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Social media posts with text, "You’ll never have to wonder what you should post about again."

Do you ever wonder, “Does a dentist really need social media?”

The answer is:

Yes, you do. If you want butts in chairs, then marketing is the only way to get it done (you cannot rely on loyal patients or good faith word-of-mouth forever!).

If you’re already taken a stab at running your dental practice’s social media, you’ve probably felt like:

You’re always running out of marketing ideas. Or don’t have time to maintain your social media!

It’s frustrating. We get it.

After all, you didn’t get an education in marketing, yet your practice’s success depends on it.

But that’s where Roadside Dental Marketing steps in.

As former dental professionals turned marketing gurus, we created a tool that will save you HOURS of work brainstorming and executing your marketing.

So, what exactly is this too-good-to-be-true tool?

Drum roll, please…

It’s Weekly Coach!

What is Weekly Coach?

As the name indicates, Weekly Coach is a weekly email subscription that delivers fresh marketing ideas and content straight to your inbox.

Everything we send you is timely and relevant to dentistry, so you can use it immediately or save it for future use.

What Does Weekly Coach Include? A typical email will feature: 5 New Social Posts, A Caption for Each Post, Last Week's Social Posts, Tip of the Week, & Marketing Resources

What does it include?

A typical Weekly Coach email will feature:

  • Five ready-made social post images or videos that you can post directly on your social media accounts.
  • A caption template for each social post.
  • Last week’s social posts (just in case you can’t find that email again).
  • A marketing tip of the week.
  • Marketing resources and education like blogs and videos on SEO, website design, gaining reviews, Google updates, and more!

To curate all of this on your own would take you around 8 hours per week (even with design tools like Canva… This text opens a new tab to the Canva website…!). That is one whole day’s work dedicated to marketing, gone!

As a dentist, hygienist, or dental manager, that’s too much to ask of you. We know first-hand the number of other things you have to check off on your *ever-growing* to-do list.

By subscribing to Weekly Coach, you instantly save yourself hours of work and hundreds of dollars.

So, what do you do with all these marketing ideas and content?

How to use Weekly Coach

Let’s break down the best way to use Weekly Coach, so you maximize your time and money.

Social posts

Your ready-made social posts will focus on a specific topic each week with varying objectives.

Some posts help you raise awareness and validate your expertise in your field. Whereas other posts help you drive action like leaving a review or booking a [dental service].

And to keep your social accounts personable and light-hearted, we sprinkle in some non-dental related posts as well.

Overall, these posts will help you build trust, brand awareness, respect, and help you retain current patients and get new patients.

Just imagine:

You’ll never have to wonder what you should post about again. We’ll give you fresh marketing content every week.

Collage of Weekly Coach dental social media posts

How to post on social media

To make the most of your time, we recommend scheduling out each week’s posts.

There are many different scheduling platforms you can choose from, like Facebook’s Creator Studio or Publer… This text opens a new tab to Publer… (both are free!).

Many Weekly Coach subscribers set aside time every Tuesday (when the email is sent) to schedule out the upcoming week’s content, like so:

  • Download the week’s content
  • Choose at least two posts to schedule out
  • Add captions to each post (use the provided template or create your own)
  • Take 15 minutes of your day, check your social media accounts, and engage with users who comment on your posts or direct message you

These social posts are the perfect way to kick-start or maintain an active and relevant social media presence.

Marketing tip and resources

As a digital marketing agency specializing in dentistry, we know A LOT of information that’ll help your dental practice grow. But we don’t want you drinking from the fire hose, so we break it down each week.

You’ll receive one marketing tip, and that’s your goal: Read/watch it and see if you can apply it to your practice. Examples include:

If you’re a sponge and want to learn more, we also include a little area with links to important resources, like:

It’s time to beat your competition

Most dentists are nowhere near this active on marketing, which is why you need to get ahead of the game now.

Start by utilizing the Weekly Coach content and resources. It’s the most time and cost-effective way to start ramping up your online presence and marketing efforts.

Plus, you’re partnering with us. So when things are good, and you’re ready for the next level, we’ve got your back.

Now, if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team member, you may be asking yourself who in your office becomes responsible for Weekly Coach? So allow us to advise you:

Who should execute your marketing ideas

With Weekly Coach, you’ll need someone to post the content on your social media.

Do you have a dedicated marketing professional in-office?

Most dental practices don’t (hence why we’re in business).

But at Roadside, we believe marketing is everyone’s business, and the responsibilities should be distributed amongst your team.

After all, each team member plays a role in your patients’ experience MORE.

So, use these steps below to get your team involved and aware of your marketing needs and goals.

How to Get Your Team Involved with Marketing - In three easy steps.

Step 1. Ask for help

You may be surprised to find that someone on your team already has a keen interest in marketing and social media or would love to take on an additional hour of work each week.

If so, set a schedule, expectations, and check-ins to review progress and gain feedback.

Step 2. Delegate

As a dental manager or dentist, social media often falls on your lap. Maybe no one in the office wants to do it, or maybe you don’t feel comfortable giving access.


You can make time to execute the Weekly Coach content and not feel overwhelmed with your to-do list if you:


Look at your list and see what other responsibilities you can begin tasking out to others.

Or ask your team if there are other aspects of the business they’d like to get involved with and start delegating those tasks off your plate. When it’s voluntary, you’ll have much more cooperation and success.

For effective delegation, make sure you *again* set a schedule, expectations, and check-ins.

Step 3. Get goals

Here’s the best way to hold your ENTIRE team accountable:

Make a monthly goal and announce it during your morning huddle (with reminders thereafter). Then tell your team how they can help you achieve that goal.

Examples include:

  • Receive 25 new Google reviews: Hygienists and assistants can ask happy patients to leave a review.
  • Grow Instagram followers by 10%: Your team can ask patients, friends, and family to follow your account.
  • Share a new blog each month: Ask the team if anyone is interested in writing a blog or a good topic to cover.

If you have the budget, throw in an incentive:

  • When we achieve this goal, we’ll celebrate with [PRIZE].
  • Whoever writes the next blog will receive a [PRIZE].

Could your practice benefit from Weekly Coach?

8 hours. Minimum. Every week.

That’s how much time you’ll save on high-quality social media material by signing up for Weekly Coach.

Plus, executing all the content we provide will probably only take 30 mins. For the ENTIRE week. You simply cannot beat that.

Not to mention, you’ll get the latest marketing news and tips to keep your practice ahead of the competition.

If you need more convincing, just remember:

With marketing, you should make more (ideally, A LOT more) money than what you invest. And when we win, so do we!

Click the link below to sign up for Weekly Coach (and you’ll also score sweet bonuses worth more than $500!).

Oh, and did we mention:

It’s only $27 a month (valued at $97/mo)!

Sign Up Today

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