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The 9 Best Dental Websites of 2023

It’s time to announce the best dental websites of 2023!

Arron, our COO and Website Development Director, talked about the 5 website trends that you must have for your dental website in 2023 and beyond.

Those trends are:

  1. Photos + Videos
  2. Large Fonts + Immersive Experience
  3. Simple + Clean Design
  4. Convenience Online
  5. Accessibility

And our team made sure that every website reflected what people were looking for when searching for a dentist near them.

The biggest (and most exciting) change we saw was our clients knowing the importance of videos and high-quality photography.

That’s because:

  • Photos show your team culture and brand
  • Videos allow you to connect with your patients before they even meet you
  • People are visual

So out of the 55 websites we launched this year, the majority of them used professional videos and photos. And you’ll notice ALL our top website picks used photos and videos for their website.

So without further ado:

Here are the top 9 best dental websites of 2023 (in no particular order!). Take a look to learn a thing or two and see why they made the list!

YOU could have one of the best dental websites of 2024!

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For 2024, look out for more dynamic content, AI for accessibility and keywords, and the continuation of minimalistic design

What’s your pick for the best dental website of the year? Comment below and share a link!

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Click here to view our team’s picks for the best dental websites from previous years.


2022’s best dental websites revealed!

… This text opens a new tab to…Allen Family Dentistry

Picked by Arron, COO of Roadside Dental Marketing:

This website sums up 2023 with:

  • A clean, modern logo
  • Large images
  • A simple navigation
  • More conveniences than you can shake a stick at

The client was a joy to work with. They provided personality and great photography. Not to mention, they’re running three offices that care about making each patient visit unique.

This website captures the Allen Family Dentistry way, offering all kinds of conveniences for their patients. I love the clean lines, bright imagery, and modern font – talk about a modern, warm dental website!

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…Southpark Art Dentistry

Picked by Shannon, CEO of Roadside Dental Marketing:

The website is full of personality but presents a professional and expert vibe.

The photos capture the essence and realness of the team. The clean and sleek look is sooooo 2023.

And it shows off the unique office decor and the comfortable setting patients can enjoy. This website is a joy to behold and is a new standard for dental websites moving forward.

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…Lindsey Marshall DMD

Picked by Dom, Lead Designer:

This custom ultimate website is bang-on-trend for 2023 (ahead of the game).

Dr. Marshall loves her patients. She wanted an authentic personal brand that felt like a cross between professional dentistry and an online influencer.

We had limited images, but the team constructed a clean website with a simple buyers’ journey.

This website is sure to be one to reference for the future.

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…Magnolia Kid Friendly Dental

Picked by Mel, Marketing Director:

This website is ADORABLE. I love the little design touches of the pencil and fun bursts of color. It clearly shows that this is a kids’ dentist. There are so many fun lines too:

  • Dentistry isn’t scary when you’re treated like a princess or superhero.
  • School, sports, saving the world – your family’s busy.

You can’t help but smile when you go through this website. It speaks to me as a parent. I would trust my kids with Dr. Tyler.

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…The Silberman Dental Group and … This text opens a new tab to…Amber Dental

Picked by Kelsey, SEO Director:

I love both sites so much that I couldn’t choose just one.

They’re both super clean and use motion and videos to keep users’ attention on the page.

There’s enough animation to draw me in but not distract me from the content. I love the custom imagery and clear calls to action.

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


Milena picked iGrin Pediatric Dentistry for the best dental website of 2022.

… This text opens a new tab to…iGrin Pediatric Dentistry

Picked by Milena, Marketing Campaign Strategist:

We can all agree that first impressions are very important.

I love how this website portrays iGrin as fun, light, and kid-friendly.

The lighting, the colors… I can see myself bringing my daughter to the office and being well taken care of.

I love that the website showcases the doctor and office, bringing the whole experience to another level.

I would definitely choose this dentist!

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…Plover Pediatric Dentistry

Picked by Fernando, Client Liaison:

Plover Pediatric Dentistry’s website manages to be modern and sleek.

But it still maintains its playful charm.

The hero image is warm and inviting, and I love the trimmed-down header and unique navigation.

They get an A+ for practicality! This website makes full use of convenient technologies, such as:

  • Online scheduling
  • Online patient forms
  • Online payments

It’s a very special website.

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…Elham Amini DDS

Picked by Chantelle, Account Manager:

This website makes me really proud of what our team can do.

