oral healthcare.
5 on Google, Mar 21, 2019
Working with Roadside has been a breeze. Good planning and good follow through. Especially happy working with Charlie on our video!
5 on Google, Mar 20, 2019
My company, GreenSky, worked with Roadside Dental Marketing to present a webinar about dental practice marketing. The quality of their presentation was excellent. Whitney and Angela co-presented - the hand offs were very well coordinated. The information was structured and clear. Their examples were great choices to illustrate the salient points. Their visuals were instructive and compelling. Honestly, this was the best professional webinar I have seen. Great job!
5 on Google, Mar 20, 2019
I think your service is great! Roadside provides our office with an arsenal of information, resources and tools to get our website, blogs and social media up to par. They are super understanding when it comes to knowing the challenges of day to day life in a dental office since they have been there! We so appreciate all that you do for our office and team. Thank you from team Walker!
5 on Google, Mar 20, 2019
Working with Roadside has been amazing. They provided a Webinar for our customers on Practice Branding that was one of the best thought leadership Webinar I have hosted.
5 on Google, Mar 18, 2019
The team at Roadside is amazing. They are responsive and creative. They customize what I need from them at the time, whether it's to create content for me to to allow me to create my own, giving me helpful pointers along the way. I've been with Roadside for roughly 10 years and have always been happy!
5 on Google, Mar 18, 2019
Such a great company. The team is wonderful and always there if the office needs help. Would recommend their services!
5 on Google, Mar 14, 2019
As a dentist and dental consultant, I find Roadside's comprehensive marketing to be remarkably valuable. Since they keep up with changing technologies, they ensure clients' marketing strategies are cutting edge. Excellent communication is also a strong point for Roadside.
5 on Google, Feb 01, 2019
Roadside has been a huge part of the success of our dental start-up that we opened a little over a year ago. They really were able to capture our story and vision as a practice and design our website around it. We are always getting compliments on about it! The Roadside team is very easy to work with and they are very responsive when updates are needed. In addition, their team has been able to really get us high in the SEO ranking given that we have many competing dentists within our town.
5 on Google, Jan 26, 2019
Roadside has been a huge part of the success of our dental start-up that we opened a little over a year ago. They really were able to capture our story and vision as a practice and design our website around it. We are always getting compliments on about it! The Roadside team is very easy to work with and they are very responsive when updates are needed. In addition, their team has been able to really get us high in the SEO ranking given that we have many competing dentists within our town.
5 on Google, Dec 12, 2018
5 on Google, Nov 06, 2018
We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of our website design done by Roadside Dental Marketing. Their entire team is extremely thorough in what they do. I would highly recommend using Roadside Dental Marketing if you are looking for a fresh, innovative website design.
5 on Google, Oct 31, 2018
We are incredibly pleased with the outcome of our website design done by Roadside Dental Marketing. Their entire team is extremely thorough in what they do. I would highly recommend using Roadside Dental Marketing if you are looking for a fresh, innovative website design.
5 on Google, Sep 20, 2018
We have had the pleasure of working with Roadside for a few years now. They just launched our new website and it is awesome. Angela and everyone on her team are so friendly, helpful, and informative. I highly recommend Roadside!
5 on Google, Sep 19, 2018
Roadside has been nothing but the best for our new website design and marketing strategy! Angela, Shannon, Arron, Charlie, and the rest of the entire staff have been so helpful! We are so excited of the things to come!
5 on Google, Sep 17, 2018
5 on Google, Aug 09, 2018
Roadside Media has done wonders with our website! We went from plain and simple to the perfect website in the perfect market. They were good at listening and understanding our goals. Thank you to everyone on your team that worked with us and continues to work with us!
5 on Google, Jul 27, 2018
Road Side Dental marketing team are the most talented and creative people. And even more important- they do listen to you. From the first phone interview with Angela , who was amazingly supportive, knowledgeable and personable to everyone at Road Side . Wonderful Shannon, who found a great professional photographer in my own city (the task I could not accomplish for years). Caring Juliet who always were there for me and replied to all my emails and requests right away . Talented Arron, who truly listened to all my random thoughts and created amazing content that reflects my practice values. Incredibly gifted web designers who created unique , professional website for me. The whole process was very smooth and easy and result is fabulous. Thank you
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2018
With the ever-increasing use of the internet, having a dental website is more important than ever. But, a website that is both attractive in design and informative in content is difficult to create. This is where Roadside Dental Marketing excels. Their team of experts are very skilled in creating a website that represents the culture and personality of your practice, and not some cookie-cutter site. They are great listeners, prompt with timelines, and responsive to your requests. They are truly the best company I have ever worked with, and I look forward to working with them with other projects! We love our newly-built site, and are confident it provides our existing patients and prospective patients with the information that they need about who we are, what we do and how we do it! Thank you RDM!
