How to Use Instagram in Dental Marketing

Who doesn’t like a pretty picture? All of us enjoy bringing our artistic side out once in a while.

An easy way to do this is by using Instagram’s varied selection of filters. These filters allow you to edit any of your images on your mobile so they look artsy.

There are now millions of users on Instagram, even more daily users than Twitter, but there has always been one drawback: the lack of an online presence–until now!

Instagram recently created online profiles for every Instagram user, so that you can share pictures on your computer. Now, the big question is, “how can this help your dental practice?” This blog will consider the answer to that question.

Dental blogging and Instagram

How can a dental practice use Instagram?

As mentioned previously, Instagram is a mobile app that allows you to share images with your followers. It contains cool editing features to make your photos come to life and look more professional.

A dental practice can take advantage of this app by uploading images of staff, patients, the office, treatments, and more.

With the introduction of web profiles, now is a great time for your dental practice to start using the power of Instagram. The profiles allow you to share your images with a much larger audience including those who are not on Instagram. Your practice can simply link to your profile and your audience can view all your images and engage with them.

Can you afford not to be part of this public photo-sharing network?

How do I get a web profile?

If you are already registered as an Instagram user you will automatically receive a web profile. To access your profile, type USERNAME into your web browser.

If you are not registered, you can register by downloading the app onto your mobile phone. Once registered on mobile your web profile will appear too.

Once on your web profile, you can edit your profile information, change password, and edit privacy settings. Plus you can view all your images and track interaction.

Instagram-1 copy 1

The Future

As you may know, Facebook recently acquired Instagram for some $750 million. This is good news for Instagram, but even better news for brands. With Facebook’s backing, Instagram will no doubt continue to grow and release new features such as advertising campaigns, search features, brand pages, and more.

Instagram is growing rapidly, especially among 18-35-year-olds. This is a market that can provide your practice with business for years to come. There will be increasing ways for brands to share their images with followers and the public. This gives dental practices even greater ammunition to increase brand awareness, give their brand a personality, and gain new customers.

Have you tried Instagram? Could it compliment your dental blogging? Do you think it can really help small businesses? Please share your thoughts below.

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