Everything from:

  • Our first interview with Dr. Amini
  • Hearing about her personal and dental journey
  • Seeing her new logo take shape
  • Launching this website…

It captures the beauty, professionalism, and story of Dr. Amini and her practice.

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…McNeely & Mallette Family Dental Group

Picked by Divina, Account Manager:

Nailing a website design that represents your brand is no easy mission.

This client had a clear vision of who they were, and their gorgeous new website showcases it with:

  • An immaculate look and feel
  • A thought-out user experience
  • A strategically designed buyer’s journey

This dental website belongs at the top of the list.

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…


… This text opens a new tab to…Webster Orthodontics

Picked by MB, Creative Director:

Your website is your organization’s “front door.” So leaving a great first impression is crucial.

You want your website to load fast and help your users get information quickly.

That’s exactly what this website does:

  • It’s well-designed and functional.
  • It reflects Dr. Webster’s brand.
  • It loads super fast.

It’s also easy to use with logical navigation and obvious hierarchy. It uses language that makes sense with clear calls to action and messaging with purpose.

I have to bring up the design too:

  • The colors are bright and engaging,
  • The format is clean with consistent layouts, and
  • They use their imagery rather than stock photography (that’s a biggie).

If you’re looking for a clean, fast, and functional website, look at this one for inspiration!

Visit … This text opens a new tab to…

2021’s best dental websites revealed!

Visual of Jenn's choice for best dental website: Winter Garden Smiles

… This text opens a new tab …Winter Garden Smiles + Winter Garden Pediatric Smiles

Jenn, Marketing Account Manager: “I love coming on to this site and seeing their well-done hero and only having to scroll down just a little bit to see the entire dental team. I’m also a big fan of the OUR ASSOCIATE DENTISTS band and the roll-over feature added to the doctor profiles. Something that stands out to me is the ABOUT US drop-down and how it’s jam-packed with great information about the doctors, team, and locations. This page offers convenience, it’s well laid out, responsive, and tells a good trusting story about the practice.”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Kelsey's choice for best dental website: Empire Dental Aesthetics

… This text opens a new tab …Empire Dental Aesthetics

Kelsey, SEO Director: “I had a tough time choosing just one site, as I really loved a few of the projects our team completed this year. But Empire won out for a number of reasons. I love the videography on this and the clean color choices. It screams fun, luxury, and class. I also love the artwork that this office has and how it’s been incorporated into the site design as well.”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Chantelle's choice for best dental website: Illahee Dental

… This text opens a new tab …Illahee Dental 

Chantelle, Marketing Account Manager: “Before I start, I need to say, I don’t like pink but I LOVE it on this website! This is one of my favorite logos we did this year too… it’s crisp and modern and the icons on the website match perfectly. I also really love how the team photos on the website have a filter to match with the color palette of the website. A++!”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Hannah's choice for best dental website: Joy Orthodontics

… This text opens a new tab …Joy Orthodontics

Hannah, Content Strategist: “I love the modern simplicity of this orthodontic website. It’s so easy for patients (or parents) to find all the information they need. And I really like how this website fully em-braces the client’s branding and colors. Even though they didn’t have a photoshoot, we were able to incorporate modern stock photography while keeping the website personable. It’s also a great example of subtly showcasing a sister practice.”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Mel's choice for best dental website: Crafted Dentistry of Fort Mill

… This text opens a new tab …Crafted Dentistry of Fort Mill

Mel, Content and Conversion Director: “This site is so clean and how the photos are designed makes me want to keep scrolling. Also, the copy on this site is amazing by drawing out the emotional elements a smile brings to everyone: laughing and exuding confidence. It’s very focused on the reader, which makes this office irresistible and shows they really care.”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Divina's choice for best dental website: Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery

… This text opens a new tab …Southwest Seattle Oral Surgery

Divina, Marketing Account Manager: “My favorite part about this website is its simplicity. I love that it’s the perfect example of modern, simple, and clean as great attributes for website design. You don’t need tons of photos, content, and assets as long as you nail the key elements of design: logo + professional photos + layout. Dr. Christie is a family man and the website represents who he is perfectly – it builds trust and it’s very straightforward. Overall, a perfect match!”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Alyssa's choice for best dental website: Lake Bluff Dentistry

