Is Now the Right Time to Implement a Membership Plan? Q+A Video with Kleer

We are SO pleased to welcome Valeri from Kleer for this Q+A video! Many of our clients have asked about implementing a membership plan so Angela went straight to the source for the details.

Membership plans are a valuable solution that can enable more of your patients to get the care they need at a cost they can afford. They also provide a means for you to bounce back sooner by retaining existing patients and attracting new ones. 

Prefer to read instead of watch? We’ve outlined the basics below.


What are the benefits of implementing a membership plan?

• Increased compliance
• Increased treatment acceptance
• Loyalty to your practice

Pie chart showing 89% of uninsured patients are interested in membership plans

Uninsured patients WANT dental coverage, but it has to be transparent and easy to understand.

When a patient joins your plan, you’re gaining their loyalty from the “membership effect,” meaning patients will utilize all the services in their plan and will be compliant and loyal to your practice.

Practices also see an increase in treatment acceptance, which comes from offering treatment at a more affordable rate. This makes treatment easier to accept, and patients feel they’re spending their money wisely.

How does a membership plan help increase treatment acceptance?

Let’s look at why uninsured patients aren’t accepting treatment. Part of it lies in the fact that they’re just not coming into your practice because of two things:

  • Cost
  • Coverage

Cost and coverage are two main reasons dental patients avoid treatment

With a membership plan, patients commit to regular visits, and it’s during those hygiene appointments that 75% of treatment is accepted.

With the discounts and transparency that come with a membership plan, it makes it easier for patients to accept treatment.

Take a look at the ROI of membership plans:

Graphs showing membership plan patients generate more revenue than uncovered patients

Why is NOW a good time for practices to consider adding a membership plan?

Following the COVID crisis,

  • Practices will face a 2-3 month treatment backlog.
  • Job, salary, and benefit cuts will reduce the number of insured patients and will put pressure on cash-paying patients.
  • Patients will want to address their dental needs but will be price-sensitive.

What’s the setup process like?

It’s very quick and straightforward!

Your practice will have a 30-45 minute consultation with an onboarding specialist who will have input your practice’s fees into the system prior to the call.

During the onboarding call, Kleer’s specialist will discuss any customizations that might apply and will provide pricing suggestions, but final pricing decisions are up to the practice. They’ll walk you through the program and will answer any questions you have.

Once the call is complete, your plan will be launched and you’ll be ready to start adding members right away! You’ll also have access to training materials for the team through your practice portal.

How complicated is it for patients to sign up? Is there a lot of paperwork?

Patient enrollment is a simple 4-step process that takes about 5 minutes to complete. Or, patients can easily sign up online through the practice’s custom plan page.

What’s the renewal process like?

There are features within the Kleer practice portal to help your team manage and optimize renewals.

Kleer sends renewal notifications as patients’ renewal dates are approaching. Within 90 days of a patient’s renewal date, you’ll be able to view their renewal status within the portal. Kleer also provides everything you need to have a successful membership plan, including working with their growth team, who specialize in helping you understand plan performance, how to grow your plan and best practices for optimizing renewals.

What is the upfront cost for the practice to get started?

Kleer is free to implement; there are no upfront costs to the practice when joining. The pricing structure is such that their success is linked to your success. When a patient signs up for your Kleer membership plan, a small fee comes out of that payment and goes to Kleer – they don’t get paid until you do!

What do successful offices do to promote their Kleer membership plan?

Successful practices are spreading the word through emails, pre-appointment text messages, adding plan information to their dental website, and talking about it on social media.

Kleer provides ready-to-use marketing campaign templates that can be customized to your practice at no additional charge!

Consistent in-office messaging is very important, so they also provide scripts, talking points, and team training to ensure your entire team feels comfortable discussing membership plan benefits directly with patients.

How can a practice get started with Kleer?

For Roadside clients: Reach out to your Roadside Account Manager or to Angela, who will introduce you directly to your Kleer Onboarding Specialist.

Everyone: Schedule a live demo on and download their free COVID-19 Bounce Back Strategy ebook at

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