How to Get Your Team Involved in Marketing Efforts [Video]

Marketing your dental practice is not a one-man job.

There are SO many different elements that all contribute to a successful marketing strategy.

Even if you’re working with a dental marketing agency, there are always things you and your team can do within the practice to bolster your overall marketing efforts.

Think of it this way:

Your brand is the entire experience patients have with your practice. 

And it goes without saying:

Your team plays a BIG role in that experience!

Every single member of the team can contribute to a variety of in-office marketing efforts, including asking for reviews, promoting special offers, telling patients about your referral program, creating content for social media, writing blog posts, and more.

When your entire team comes to the table with a marketing mindset, ready to look for those “marketing moments,” your marketing will be more authentic and the practice will benefit in BIG ways.

But how can you get started?

In this quick video, you’ll learn the first step to take to get the team involved in marketing. (Spoiler alert: It’s really simple!)

Watch the video above 👆 or read the transcript below 👇!

Video transcript: How to get the team involved in marketing

The best place to start is to really make it a creative, open environment so that the team knows that they have the opportunity and the responsibility to come to the table with marketing ideas.

We like to recommend having a marketing brainstorming meeting with the entire team once a quarter, if not once a month, where everyone can come to the table and contribute their ideas no matter how crazy they might be — all ideas are welcome.

Really make that safe space where everyone feels responsible and able to contribute to the ideas.

And then once you’ve gotten the team’s ideas, then you have a springboard to be able to delegate.

Different ideas that different team members might have — they may feel really passionate about that particular idea. And so they would be a perfect person to get involved.

So, whether you’re asking for ideas for social media, or maybe for increasing the practice’s reviews, definitely get your team involved and help them to think about these marketing opportunities and these marketing moments that might be available for them.

Plan your marketing brainstorming meeting

Are you ready to plan your first marketing brainstorming meeting with your team?

Here’s a tip we’ve seen be really successful for many of our dental practices:

Make it FUN!

Order in lunch for the team and block out a solid chunk of time to get some really good marketing ideas out there.

Take all of the ideas, choose your top priorities, and then delegate!

Make a list, assign team members to specific tasks, set a due date.

Then during morning huddles, briefly check in to see how tasks are coming along and if team members need any support.

Stay tuned for another video in this series and discover how to get started on your in-office marketing efforts!

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