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Lucas Orthodontic Group

Six office locations. Five orthodontists. One killer website.

Lucas Orthodontic Group's new website on mobile and desktop

About Lucas Orthodontic Group

Pictures of the Lucas Ortho team.

It’s one thing to stand out from your competition in one city. But doing that in SIX cities?! Well, that’s another.

And that just happened to be the case for Lucas Orthodontic Group.

At the time, they had five office locations in Brentwood, Nashville, Columbia, Cools Springs, and Nolensville, Tennessee (Gallatin was soon added).

They had one website for all five locations but it wasn’t able to give TLC to each location like it should.

Dr. Jon Lucas and his fellow orthodontists knew it was time for an upgrade.

However, no run-of-the-mill new website was going to do the job. To reach their goals, they needed a website with a WOW factor!

They wanted a website that looked good but was unique and attracted their target audience with a focus on inviting families *parents* to schedule more consultations.

Thankfully, these Tennessee orthodontists were open to our suggestions and trusted our expertise… and we ran with it!

So, what exactly did the Roadside Dental Marketing team do?

Six for The Price of One

*One custom ultimate website that is!*

Our Objective: Design a one-of-a-kind website that supports all six locations.

  • WOW Factor: Lucas Orthodontic Group purchased our custom ultimate website package because they wanted just that – an ultimate website. Similar to a craftsman home or luxurious car, it’s all in the details. This website has your typical customer pages like services and patient information, but the difference lies within the custom features that no one else has. We custom made everything with the ultimate design budget.

  • Hey, I Know You from Somewhere: After spending not even a minute on their website, you know their faces, their fun personalities, and kids go there. How does this help Lucas Ortho? Put yourself in a parent’s position: Would you send your kid to any orthodontist? No! Are you going to respect an orthodontist’s *expensive* advice on what treatment little Benny needs if you don’t trust them? Heck no! So how do you earn parents’ trust online? FIND OUT HOW

  • Optimized for SIX Locations: If not outlined correctly, having six locations on one website can be confusing to users and search engines – and we don’t want that. Unlike your standard one office location website, we did things a little differently: WHAT’D WE DO?

Let’s be real. Most people don’t read every word on a website – they skim read, meaning users are only absorbing a few keywords here and there to get the answers they *think* they need (what are the hours, what services are offered, etc).

So how do we fill those blank spots to paint a complete picture? Imagery.

Throughout Lucas Ortho’s website, we scattered pops of color with a TON of professional photos. These photos tell a story that users can relate to. As with the phrase “actions speak louder than words,” think of the images as the actions.

So by the looks of it, Lucas Ortho’s actions include: helping children smile, goofing around, creating a welcoming atmosphere, always smiling, and so on.

What parent doesn’t want that for their kid (or themselves)?

One more way Lucas Ortho earns the trust of parents is by answering their FAQs within the content. By having relevant content that addresses patient barriers like time and money, users are more likely to stay on the page longer, click more links, and take action (schedule a consultation, call, email, etc.).

For clarity on the locations, each office received its own location page with its NAP, Google map, directions, reviews, and top services. We individually optimized each page for SEO, significantly increasing the chance that all offices will rank for its location. And so far so good, keep scrolling to see Lucas Ortho’s results.

To make the user experience more friendly, we used one form throughout the website with a button to select their preferred location. No need to sort through six different forms to find the one you need – or give up trying.

To encourage users to take action and contact their preferred office (and eliminate the chance of them misdialing or getting wrong directions), we list each location’s NAP in a variety of visually appealing yet clear ways throughout the website. One of which is a custom module as seen on their homepage.

THIS Is Why a New Website Is Worth It.

Because you know what these results translate to? Hint: 🤑!

Here are Lucas Orthodontic Group’s results a few months after launching their new dental website:

Top 10

Main Keywords Ranked in Top 10 Position on Page One Search Results


Increase of Total Impressions


Increase of Total Clicks

View the Before & After

Use the button below to toggle back and forth between the new and old dental website for Lucas Orthodontic Group in Tennessee.

Scroll inside the window to view site.

The new desktop-view website for Lucas Orthodontic Group
The old website for Lucas Orthodontic Group
The new mobile-view website for Lucas Orthodontic Group
Icon of a man ripping his hair out over the fact Lucas Orthodontic Group's old website wasn't responsive
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