… This text opens a new tab …Lake Bluff Family Dentistry

Alyssa, Marketing Account Manager: “This site has an extremely relaxing, calming feel when you arrive at it, which is EXACTLY what you want to feel when you arrive at a dental office. I love how the hero video has a warm inviting feel to it showcasing the office and the doctor. This is a HUGE trust builder right from the start. Not only is it warm and inviting but this showcases that the office is up to speed on technology showcased with the animation used throughout the site. If I lived in Lake Bluff, IL this would be the dentist I would choose without a second thought.”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Whitney's choice for best dental website: Harmony Dental

… This text opens a new tab …Harmony Dental 

Whitney, Marketing Director: “Dr. da Costa, a long-time client of Roadside, completely rebranded his practice in 2021, investing in an energetic new logo and a fresh and inviting new website. The website immediately draws me in with the calming color scheme and vibrant photography. If I were searching for a dentist in Beaverton, OR, I would feel confident and comfortable choosing Dr. da Costa and the team at Harmony Dental!”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Angela's choice for best dental website: Element Dental

… This text opens a new tab …Element Dental by Nicholas Pile, DMD

Angela, Director of Client Services: “I like how clean and crisp the site is. It is easy to follow and does not have a lot of unnecessary fluff on it. I like the form that is is easy to find to request an appointment. Dr. Pile looks like he has a great fun personality and it shows through the photography. I would go to this office!”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Arron's choice for best dental website: DuLac Dental

… This text opens a new tab …DuLac Dental 

Arron, Website Development Director: “I like how clean this website is and how the simple design has touches of elegance with the image style and fonts. The client didn’t have a ton of assets but the designers and content writers brought together their vision and exceeded their expectations. It really showcases the office’s personality and creates a warm and welcoming feel.”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Visual of Lori's choice for best dental website: Neighborhood Dental

… This text opens a new tab …Neighborhood Dental

Lori, Website Project Manager: “I loved this entire project from start to finish. We were able to blend 7 locations into one user-friendly modern site. The navigation is easy for the reader to understand, as well as access all of the forms, payments, and locations they offer. This client took all the tips and instructions we provided and turned out incredible photography and videography to add that personal touch. You instantly know who their target audience is, what the top services are, and can feel the warmth of the doctors and staff. This site ticks every box for the user and presents an incredible overall patient experience.”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


Curtis' choice for best dental website: Children's Dentistry

… This text opens a new tab …Children’s Dentistry: Tracy L. Wilkerson DDS

Curtis, Developer: “I love this site for how clear the branding is, from the video in the hero to the choice of font for the headings. It is clear that it is a children’s dentistry practice. The hint of bright colors makes it fun and exciting without being ‘in your face.’ Nice job guys!”

Visit … This text opens a new tab …


2020’s best dental websites revealed!

1. Canyon View Dental

Homepage screenshot of Canyon View Dental's website

Mel, Content and Conversion Director: “As soon as I landed on … This text opens a new tab to Canyon View Dental’s website…Canyon View Dental‘s website, I went ‘WOW!’ The team photo, the vibrant shades of green, and the tagline ‘Changing Your View of Dentistry’ made me smile. I immediately thought of girl power because of the gorgeous photo of the rockstar almost-all-female team.

“I love the copy about judgment-free dentistry; the photos are amazing. I also enjoy the tagline used on the homepage in reference to their conveniences: ‘Where simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ The entire site made me want to call them right away.”

2. Fredal Orthodontics

Homepage of Fredal Orthodontics' website

Charlie, Creative Director: “Dr. Fredal approached us to help create a new logo and website for his startup orthodontic practice. His father worked with Roadside a few years ago on his dental practice’s logo and website and had a good experience, and so Dr. Thomas Fredal Jr. gave us a call when it was time to create branding for his own new practice (keeping it in the family!).

“Dr. Fredal wanted a logo that was modern, contemporary, and simple. The finished logo is fun and friendly, while also professional – appealing to all ages! Our team incorporated this friendly vibe throughout … This text opens a new tab to Fredal Orthodontics’ website…Dr. Fredal’s new website, which is clean, organized, and straightforward – kicking off a new brand that he can build onto as his new practice grows.”

3. New Paradigm Dentistry

Homepage of New Paradigm Dentistry's website

Whitney, Marketing Director: “One of the reasons I love … This text opens a new tab to New Paradigm Dentistry’s website…New Paradigm’s new website so much is that it’s incredibly patient-focused. Dr. Burden, who has been with Roadside since 2014, has built a practice centered around freedom from dental fear, and his site communicates this with clear, benefits-focused content throughout. His newly redesigned website also includes a variety of friendly photos and videos featuring Dr. Burden, the team, and the office’s technology, which go a long way in putting patients’ fears to rest.”

