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Case Study: Holt Dental in Fishers, IN

A clean, modern dental website packed with honesty and transparency.

About Holt Dental

Dr. Marie Holt is a dentist in Fishers, IN who had used the same brand and website for more than 25 years. She came to Roadside Dental Marketing to update her branding to a more contemporary, personable feel.

First, she collaborated with our Creative Director, Charlie, who designed a beautiful modern logo. Then, Dr. Holt worked with our development team to complement her new brand with a killer responsive dental website.

A brand that packs a punch

Dr. Holt wanted a simple, clean, and modern brand while reflecting her team’s fun and honest approach to her patients’ dental care.

With her new logo and amazing photography, we’ve reflected Holt Dental’s image of a team committed to doing dentistry right the first time that’s proven to work.

Scroll to see the logo creation and website build below!

Creating a stronger dental brand

Before image of Holt Dental's logo


Dr. Holt had been using same text logo for 25 years, but with her updated website, it became apparent that she needed a stronger brand.

“My logo has pretty much always been the same: my name with the line under it with spacing usually between the upper letters. The bottom has changed a little bit. There has always been a line underneath my name.” – Dr. Holt

After image of Holt Dental's logo


We moved to a more contemporary logo, adding modern fonts and a tooth graphic with pops of lime green. The Holt Dental team has a lot of fun in their office, and this logo is a more accurate portrayal of the type of levity a patient can expect.

Also, we added a descriptive tagline that tells patients that she covers “family, cosmetic and implant” dentistry. With the tooth shape, viewers can glance and know this business is for dentistry while before, without a logo mark, it was non-specific.

Dental website objective:

Reflect Holt Dental's friendly personality within their new dental branding
  • Branded website with amazing photos: Dr. Holt purchased our Branded-level package/website-pricing/ for her responsive dental website. We featured her colors, logo, and personality with a small website budget. Even though we had less design time, Dr. Holt invested in a photo shoot, which created a fun and effective website reflecting her team’s personalities.

  • Honest, real content: There’s no nonsense at Holt Dental! Dr. Holt wanted the content to speak volumes of how important her patients are to her and the team. We did this by writing in an honest, caring tone demonstrating that Dr. Holt provides dentistry proven to work and last a long time.
  • Using pops of color in the design: Our design team used the lime green in her new logo as a pop color throughout the website. By strategically contrasting the lime green on light and dark bands, your eye is drawn to the calls to action, making it easy for potential patients to find what they’re looking for.

View the before + after:

before new responsive holt dental
after new responsive holt dental

A small website with BIG results

See the improvement only 90 days after launching Holt Dental!


Unique Visitor Increase


Desktop Traffic Increase


Average Keyword Increase

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