Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

Check back regularly, as we’re updating our resources frequently.

Never wonder what to post on social media EVER again.

Weekly Coach gives you grab-and-go social posts and fresh marketing ideas every week.

Special pricing: $27 / mo. (normally $97 / mo.)

Does this sound familiar:
  • "I’ll never have time for marketing or social media. I have a dental practice to run!"
  • "The hardest thing about social media is thinking of ideas."
  • "I can’t afford to invest in a marketing agency or hire a social media manager."
  • "I have no idea how to leverage social media for my dental practice."
The struggle is real! And we get it.

You can simplify your marketing

Weekly Coach saves you time and creative headaches by delivering easy marketing tips and ready-to-go posts right into your inbox every week. It includes:
Grab and go social posts from your Weekly Coach

Grab-and-go social posts

Turn social media into an easy task of plug-and-play with 5 weekly posts and videos.

Sample captions from your Weekly Coach

Sample captions

Beat writer’s block with sample captions to post directly to your social accounts.

Timely marketing tips from your Weekly Coach

Timely marketing tips

Boost your online presence and connect with your community with weekly tips proven to work.

If you're running a dental practice and are:
  • Exhausted from balancing marketing with your super busy schedule

  • Frustrated with getting virtual silence on social media

  • Unsure what to post and need to get the creative juices flowing

  • Ready to step up your social game

  • Wanting to pass the marketing baton to your team

Weekly Coach will make marketing as easy as brushing + flossing your teeth

P.S. Don’t miss out! Special pricing only available to the first 50 people who sign up.

Connect with your dream patients

You’ll get the proven strategies + quick tips to get it done fast every week.
Icon of a gear
Easy-peasy tools + resources
Don’t start from scratch with planning and writing social posts. Weekly Coach will hand you quick tips and resources to market your practice quickly and effectively.
Icon of a line graph
Grow your following + patients
Everything delivered to you is designed to improve your social media following, breathe life into your marketing, and ultimately engage with potential patients.
Icon of a new phone
Look fresh + legit
Continuously keep your social media active with grab-and-go posts and captions.
Icon of a marketing strategy paper
Tips + strategies proven to work
Receive weekly marketing tips and resources to boost your online presence while building relationships with your community.
Icon of a pen and paper
Beat writer’s block
Never again will you have to spend hours planning, posting, and writing your social posts. You’ll get captions to personalize to your office and engage with your patients.
Icon of a mindmap
Increase ROI
Score credibility points with potential patients, making them go, “Oooooo, this person is amazing. Please, please be my dentist!”

Grab our special pricing of $27 / mo. (normally $97 / mo.)

Only available to the first 50 people.

Let’s break down what you’re getting every week:
(For only $27 / mo.!)
Icon of the Facebook and Instagram logos
Five ready-made social post images or videos to post directly on your social media accounts.
Icon of a gear and pencil
Marketing resources and education on SEO, website design, gaining reviews, Google updates, and more!
Icon of a calendar
A marketing tip of the week to quickly implement into your practice
Icon of a pencil
A caption template for each social post.

And… you’re also getting these fab bonuses!

Preview of the monthly Marketing pro

BONUS: Monthly Marketing Pro

Stay on top of the latest marketing trends.

Monthly Marketing Pro gives you VIP access to insightful and robust marketing education every month so you know exactly what works to grow your dental practice.

  • Time-sensitive information to implement every month so you’re staying ahead of the marketing game (and crushing your competition).
  • Become a marketing pro without having to invest thousands of dollars on a marketing agency.
  • Silence the noise of figuring out what works and doesn’t work for marketing. We’ve figured that out for you.

($97 / mo. Value) Included with Weekly Coach

— What you'll get every month —
Preview of Weekly Coach's educational modules

Educational Modules

Each month, we’ll share a video featuring a marketing trend for the month. P.S. You’ll only have 30 days to access this video before it disappears.

Preview of Weekly Coach's marketing tools

Easy Marketing Tools

Watch your online presence explode with an arsenal of tools that makes blogs, social media, videos, and reviews super easy.

Preview of the countdown for Weekly Coach's limited tools

Countdown Clock

These modules are only relevant for the month. So, you’ll see a countdown clock showing how much time you have to access your new resource.

Preview of the Marketing Action Plan Workbook and video

BONUS: Marketing Action Plan Video + Workbook

Map out your yearly marketing strategy without feeling stumped.

Put those sweaty palms away when you hear “marketing strategy.” This video and workbook outline the important steps you can take to overcome today’s challenges and build a strong and profitable dental practice.

It’ll help you:

  • Review what worked and didn’t work in previous years.
  • ​​Identify your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, target customers, and unique value.
  • ​Find areas where you can overtake your competitors.
  • ​Define your marketing goals and strategy (think BIG picture!).
  • Use that strategy to create your marketing action plan!
  • ​Create social posts and blogs.