5 on Google, Jun 22, 2018
Had a wonderful experience working with Roadside ... the website is beautiful and we literally had new patients calling us the next week!
5 on Google, Jun 08, 2018
Great communication throughout the whole process, very efficient and great work overall. Our team is very happy with their continued efforts and great customer service. Very responsive to edits needed.
5 on Google, May 30, 2018
Roadside has been nothing but the best for our new website design and marketing strategy! Shannon, Arron, and the rest of the entire staff have been so helpful! We are so excited of the things to come!
5 on Our Website, May 30, 2018
Cool company, awesome websites.
5 on Google, May 30, 2018
It's been a pleasure working with Roadside. I've had a lot of questions and made many request, revisions, and extra demands. Not only have they been prompt to answer my questions and quick to do everything I asked, they've done it with a positive attitude and a smile on their face - if you can perceive a smile through phone and email. 🙂 I'm a techy millennial who thought I had a good handle on SEO, jquery, CSS, and website design, but I could never have produced the product Roadside delivered. They know their business and they do it well. I'm thrilled with my decision to go with Roadside for my website and marketing.
5 on Google, May 30, 2018
Roadside Marketing Team is the absolute best! We have dealt with one too many Website developers. Our experience with Roadside has been exceptional. They out do every company we've encountered. We are lucky to have such a spunky extention to our team. They are the real MVP's!
5 on Google, May 30, 2018
Beautifully designed websites and a top notch team of professionals.
5 on Facebook, May 17, 2018
5 on Google, Apr 29, 2018
After practicing for 28 years and all the marketing changes that I’ve observed, I decided to give Roadside a try, to develop our teams website and take control of the marketing of our social media presence. I really love what I do and wanted to remain relevant!!! If there is any dentist out there that wants to do just that and more then quit searching now. They are professional, knowledgeable and technologically smarter than I could ever be!!! Thank you Angela, Shannon, Mel and all the other members of your team I missed!! I look forward to what the next ten years will produce with Roadside helping me steer this ship!!!!
5 on Google, Mar 30, 2018
I have had two former website companies that really disappointed me. Roadside has been the complete opposite! They are a well oiled machine and they make the whole process so easy. Their websites are amazing and everyone on their team are great to work with to make a truly customized website. I am so happy with my decision to use Roadside. Everything is top notch!
5 on Google, Mar 30, 2018
Terrific Experience. Everyone truly cares about their craft and making sure you get exactly what you want. Highly Recommended!
5 on Google, Feb 28, 2018
I am in love with my new website! I'm very particular and protective of my brand and image. Roadside took the time to really understand the heart and soul of my practice, and the website reflects our office personality perfectly. The process was smooth and quick. I would recommend this dental marketing team to anyone looking to start or expand their online presence!
5 on Google, Feb 28, 2018
Before choosing roadside Dental Marketing we had interviewed another Marketing company we definitely did our homework, we where so impressed by Angela and Shannon from roadside dental marketing. Angela and Shannon understood what we where looking for and they answered all of our questions and we had a lot, but they made it comfortable and easy it felt like we knew them for a really long time, in my mind if your going to be part of a team of people who have to know everything about you in order to capture your true presence and what the team was about Roadside definitely was who we where going to choose. The whole team rocked and captured what we wanted and are so HAPPY with the results. They are still walking me through a lot and will continue to on this journey. THANKS ROADSIDE YOU ROCK
5 on Google, Jan 28, 2018
We have had a wonderful experience working with Roadside Marketing and recommend any business in need of a website to contact them. They are professional, creative, very helpful, always available, proactive and efficient. Thank you, Roadside!