4. Dentistry Just For Kids + TK Orthodontics

Homepage of Dentistry Just For Kids' website

Angela, Director of Client Services: “I love the homepage video and how instantly inviting this practice looks. As a mom, I would trust them with my kiddos immediately! The entire team is so ‘real’ and their personalities really come through on the … This text opens a new tab to Dentistry Just For Kids’ website…website and in their social media feed.”

5. Dillingham Hanson Family, Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry

Homepage of Dillingham Hanson's dental website

Arron, Development Director: “I really like the layout and style of … This text opens a new tab to Dillingham Hanson’s website…Dillingham Hanson’s new website. It is welcoming, classy, elegant, and modern – everything you’d want from a dentist. Dr. Dillingham had a clear vision and our designers really brought it to light. His brand feels unique, his differences stand out, and you can really see the benefits his practice brings to patients. The new various modules add a quality feel and easy user experience too.”

6. Law Orthodontics

Homepage of Law Orthodontics' website

Hannah, Marketing Copywriter: “I internally smile every time I visit this … This text opens a new tab to Law Orthodontics’ website…website. Why? It’s got a happy, positive personality. The colors, fonts, content, and real photography bring to life everything you can expect inside the office.

“I think this website did a really good job with building trust, which is especially important as many of Dr. Maggie’s patients are children and their parents will be the decision-makers. The site hits key points, like her board-certification as an orthodontist, conveniences (online booking), describing each service, and the level of personalized care a patient will receive. It’s also super easy to navigate – 100% parent-approved, no doubt!

“Bonus: She’s also super active on Instagram, and everything ties her brand together so nicely. I highly recommend giving her a follow!”

7. Serene Oaks Dental

Homepage of Serene Oaks Dental's website

Chantelle, Marketing Account Manager: … This text opens a new tab to Serene Oaks Dental’s website…This site went from classy (yet dated) to sleek and sexy in no time. If I had to sum up the redesign in one word, it would be ‘fierce’!”

8. LeCuyer & Amato Dentistry

Homepage of LeCuyer and Amato's website

Kelsey, SEO Director: “I love … This text opens a new tab to LeCuyer and Amato’s website…LeCuyer & Amato’s website because it uses modern colors, clean lines, and it loads fast. While it isn’t overly flashy, it exudes luxury and high-end dentistry, yet at the same time, seamlessly appeals to families as well. The user experience is definitely a strong point; I especially love the clear calls-to-action in the main navigation.”

9. Silc Periodontics

Homepage of Silc Periodontics' website

Bridget, Marketing Account Manager: “The moment you pull up this … This text opens a new tab to Silc Periodontics’ website…website you see the office’s personality! You immediately see what makes them authentic – their team! Photography can make or break a website and this is the perfect example of how it can be used to enhance the overall design. The muted colors are easy on the eyes and make it flow nicely as you navigate around.”

10. Oak Grove Family Dentistry

Homepage of Oak Grove Dentistry's website

Alex, SEO Specialist: “I love this site’s use of quality team photos. The way the … This text opens a new tab to Oak Grove Dentistry’s website…website is designed and displayed helps potential patients immediately connect and build trust with the dental team. 

“I also really love the color scheme; the light and dark green give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Perhaps that’s because I love the outdoors so much. I am also a big fan of the hover element on the dentist’s photos on the homepage.”

11. Marshall T. Lavin, DDS, Endodontic Specialist

Homepage of Marshall Lavin DDS' website

Lori, Website Project Manager: “I love this site because Marshall, as he prefers to be called, really let us lead with the inspiration and vision for his new … This text opens a new tab to Marshall Lavin, DDS’ website…website, while providing amazing content to highlight. They did an incredible photo shoot that perfectly aligned with their logo and branding and this pulled everything together.

“This is a smaller practice but big on family, warmth, and hospitality. It has an elevated professional feel but you can see the heart of the office in the hero images of Marshall. His genuineness and experience really come through in this easy-to-navigate site.”

12. Stuart Pediatric Dentistry

Homepage of Stuart Pediatric Dentistry's website

Grant, Account Manager: “I love the photos and opening video in the hero area of the homepage, as well as the logo and bright colors. They did a great job targeting their demographic and standing out from the competition. You can see the thought and time that went into their … This text opens a new tab to Stuart Pediatric Dentistry’s website…website. Even their team looks fun (why can’t dentists for grown-ups be so fun!?!?)!

