Steal Our Facebook Ad Strategy That Turned $691 into $11,674

Do you want to see a tangible ROI on your marketing efforts? Of course you do!

We have the proof today that achieving a 1000% percent return is entirely possible.

Just look at the text message from one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Hylan, who is ecstatic with the results he’s seeing in his practice.

Text message testimonial from Brad Hylan

We recently launched a Facebook ads campaign for him, and after just 90 days, his practice is thriving.

Today, we’re going to cover what a winning Facebook strategy looks like.

Specifically, we’ll examine the ad for this doctor that generated over a 1600% return on ad spend. That’s incredible.

That means we spent just $691 on an ad and got the doctor back over $11,000 in lifetime value with new patients coming through the door.

So, here’s what we’re going to break down specifically in this video.


We’ll cover the targeting—how we actually target the audience that’s going to respond well to this ad.


We’ll cover the video we used in this ad, the specific video that generated 57 leads for under $10 each.


We’ll also discuss the copywriting framework that supports this, to really turn those likes and views into clicks and leads.


We’re going to reveal a special secret sauce that really made this campaign hit it off and achieve that massive ROI.

By the way, my name is Dominique, and I’m the campaign director here at Roadside Dental Marketing.

I’ve been in the marketing field, specifically focusing on dental marketing, for over 10 years now.

I can tell you it’s an ever-changing beast.

One of the most common complaints I hear from dentists is about the difficulty of seeing a tangible ROI on their marketing efforts.

They’re investing money but are unsure if they’re actually seeing a return. And I completely understand that concern.

That’s why I was so excited to create this video today—to show you a real-life example of how achieving a tangible ROI is indeed possible.

Facebook ad strategy: Targeting the right audience

The first thing I wanted to discuss is the audience. How do we target the right audience?

We use a few different methods, but our most standard approach starts with three Facebook audiences.

Audience #1: Open

The first one is open, meaning we target only by the geographical area, such as a 5, 10, or 15-mile radius from the office, and let Facebook do its thing to try to find the right people.

This can be a good starting point.

The leads are generally the cheapest here, but you’ll also likely get the most unqualified leads. It’s normally a phase for testing.

Audience #2: Interest Based

The second audience is based on interests. Here, you define broad focus areas for Facebook to hone in on—things like smiles, dental health, beauty salons, or even golf if you’re aiming for a higher-income demographic.

These don’t have to be overly specific, just broad enough to give Facebook a clearer focus area.

Audience #3: Super lookalike

The third audience, which is my favorite, is what I call a super lookalike audience.

And that’s when we utilize all the data we have—anyone who interacted with your page, visited your website, or became a lead before, and we let Facebook find similar people.

That strategy is probably our favorite, but we always test at least those three methods and then determine which one performs the best.

Breaking down the video ad

Next, we focus on the video ad itself—the creative, which is the cream of the crop.

The hook

The first element is the hook.

You’ll notice that the hook aims to directly engage people by addressing their dental visit frequency.

It’s important to note that we had the doctor shoot 10 different hooks because you never really know which topic will resonate the most with people in that area.

We explored hooks about building trust, addressing dental anxiety, boosting confidence, and more, identifying the best-performing one to focus our budget on.

The body

Moving on to the body of the video, there are several noteworthy elements.

The use of big captions catches the attention of those watching on mute or helps to maintain interest.

The B-roll and movement keep viewers engaged as opposed to a static video, showcasing the office environment.

However, the most critical aspect is the doctor’s presence.

Given the common nervousness around dental visits, seeing and connecting with the doctor can significantly build trust and comfort, encouraging viewers to take action.

Call to action

The video concludes with a clear call to action, guiding viewers on what steps to take next.

Breakdown of ad copy

Ad copy must be coherent.

The video script and ad copy should complement each other rather than introduce disjointed messages, maintaining a focused and unified approach to engaging the audience.

While some viewers may only watch the video, others might read the ad copy without watching, and many will engage with both.

To avoid confusion or mixed messages, we aim for harmony and complementarity between the two.

This ensures that the ad copy closely aligns with the video script, enhancing the overall coherence of our message.

Regarding the ad copy and all scripting, we employ a widely recognized framework known as AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

This framework is instrumental in guiding our copywriting process, ensuring we capture the audience’s attention, spark their interest, create a desire, and prompt action.

Breaking down the AIDA components in this ad:


For Attention, we directly address the audience by calling out to them…,

“Attention Fairview,” immediately drawing them in.

We replicate the video’s hook in the ad copy, asking, “How long has it been since you’ve been to the dentist?” to grab their attention effectively.


We gently address potential concerns or procrastination regarding dental care.

By empathetically acknowledging that some may postpone dental visits thinking it’s not urgent, we build interest.

We highlight the risks of delay, such as increased costs and health risks, while addressing potential feelings of embarrassment.

This approach not only acknowledges the audience’s possible hesitations but also increases their interest by relating to their feelings and concerns.


Next, we turn our attention to fostering desire.

After capturing their attention and building interest by addressing potential concerns, our focus shifts to presenting the solution.

This is where we highlight the 10-Point Hylan Exam—a super gentle cleaning that emphasizes smile wellness and oral health.

By vividly describing the benefits and the positive outcomes of addressing their dental needs, we build a strong desire for the service offered.


Following desire, we encourage action.

To motivate them to take the next step, we introduce a sense of scarcity by mentioning that only 21 of these offers are available.

This urgency compels the audience to act promptly to avoid missing out.

#1 secret sauce to this campaign’s success

We now reach the crux of what significantly boosted the ROI for this dentist—spending only $691 on this ad and generating over $11,000 in return.

The success of this campaign was not just due to the professional video or the strategic copywriting…

It was the offer that truly made a difference.

Unlike the typical new patient specials that may come across as mundane, this campaign featured the 10-Point Hylan Exam, detailing the comprehensive benefits patients would receive.

This approach significantly enhanced the perceived value of the offer.

In an effort to maximize this value, we offered a package worth $1,100 for just $189.

This included special bonuses like a Sonicare toothbrush and medical-grade teeth whitening, among other enticing extras, to further stretch the value for the patient.

Coupled with the urgency of limited availability—”Only 21 of these left, take action now”—this offer became a game-changer, effectively driving a high return on investment.

The successful combination of great ad copy, compelling videos, and precise targeting is what led to the high conversion rates.

Get tangible results with your marketing

I hope you found this information helpful and understand that achieving a tangible ROI from your marketing efforts is entirely possible.

It requires following the right strategy, knowing your numbers, taking appropriate actions, testing the market, and making necessary adjustments and optimizations.

We’re offering a complimentary audit and report for those who are dissatisfied with their current marketing outcomes.

This can help identify where the gaps are in your strategy and how to improve them.

Regardless, the intention is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategies we’re currently employing—strategies that are not only relevant but are also delivering results.

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