5 on Google, Jan 28, 2018
I give Roadside Multimedia Marketing an A+! Overall, I had a great experience working with them! We initially had a rocky start to the project with a job transition within the company, but the Roadside team and owners patiently listened to my concerns and immediately took action to repair the situation. From that point on, every individual on the project team was extremely helpful, supportive, and incredibly responsive. They truly have their client’s best interests in mind. From the technical side, I am VERY happy with my website, email, and social media account-set ups. Roadside has extensive knowledge in content, design elements, layout, and copy writing to make a dental website attractive and attention grabbing. I am still amazed by how they accurately communicated my brand identity and practice culture without meeting me in person. Our website and social media accounts work smoothly and efficiently. They promised social media presence, organic SEO, smooth technical set up, and a quick turnaround time; all of these were delivered! Lastly, their customer service and ongoing marketing coaching is what puts this company on top. The team has been very responsive to questions and requests. They provide ongoing marketing advice and tools to keep the practice website and social media accounts relative. I have received numerous compliments about the website – I would highly recommend to friends and colleagues!
5 on Google, Dec 29, 2017
From our very first interaction with Roadside Dental Marketing, to the launch of our website, and everything in between, Roadside has been absolutely WONDERFUL to work with. Each and every person we came in contact with was helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and always more than willing to answer any questions we had. The communication was always beyond efficient and thorough with very timely responses. This company exemplifies professionalism in everything they do! We would highly recommend (and already have!) Roadside Dental Marketing to anyone who wants an outstanding finished product while working with a fantastic group of people. We could not be happier with our new website, and are extremely grateful we had the privilege of working with such a truly amazing company! THANK YOU Roadside!
5 on Google, Dec 29, 2017
I had the best experience working with roadside. Everyone is fun, knowledgable and creative. My website is the opposite of the generic website and they delivered on everything they promised. Highly recommend!
5 on Google, Nov 28, 2017
Awesome Job!!! I love my new website and the whole experience from start to finish was great and very professional! Thank you!
5 on Google, Nov 28, 2017
Everyone on the Roadside team has made my experience fantastic. They are thorough, understanding and really work hard to create something unique and specific to your brand. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering them for their digital branding/website design.
5 on Google, Nov 28, 2017
Excellent Service. The team has always gone above and beyond for us. It is a pleasure working with them.
5 on Google, Oct 29, 2017
Working with the consummate professionals at Roadside has been a dream come true! To find the kind of passion, commitment to brand, and attention to detail (like our practice offers) is a rare thing these days. Every single person that we worked with at Roadside gave us their undivided attention and guidance when we needed it, and knowing we aren't necessarily website savvy, were certainly patient with us. They took our vision and brought it to life. Our feedback from patients has consisted of nothing but glowing reports...they love the ease of use, mobile-friendly interface, and streamlined, sleek, modern feel. It's everything we dreamed of, and so much more. We are continuing to use Roadside for marketing, SEO and content updates. To Arron, Angela, Nikko, Charlie and all the others at Roadside...THANK YOU so much! It was an honor working with you. - Lori Herbert, Practice Administrator
5 on Google, Oct 29, 2017
I had a very good experience with Roadside Dental Marketing. They built my website and I love it! Charlie was amazing and really helped create a website that matches my practice.
5 on Google, Oct 29, 2017
When I began working with Roadside my website was quite a mess. Everyone is so nice there and the approach to help you stand out from the crowd is great. Though the questionnaires make you really think about your practice, it is a good way to put yourself and the practice goals back on track. We are moving back up the ranking already! and hopefully will get our blogs and social media moving soon!
5 on Google, Sep 29, 2017
Fantastic company to work with. They have their stuff together!! Love our new site and all the neat features Roadside put into it. Straight Wire Consulting will certainly be utilizing Roadside's talents with our orthodontic and pediatric client offices!! Thank you!!
5 on Google, Sep 29, 2017
We worked with Roadside to refresh our logo. When it came to options and design, who knew all of this color lingo existed?! I guess I know now. I was assigned one individual to work with and they were so thorough. Thank you, Roadside, for being so patient with me, answering my questions, and doing such an amazing job. From time to time, I get the vibe when I ask technical questions, that some designers or reps I have worked with from other companies, in the past, are less than happy to answer or explain. I have never once had that experience with you or Roadside. Truly wonderful!
5 on Google, Sep 29, 2017
Great people and systems...
