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Virtual Dental Consultations

Connect with dental and orthodontic patients virtually

See more patients and generate more leads in a convenient and HIPAA-compliant manner.

Virtual / video consultations can be used for:

  • Initial cosmetic or orthodontic consultation
  • Treatment or progress checkup
  • Evaluation to see if a situation is a dental emergency
  • Dental questions or concerns from existing patients
  • Post-op checkups
  • Second opinions

Many insurance providers are covering ADA Teledentistry codes as a covered service.

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A convenient solution for practices and patients

A graphic showing one of our websites for dentists saw an average 100 page views and 4.6 consultation requests per month.
A virtual consult page is the first step to connecting with new and existing patients!

Virtual consultations are loved universally by doctors and patients for a multitude of reasons:

  • They’re convenient
  • They’re affordable
  • They’re HIPAA-compliant

Offering virtual consultations gives you an advantage over your competition, enabling you to connect with more potential leads and reducing chairtime so you can see more patients in a day.

A graphic showing the virtual consult page on a client's website with the text "Average of 2 new consults per month and 45 progress checks during COVID closure"

Schedule virtual dental consultations easily

It's simple, accessible, and convenient for patients to upload photos and request a video appointment on your site.

Your page can include a form for scheduling, or we can integrate a third-party telehealth option such as:

Take that first step with a no-obligation quote.

A graphic showing the virtual consult page on a client's website with the text "Average of 2 new consults per month and 45 progress checks during COVID closure"

Book more dental and ortho virtual consultations by adding the power of marketing

Boost your visibility and conversions with a custom-tailored strategy to promote your new page.
Google Ads
Google Ads
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Facebook Ads
Custom Promotion Campaign
Custom Promotion Campaign

Frequently asked questions about dental virtual consultations

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