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Pediatric Dental Website Case Study

A dentist (also a mom!) wanting to showcase her passion for helping kids smile.
Examples of Dr. Jeannine E Wyke, DMD's new responsive pediatric dental website

About Jeannine E Wyke DMD

Located in “Christmas City” AKA Bethlehem, PA, Jeannine E Wyke DMD specializes in helping kids build trust and healthy smiles. As a mother of two herself, she understands that pediatric dentistry is as every bit about the kids, as it is about the parents.

That’s why Dr. Jeannine Wyke has a team of fellow mothers helping her provide families with a positive, fun dental experience.

A pediatric dental website with the best of both worlds: fun and professional.

Dr. Wyke wanted a website that resembled their fun practice environment but also demonstrated their professionalism in and passion for pediatric dentistry. Concerned that they wouldn’t have time to create a new website (what dentist does?), they began researching marketing companies and landed on Roadside Dental Marketing.

Why? Because we get it!

We come from dental backgrounds and understand that adding “create a custom dental website” to your (never-ending) to-do list is unlikely. But the great news is we have your back!

We worked within Dr. Wyke’s busy schedule to get the necessary information to create to her dream custom dental website. In fact, when we shared our website vision with Dr. Wyke, she nearly cried tears of joy. We understood her unique value proposition and were able to showcase it through the entire custom website.

Pediatric dental website case study:

View the before + after
Before shot of the Preview of Jeanine E Wyke DMD homepage
After shot of the Preview of Jeanine E Wyke DMD homepage
Let the numbers do the talking

Since launching her pediatric dental website, Dr. Wyke has seen amazing results!


Mobile Traffic Increase


Total Traffic Increase


Unique Visitor Increase


Organic Search Increase

You know what all these results translate to? New patients!
Bar graph to show that Jeannine Wyke, DDS surpassed her goal of getting 70 new patients a month thanks to her pediatric dental website from Roadside

Dr. Wyke set a goal of 50 new patients per month. However, the practice is seeing 60 to 70 new patients per month and is booking three months out. Congratulations, Jeannine E Wyke DMD!

Making dentistry easy for kiddos and parents

Our pediatric dental websites are optimized for all devices.

Examples of Dr. Jeannine E Wyke, DMD's new responsive pediatric dental website on mobile, tablet, and desktop

Our Objective: Design a custom website showcasing Dr. Wyke’s values and passion for pediatric dentistry.

Throughout the entire website, our content team touches on Jeannine E Wyke, DMD’s “why.” How? By addressing potential barriers – for children and parents – Dr. Wyke explains how her practice breaks those down and creates an environment built on trust. Having testimonials from actual parent helps validate why Dr. Wyke is a preferred pediatric dentist. Dr. Wyke’s values are continuously reiterated, but always written in a manner that appeals to the potential patient’s interest – not a sales pitch.

Our design team played off the practice’s bright and fun blue wall color and logo. No “scroll” or page is the same, making it exciting and easy for potential parents to navigate the website. To keep it professional, we used a mixture of modern and classic fonts and kept information informative – answering many parents’ questions and concerns.

Dr. Wyke and her team’s photo shoot is perfectly tailored to who they are. Their photos instantly show off their friendly smiles, making you feel welcome, and illustrate exactly what to expect when you walk through their doors. Everything – from their logoed shirts to the practice’s wall color – all ties into their custom website, creating a brand children and parents can trust.

Examples of Dr. Jeannine E Wyke, DMD's new responsive pediatric dental website on mobile, tablet, and desktop
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