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The Website Hack Scientifically Proven to Get Patients (VIDEO)

In today’s digital world, where there’s so much noise online, attracting new patients can be a real challenge. But fear not!

Your website holds the key to unlocking a wave of new opportunities – and there’s a hack that’s scientifically proven to attract the right patients to your practice. Every single time.

Let’s dive right in.

What do you expect a dental website to look like? Chances are, you envision something rather conventional, like many other dental sites out there.

But here’s the twist: sticking to those expectations isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s scientifically backed by Google’s research!

According to Google, a beautiful website instantly enhances your credibility as a legitimate business. And within a fraction of a second, site visitors judge your website’s beauty.

But what they found was truly eye-opening!

Visually complex websites consistently received lower ratings compared to simpler ones. But it doesn’t stop there.

Websites with layouts similar to others in their category, combined with a simple design, were rated the most beautiful.

So, simplicity is the secret ingredient to captivating potential patients!

I once stumbled upon a website that tried to be overly creative. It had a flashy design, intricate navigation, but no clear path to do what I wanted to do (online shopping).

So, do you know what happened? My brain was so busy deciphering how to use the website that I grew frustrated. Needless to say, I quickly moved on.

There’s a reason why I moved on.

Our brains have mental templates for how different types of websites, like dental practice sites, should look and feel.

It’s how we store information, and when we see something that’s not matched to that template, our brain basically goes into information overload… so we move on.

Our brains prefer websites where everything is instinctively where it should be.

It’s about making it easy for visitors to navigate, find information, and take action.

We want to free up their working memory to focus on what truly matters: your unique value proposition, benefits, overcoming barriers, and testimonials.

I’m not suggesting that your website should be a carbon copy of others. There’s room for creativity within those conventions!

Let’s infuse your brand’s uniqueness by playing with colors, fonts, spacing, and imagery. Your website can stand out while remaining intuitive and user-friendly.

I’m talking about simple scrolling navigation. When people are scrolling through, each band has a specific purpose, a specific value, and big, bright buttons that tell people what to do next.

What you’re always looking to have on your website is a clear message and a clear journey that guides people to where they want to go

Here’s a website that embraces the simplistic approach but incorporates their brand’s vibrant colors and modern fonts into a prototypical layout.

So the concept:

Less is more has never been more true – as long as the design is intuitive and the content valuable.

Simplicity is your best friend and is the key to attract more patients and experience exponential growth.

If you’d like us to take a look at your website to see how it compares to your competition and how to get it to beat your competition, contact us for a free website audit.

We’ll give you 3 actionable items to elevate your site and get you on the right path to make your patients and Google happy.

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