How to Turn $10K Ad Spend into $190K Revenue in 90 Days

What if I told you that spending just $10,000 could potentially generate up to $190,000 in revenue for your practice in less than 90 days? Stay tuned, as we’re going to delve into a real practice case study that achieved just that, illustrating the strategy and how you can implement this kind of campaign.

Like many practices, you might find that the challenges are often similar:

  • Experiencing no tangible ROI
  • An inability to pinpoint where your investment returns are coming from
  • Feeling like your marketing efforts are merely draining your budget
  • Your front office team may be overwhelmed with various tasks, not genuinely generating anything for your practice

A lack of clarity in your marketing efforts means you can’t quickly identify:

  • Where the money’s coming from
  • What’s working and what’s not

And what does this possible result in?

Negative net new patients.

Leverage the power of Google local service ads

Introducing Google local services ads: a new form of advertising available for dentists and orthodontists that appears above traditional Google search ads.

These ads help connect you with individuals actively seeking unique services, not just casual browsers, but patients in your local area ready to make a decision.

Addressing skepticism, especially when spending a few thousand dollars a month might result in phone calls that don’t translate into tangible business, is essential.

We delve into keyword research and targeting for a specific client, exploring their practice management software to understand where current patients are originating, down to specific zip codes and neighborhoods.

This information allows us to target those specific areas and determine ad timing and duration.

Getting certified with Google doesn’t necessarily require a ton of assets.

In this particular case, about 15 different photographs and information about in-network insurance were used. A two-week onboarding period with Google, and the process of getting certified, might be all that’s needed to get you started.

Looking at results, it’s important to note that these calls are about the type of service people are calling for, and you can see whether the phone call was charged or not.

With Google Local Services ads, you are only charged for an actual lead. If they’re not a valid lead, you have the ability to dispute it, receiving a credit back for the cost of a lead towards your next month’s service.

Google local ad setup is critical

You want to target the kinds of services you actually want to offer.

When setting up local search ads for a practice, target or prioritize high-ticket or high-value margin services.

Considering how many leads you can realistically get for your budget is crucial as these ads run specifically on a pay-per-lead model, offering a realistic expectation of lead generation per week for your budget.

These ads allow you to target specific neighborhoods or zip codes, excluding certain areas if needed, to streamline your spending and maximize your ROI.

Upon certification, you receive the Google guaranteed badge, a trust signal that comforts potential patients and makes them more willing to choose your practice.

Remember: you’re only paying for real leads, not bots or irrelevant click rates, and you can dispute calls that aren’t potential clients.

Although the cost per lead might be slightly higher than traditional Google ads, you’re attracting individuals closer to making a decision and choosing your practice.

For one case study, the practice ran ads for 90 days:

  • Spent $10,000
  • Got 109 leads
  • Converted 50 new patients
  • Netted $190,000 in revenue

A tangible and impressive return on investment.

If you’re ready to scale your practice with these proven strategies, request a free audit.


  • Explore your area
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Target research
  • Estimate your potential based on Google’s required ad spend
  • Provide how many leads your practice could realistically acquire by utilizing Google Local Services ads
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