($318 Value) Included with Weekly Coach

— A sneak peek of the 43-page action plan —
Preview of results-tracking templates
Results-Tracking Templates
Worksheets and questions focused on your previous marketing attempts so you review what did and didn’t work in the past.
Sneak peek of our SWOT analysis
SWOT Analysis
Find out what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are so you know what to focus on this year.
Sneak peek of our target persona worksheets
Target Persona Worksheets
The workbook will guide you to find and write down your top 3-5 personas, so you’re connecting and marketing to your ideal patients.
Sneak peek of our competitor analysis worksheet
Competitor Analysis Worksheet
Get the resources and know-how to pinpoint what your competition is doing so you dominate and stay on the top of your marketing game.
Sneak peek of our unique value proposition wizard
Unique Value Proposition Wizard
Thought-provoking questions to help you discover what truly makes you the stand-out dentist in your community.
Sneak Peek of our quarterly and weekly checklists
Quarterly + Weekly Marketing Checklists
Easy-to-use templates for you to fill out your marketing goals and assign homework to your team.
Sneak peek of our social media ideas
30 Days of Social Media Ideas
Get a full month’s worth of topics and inspiration to post on your social media.
Sneak peek of our social media calendar
Social Media Calendar
Fun, creative social post ideas, holidays, and other annual events you can post about for the entire year.
Sneak peek of our blog topic ideas
15 Blog Topic Ideas
An outline of how to write an engaging, Google-worthy blog post along with topic ideas to spark those creative juices.
A preview of Marketing with Smiles

BONUS: Lifetime access to our private Facebook Group

Get direct contact with our marketing team.

You’ll have the marketing fuel to grow your dental practice, but it’s a journey. And a journey should always have supportive sidekicks.

Our private group, Marketing with Smiles, is your community to share your victories, ask questions, and discuss marketing ideas.

  • You’ll never feel alone because our members are dental professionals like yourself
  • Feel empowered by bouncing off ideas, ask questions, and share your stories
  • Direct access to our marketing team to give their input on your marketing endeavors and provide actionable tips
  • Always stay ahead of the latest marketing trends with lifetime access to our group

($125 / hr. Value) Included with Weekly Coach

A preview of our onboarding videos for Facebook and Instagram

BONUS: Onboarding video tutorials

Start off on the right foot with Instagram and Facebook.

We’ll give you step-by-step instructions how to post on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Then you’re off to the races to find and connect with your dream patients.

($97 Value) Included with Weekly Coach

Weekly Coach + Bonuses

Here’s everything you’re getting:
Graphic preview of our Weekly Coach

Weekly Coach

Stop spending Netflix-binging hours brainstorming ideas for social media. Weekly Coach makes it super-duper simple with ready-made social posts, captions, and timely tips.

Preview of our monthly marketing pro videos

Monthly Marketing Pro

Know what you really need for marketing. Every month, you’ll get access to new tools and tips to boost your online presence and revenue.

Graphic preview of our onboarding educational videos

Onboarding Educational Videos

Start your social game strong with the guidance on how to post on your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Preview of our marketing with smiles coach

Lifetime Access to Marketing with Smiles

Keep your practice thriving and patients smiling with direct access to our marketing coaches to give you actionable tips and feedback.

Preview of our marketing action plan workbook

Marketing Action Plan Workbook + Video

Know exactly what you need to focus on your marketing endeavors so your practice is thriving and you’re finding your dream patients.

Your cost: $27 / mo.

*Don’t miss out! Only available for the first 50 people who sign up.

Helping Dental Practices Thrive Since 1999
Collage of the Roadside team
We’re Roadside + all we know is dental.
  • Our team has a combined 85 years of experience in the dental industry.
  • We know the challenges you face every day when trying to market AND manage your practice.
  • ​Every day, we brainstorm, create, and inspire new ways to make your life easier.
  • We’ve marketed for dentists since 1999 (before Google was a verb!).

With 20+ years of research, trials, and jubilations, we know firsthand what’ll turn dental skeptics into raving, loyal new patients.

Frequently asked questions about Weekly Coach

  • How do I use Weekly Coach?

    Every Tuesday, we’ll email you Weekly Coach. It’s clearly separated by topics for you to access all your weekly goodies.

    You access your social posts by clicking the button in the email. It’ll send you to a Box link where you can easily download all the posts right to your desktop.

  • Can I cancel Weekly Coach at any time? Or will I be charged a fee?

    You can cancel Weekly Coach at any time. All you need to do is send us an email to marketingplus@roadsidemultimedia.com and mention you want to cancel Weekly Coach. We’ll take care of the rest.

    Depending on when you cancel your subscription, you’ll still receive Weekly Coach emails for the rest of the month until the next billing cycle.

    Please note: You MUST cancel before the next billing cycle (the 5th of every month) to avoid a charge of next month’s Weekly Coach.

  • Are the social posts customized to my practice?

    To keep the price of Weekly Coach low, the social posts aren’t customized to any dental practice. They’re branded to post as soon they’re emailed to you.

Save 7.6 hours of brainstorming
You only need 15 minutes a day.