“Also, did you take their Google tour? Check out the fun murals and bright chairs! Their site reflects the personality of their office, and that is not always easy to do. Pretty sweet!”

2018’s best dental websites revealed!

Kelsey's choice for best dental website of 2018 - Night and Day Dental

Kelsey, SEO Director | Night and Day Dental 

“I chose this site as my favorite because of a few factors. One, I love the look and feel of the site and how the flow compliments the brand. I also love the fact that since launching, their organic traffic grew from just over 2K unique visits a month to over 4K and they now have a monthly organic traffic value of $21K. What this means is that if they were to pay for the traffic they are already receiving via search/referral it would cost them over $20K a month.”


Shannon's choice for best dental website of 2018 - Straightwire Consulting

Shannon, Co-Founder & Chief Cheerleader | Straight Wire Consulting

“Love, love, love the fresh unique design. It’s very different than their competition. This site is fresh, fun, and real (just like Straight Wire’s dynamic consulting duo!). The design and movement keep your attention through the whole site!”


Whitney's choice for the best dental website of 2018 - Skyblue Orthodontics

Whitney, Marketing Director | Skyblue Orthodontics

“I LOVE this site for several reasons. First and foremost, their lively personal photos really show off the friendly personalities of the doctor and team. They clearly love what they do and it shows! Second, the content throughout the site is written in a way that immediately addresses and breaks down barriers – and it’s FUN! #GetYourSmileOn”


Mel's choice - Green Hills Pediatric Dentistry

Mel, Content and Conversion Director | Green Hills Pediatric Dentistry

“I picked this website as the best dental website because of the fun bright colors, the marketing message, and all of the conveniences she offers to her clientele. Parents can book their child’s appointment online right away and fill out the patient forms online. This is very convenient for parents and an excellent way to increase conversions!

“Parents can easily message the office if they have any questions – all of this can be done right on the homepage. From another conversion perspective, the marketing message is unique (patients are VIP, we take dentistry seriously but not ourselves, big believer on tooth-colored dentistry, etc.) and the doctor is fun and is active on social media. This is a good example of an office who couldn’t do a photoshoot but we were able to show off that unique personality and marketing message with the feed and graphics.”


Charlie's pick for one of the best dental websites

Charlie, Creative Director | Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry

“From a branding standpoint, Hamilton County Pediatric Dentistry is spot on. Their website immediately builds trust with amazing photography, and a tight, curated brand. While some team photos are goofy and relatable, there are also plenty of office images interspersed, working to give patients (and parents!) a great idea of the space, and what to expect when visiting.

“There is enough information to scroll through the homepage and really get a sense of the practice at a glance, but if you’re wanting more, there are several actions that invite you into the site where you can dig into more specific details.

“Overall, the colors flow seamlessly – giving the site structure – but even more importantly, the array of color add a pop of fun, which is key when catering to kids!”


Aesthetic Dental Center, Dominique's fave dental website of the year

Dominique, Lead Development Designer | Aesthetic Dental Center

“I chose this site because it’s very bright and open with fun pics of the team that show off their personality while contrasting with the darker color tones and professional feel of the practice. It doesn’t feel like a chore to read because the content is all broken up nicely.”


Atlanta Place Dentistry is Arron's favorite website of 2018

Arron, Development and Content Strategist | Atlanta Place Dentistry

“Atlanta Place Dentistry provided us with a clear warm and welcoming vision and lots of great info to write unique and interesting content. They knew the type of site they wanted and the voice they were looking for too. They gave us some great photos and creative freedom so we could take the site to the next level. I especially like the design and little animations/movements we put into place!”


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    Great Article! I really liked Hamilton Pediatric’s website, as well as Straight Wire’s clean look.

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    This blog is helpful.

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    It’s hard to predict which will be the best dental websites of 2023, as it depends on many factors such as design, user experience, search engine optimization, and many more. However, some dental websites that have been consistently well-reviewed by users and experts include:

    Aspen Dental:
    Pacific Dental Services:
    Kool Smiles:
    Smile Direct Club:
    Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers:
    Affordable Dentures:
    Bright Now! Dental:
    Gentle Dental:
    Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other dental websites that may also be considered as best for 2023. It’s important to research and select a dental website that meets your needs and preferences.

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