These 5 Dental Website Trends Are Patient Magnets for 2024

If your dental website isn’t keeping up with what patients want… I.E. a simple buyer’s journey, then the chances are …

You are missing out on new patients. Big time.

This is even more important in 2024, as …

  • There’s new technology that has emerged
  • The attention spans have got shorter
  • The expectations of these patients have got higher

So what we’re gonna talk about today is the five website trends.

Essential in 2024, we want to turn your website into a patient magnet.

So let’s dive in and look at how we can make your website, the one that patients will choose.

My name is Arron George, and I’m the Website Development Director here at Roadside Dental Marketing.

I’ve created over 250 websites specifically for dentists that have helped them to get new patients online at Roadside.

We are on a mission to help you understand the importance of dental marketing and SEO.

And how it affects your website.

As a heart-centered marketing agency, we’re always looking to put our clients and the online community first. So you can get the real benefit of this digital marketing and see new patients coming in on a regular and recurring basis.

What we really want to make sure that we do is get all the individual pieces, especially on these trends that are coming up, piecing them together, almost like a puzzle.

Because when that happens, we’re able to create a website that is a real patient magnet and can help you expand and grow your dental practice.

So how do people find dentists?

How do patients identify which dental practice they would like to visit?

Well, it’s probably no surprise to you to say…

Let’s Google it!

That’s right. Everybody needs to have an online presence these days, including dentists, and your website is central to that. Your website should be a window into the practice.

What that means is it allows people to understand who works at the practice, what to expect, and what you offer.

Without this essential information in one centered place, it can be confusing for people.

They can lose interest. And they won’t take action. By having all the right pieces together on your website, I like to call it the hub of your marketing.

You’ll be able to attract the right people into the practice, but also you’ll be able to get amazing results. Like one, doctor who got a 50% improved conversion rate on their website because they took the time to really study. What patients want and what the latest trends are that are working.

Let me tell you a story about a doctor at Cascade Dentistry, Nick Koogler, the owner of that dental practice.

He said …

“I was just talking to my front desk and she said the phone has been ringing off the hook this week compared to the last few weeks, and she swears it’s the new website. We are also getting so many people submitting requests through the website as well. So all that is just to say how grateful I am for the amazing job your whole team has done from the photoshoot to the website to the final product. I couldn’t be happier with the website and I’m happy that it seems to be resonating with people already. Please share my many thanks with your team.”

So this is one of our clients, one of our favorite clients, as you could probably tell.

But it just shows that when we work with the dental practice from:

  • Capturing the photos
  • Recording the videos where we come in-house
  • Piecing that together onto a website

That not only looks great and represents the brand but it also has all of the important functions that you need.

To make it simple for patients to book an appointment and come into your practice at the beginning of this video, I promised you the five top trends for websites in 2024.

So let’s dive in.

Website trend #1: Simplified app-style layouts

What type of design are people looking for in 2024? Well, it is definitely to do with the user experience on mobile.

More and more people are accessing websites on their phones, so they’re expecting it to have a little bit more of an app style layout.

How are people gonna be achieving this?

Quite simply, they’ll be using Bento Grids…Click to open link in new tab…. Now, Bento Grids adds a real app-style feel.

And then when you couple that with vibrant gradients, which adds a little bit of a warm texture, but gets rid of all that boring white space, you then have a streamlined user experience.

But that’s not all.

You also have that large typography, so those big headlines that just get to the point and really stand out.

Really, they’re your battle cry.

They allow people to see what your dental practice is all about.

And then finally, the scrolling effects. We want to add a little bit of pizzazz to your website.

So by having seen this scrolling both on desktop and mobile, it allows people to find the information they want in a quick, user-friendly way.

Website trend #2: Short-form videos

Short-form videos are coming into websites.

They’re no longer just on social media, whether you are grabbing a testimonial from a patient or explaining a treatment.

Videos under 30 seconds have been proven to increase engagement. Gone are those long three to five-minute videos explaining the ins and outs of porcelain veneers.

But rather, people are looking for that social interaction with the doctor talking and just getting to the point as to regards the benefits of these treatments.

So some 30-second videos that we are going to be seeing more and more in 2024 are:

  • Introductions to the team
  • Short explanations about treatments
  • Patient testimonials
  • Fun GIFs on the website
  • Welcoming people to the website
  • Real interactive video

Oh. I’ve just given away website trend number three,

Website trend #3: Interactive videos

These types of videos are placed front and center on your website, and they basically create a connection immediately between you and your potential patients.

They normally consist of a team member speaking directly to the user and then guiding them where they’d like to go on the website.

Then when they click onto the other page, they’ll be greeted with a video that continues from the first video.

Hence, it’s taking them on a video journey through the website so they don’t have to read necessarily all the content they can interact with you.

Through these short-form videos, this is gonna be a key trend in 2024, and it’s an absolute game-changer for websites.

Website trend #4: AI

Now, this has been a hot topic since 2022 in the emergence of Chat GPT.

And without a doubt, this is the biggest technological advancement we’ve probably seen in the last 20 years.

It is so useful for creating more content on websites, building pages, improving SEO, but it isn’t a replacement for you.

Your authenticity is vital and needs to come through in the content.

So although Chat GPT can outline what dental implants are and their benefits, we do still need to have a touch of you.

You need to show why you are the right person for that patient to choose for dental implants.

Also, the second way that AI is gonna be coming up through the ranks with websites is …


AI images are already head and shoulders above those stock imagery, and some people have to use stock.

They don’t have the budget all the time to get a professional photoshoot.

But again, we have to put a little disclaimer in here that these images aren’t perfect. So be very careful with the ones that you select.

Make sure that you take the time to prompt them in the right way so you get images that represent your audience. But the fact is real authentic photos are a game-changer for any website.

So we would always strongly recommend that you grab that camera and start taking some photos of your team.

The last way that AI is gonna contribute is a bit of a techie way.

It’s called split testing.

This used to just be primarily for landing pages, but now for websites, within a few clicks, you can test:

  • Button colors
  • Images
  • Different headline hooks
  • Track the interaction you get from users on your website

These are all amazing ways to get new patients, and we can’t wait to see how AI continues and continues to change the game.

Website trend #5: Enhanced user experience

We all know how important it is to have good content on your website.

We also know that most people search on mobile first. The design on mobile and the experience need to be first.

And we also need to have clear calls to actions because as we know from this video, the whole point of your website is to get new patients.

However …

In 2024, we are looking at splitting user experiences, and what that essentially means is you can have a unique website experience for new patients vs. existing patients.

That’s right. You’re taking them on a different journey. So if you’re a new patient, the content can be geared to who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Whereas an existing patient, they probably want to be streamlined too. When can they book? Can they get their patient resources that they need? What is the payment information?

And this allows people to just get to where they want to get to quicker, but it also allows you as a dental practice to create that refined journey.

So we’re super excited to see this take shape, and it is gonna really, really help to increase new patients, but also keep your current ones happy.

What now?

So what do you need to do?

Well, it’s time to evaluate and assess. Take some time and be honest with yourself.

Have a look at your website and really decide if it’s doing what you want it to do for you.

Are you getting an influx of new patients? Are you able to clearly articulate what you offer and why you are such an amazing dentist?

If not, then perhaps it’s time for that upgrade.

If you would like a professional audit of your website, Roadside Dental Marketing is happy to help.

Just by submitting the form below, you can get a free audit.

No strings attached.

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