The Secret to Writing Website Content to Beat Your Competitors [Free Download]

Want the secret to writing great content for the web? Before continuing to read this blog: Read your competitors’ websites. Do you notice they say the same thing? For example: “Dr. Smith has the expertise and dedication to perform high-quality dentistry.” Or, “Dr. Doe provides beautiful cosmetic dentistry.”

You’ve seen those lines many times, but is it really selling your customers? No, they are meaningless phrases. I want to point out this quote said by Mark Cuban:

“When you have 10,000 people trying to do it the same way, why do you want to be 10,001?”

– Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur & Owner of Dallas Mavericks

This applies to you! How are you going to get away from your 10,000 competitors, so you’re not 10,001? At Roadside Dental Marketing, we have the secret to writing great website content for the web: You have to write about your WHY! Because writing about “what you do” is so five years ago.

Why “Why”?

A successful dental website today is not an online brochure. Your site should tell the world about what you believe in and what you value.


To write great content for the web, you need to discover your "why", not your "what"


It should explain why you are in the business and what made you get started. It’s only after this that it should tell what you do and/or how you do it.

So, when writing your website, keep these questions in the back of your mind:

  • Why do you do it?
  • Why do you help?
  • Why are you unique?

roadside-dental-marketing-website-content-uvp-downloadEvery business should create a Unique Value proposition (UVP) before proceeding in any marketing endeavor. Your UVP contains your WHY? This should be the cornerstone of all of your branding. You should align all of your marketing decisions through it.  The result will be a consistent message polarizing your audience, which builds a loyal and forgiving client base.

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Create Real Web Content 

Be hip. Be cool. Be modern! Write in your voice similar to how you would communicate with your customers because it’ll easily present your UVP. Don’t make it fluffy, vague, or clinical because it’s boring.

Don’t worry: We’re not asking to get rid of your professionalism. We’re asking to focus on the core problems your business solves and put out lots of awesome content, enthusiasm, and explanation of how you solve problems. Consider this:

  • How do you help your customers?
  • Why do you help them?


Write great content for the web by supporting your UVP with these elements.


Your UVP becomes your cornerstone or starting point. Then, you write/build your website around these elements to help you stand out:

  • Trust: What can you show on each page that will build trust in you over the next guy?
  • Convenience: What can you show on each page that shows that you are doing all you can to make it easy to work with you?
  • Proof: What can you show on each that that proves you are what you say you are?
  • Uniqueness: What can you show on each page that shows you are different than the others?

Having enough of these elements on each page makes a case for you. Your audience will then say, “Yes, this person is legit! I like this person. I want to do business with him or her.”

Be About the Why To Write Great Content for the Web

When you look at your website’s content, think about the “why,” not the “what.” The most important factor is making sure your website connects with your audience.

Need us to look into your website to offer suggestions or create a strategy to show off your unique WHY? Why we’d be happy to!

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