Why Invest in Ongoing Marketing?

Dentist wonder why she needs to invest in ongoing marketing for her dental practice

Yep. We hear it all the time:


Read our fun comic to learn how ongoing marketing is basically the “nutrition” your practice craves – and a basic need to both survive AND thrive!

Marketing is food - not medicine. Investing in ongoing marketing nourishes your dental practice and keeps it healthy and alive. Inexperienced dental practice erroneously think of marketing as a fix, like medicinedental practice reacting, thinking that marketing is like medicineYour dental practice needs marketing, like regular sustained nourishmentThanks to Crowd Favorite for this awesome analogy!

Savvy dental practices continually eat regular, healthy meals.

This keeps them strong and thriving day after day, whereas many inexperienced practices wait until they’re STARVING to look for nourishment.

So what’s HOLDING YOU BACK from investing in ongoing marketing?

Is it the cost?
Or maybe you don’t see a need for it …
Or maybe you think it will be overwhelming, and don’t even know where to start …

Here at Roadside, we know that the return on in investing in ongoing marketing far outweighs the roadblocks – because we’ve seen the proof with our real-life client results!

Dentist happy about decision to invest in ongoing marketing

We’re here to help you overcome any marketing barriers you may have, so please just ask us how we can help you get started!


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