5 on Google, Sep 29, 2017
5 on Google, Aug 29, 2017
Roadside Dental Marketing has a team which is highly professional and focuses on exceptional customer care. My experience with Roadside Dental Marketing far exceeded any experience I had with two companies in the past. Mel, who headed our project for website development is a star! Justin and Mel who worked together to create the website were extremely knowledgable and creative. They listened attentively to the look and feel we hoped for. They are talented and fun which made the process enjoyable. We are excited with their finished product! Kijan, who did some of the tech work with the team was very knowledgeable and fun as well. I worked with Charlie to create a new logo and it was a terrific experience. She created a logo which is modern and much easier to read and remember than our prior logo and it feels just right to us. She was a pleasure to work with. Don't hestitate to use Roadside Dental Marketing. You will be delighted you chose this accomoplished group!
5 on Google, Aug 29, 2017
We have been working with Roadside for several months now. They recently launched our new website and it is BEAUTIFUL! With outstanding communication, design and execution, The Roadside Dental Marketing team worked flawlessly together, walking us through each step of creation and implementation. Their technical team does all the behind the scenes, techie stuff we don't understand, but is critical in utilizing today's online presence and we are grateful for it. Additionally, they helped us think of things outside the box and designed some pretty neat marketing ideas to bring in new patients and keep our current patients and team happy. In a nutshell, we highly, highly recommend anyone looking to polish up your web potentiality and marketing tools to join the Roadside team--they will absolutely knock your socks off!!
5 on Facebook, Jul 01, 2017
Excellent website! Well done, keep it coming, good job!
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2017
Wow, Roadside did a fabulous job on my new site. The team worked really well together and kept the production schedule on track! Thank you!!
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2017
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2017
They make beautiful websites and walk you through marketing your business. Professional and hard working.
5 on Facebook, Nov 21, 2016
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2016
Best website ever! Congratulations!
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2016
Roadside Multimedia donated their time and expertise to help design and launch Common Good’s website, Facebook page, and our Twitter page. As a small grassroots charitable organization, it’s incredibly difficult and cost prohibitive to create this critical portion of our organization’s social network tools. We are very fortunate to have gained the support of the Roadside Multimedia team. They are incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, and I would recommend Roadside to any organization and business in need of website design and multimedia services. We’ve received numerous compliments on our site, which is a testament to their leadership and expertise.
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2016
Roadside Multimedia is amazing! Our website has never looked better. Everyone at this company puts in every effort to make sure our needs are met in a professional and timely matter. From helping with campaigns, blog posts, social media, simply everything, they are fantastic. I highly recommend them for dental marketing!
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2016
5 on Google, Jun 29, 2016
Had a great experience with Dr. Lee. She and her staff was great with explaining what was going on with my teeth. She was quick with fillings and I will definitely be coming back. Everyone is very nice and puts me at ease. Thank you!
5 on Facebook, Oct 22, 2015
5 on Facebook, Oct 01, 2015
Ok... my website isn't even launched yet... but this group of people is something special! I barely lifted a finger... had a few conversations so they got our branding message and viola... it appears. An amazingly talented group of designers, writers and programmers that simply understand the challenge of marketing. I'm amazed and grateful that this is the group I chose to represent my brand. To the whole team -- you ROCK!
5 on Google, Jun 30, 2015
I wanted a new logo for my orthodontic practice, and we were in need of an updated website that takes advantage of the latest technology. I searched orthodontists in several locations across the country, and Roadside Multimedia's stood out to me, both in design, function, and search engine positioning. I'm currently working with Mel and Charlie, and to date we have a fantastic new logo and home page design. They are very pleasant to work with, and more importantly efficient and effective! They approach their craft as I do my practice, resulting our quickly connecting. They do a great job of learning the culture of my practice and my personality, and it has been superbly reflected in the design of my site. I will update this review upon the website's launch.
5 on Google, Jun 30, 2014
Your responsive websites are amazing─ great insight into what motivates busy people 😉
5 on Google, Jun 30, 2014
I've been lucky enough to work with the Roadside Team since about 2000 or 2001. In our latest venture, we teamed with an eating disorder clinic here in Minneapolis. As a result of this, and previous information about eating disorders, our office has treated about 8-10 recovered patients in the past year, all of them needing full mouth reconstruction or advanced cosmetic restoration. It has been really rewarding to help these 30+ year old patients get their lives back and start smiling again. Just yesterday we scheduled a new patient who was referred by her physician. We'll see. Stephen Bjorklund DDS FAGD
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