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A compassionate dental office with a deep passion for helping patients.

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About The Silberman Dental Group

Headshot of Barbara, the Woman Wearing Many Hats at Silberman Dental Group

Meet Barbara, the Woman Wearing Many Hats and AADOM member

Challenge: Wanted a modern site portraying the practice’s personality

Patient TLC Goes Online

It’s safe to say most dental practice do everything possible to help their patients. But with The Silberman Dental Group, they have a unique obsession with their patients. Barbara Silberman and her husband Dr. Paul Silberman built a compassionate dental practice in Waldorf, MD where they do anything to help their patients.

They’ve built a reputation throughout the community of always providing honest, genuine opinions for a patient’s smiles. In fact, they promote complimentary 2nd opinions to the community to help patients feel confident in the care they’re receiving.

Extending that passion to their website

Barbara Silberman came to Roadside to build and launch a modern website showing off the practice’s personality and “patient-first attitude,” and we delivered with a unique website and new brand.

See what we did by checking our logo design and website build below!

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Building a Modern Brand For Young Families
Before of The Silberman Dental Group's logo


The Silberman Dental Group’s main goal was to attract younger families. Since there were a lot of new homes being built in the area, they were especially interested in reaching new patients who were just moving into the community.

They wanted to maintain their blue water colors, but come across as warm, calm, and inviting.

With their old logo, the fonts were quite traditional and the all caps seemed too aggressive when paired alongside the doctor’s caring nature. They also had a large tagline included with the logo. The overbearing placement and script font of the tagline made usage quite difficult.

After image of The Silberman Dental Group's logo


The new logo is no longer ALL CAPITALS and comes across softer, modern, and friendly. The fonts have curved edges and the tilted “e” provides a fun, quirky quality, that works perfectly with the warm personality of the practice.

Their old logo didn’t have a logo mark, whereas this one has a fluid “s” shape that works with both the “s” in Silberman, and the organic, natural qualities they love about water.

We also included several variations. Whether it’s on dark scrubs, white letterhead, or just the logo mark itself, usage would now be a breeze!

Marketing Patient TLC On Any Device

Our Objective: Demonstrating what Patient TLC is all about in Waldorf, MD
  • Using Photography: What better way to show off a dental team’s personality than mixing professional photos with social media photos? It was extremely important to Barbara to showcase the team’s caring and fun nature throughout the practice. She hired a photographer AND we gathered photos from social media to capture those candid moments.


  • Unique Animations: The Silberman Dental Group purchased our Ultimate Custom package, allowing us to put our creative minds into high gear. This dental practice is surrounded by bodies of water. Combined with their logo colors, we created animations of moving water, sailing boats, and seagulls – making this Waldorf dental practice stand out from the competition.

  • Outgoing Content: With a modern design comes personable content. The Silberman dental team wanted their commitment to patients to shine in the content. We did just that by addressing patient barriers and how the Silberman team helps, highlighting their amazing patient testimonials and so much more. Combined with the photos and design, the custom content shines.



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Silberman Dental Group new responsive dental website -desktop version
Silberman Dental Group old dental website -desktop version
Silberman Dental Group new responsive dental website -mobile version
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What Patients Are Saying About Their New Website

‘‘It's well-organized and user-friendly. I like that the photos include all of the staff members because everyone there contributes in some way to making the trip to the dentist enjoyable.’’

Actual The Silberman Dental Group Patient

‘‘More detailed of identifying who Silberman Dental Group is online, bolder branding of name, cleaner layout and more pictures of office team showing personality.

Actual The Silberman Dental Group Patient

‘‘I really like how easy it is to use and you really feel like you get to know your staff! I really like the color used it's very eye-catching. ’’

Actual The Silberman Dental Group Patient

‘‘The interactive parts are quite impressive. They really explain what can be done by the team. ’’

Actual The Silberman Dental Group Patient

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A Hardworking Dental Website

See the improvement only 90 days after launching The Silberman Dental Group!


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