COVID-19 Recovery Strategy: Implement a Membership Plan Now to Jump Start Your Dental Practice When the Crisis Lifts

COVID-19 Recovery Strategy - Guest Post by Kleer

Special thanks to author Dave Monahan, Kleer CEO, for this guest post.

A message from Roadside Dental Marketing: Many of our clients and readers have asked what they can do proactively do right now – not just in response to the closures and reductions in revenue many are currently experiencing, but also in preparation for what will inevitably be a changing economic atmosphere.

Membership plans are a valuable solution that can enable more of your patients to get the care they need at a cost they can afford. They also provide a means for you to bounce back sooner by retaining existing patients and attracting new ones. 

Please enjoy this guest blog from Kleer’s CEO, Dave Monahan, and don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you have any questions. – Whitney Speir, Marketing Director


The vast majority of dental practices have closed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The sweeping closures impact everyone involved in dentistry, from dentists to practice staff to patients—and extraordinary approaches to surviving and ultimately reviving your dental practice are critical. This blog post explores why you should be thinking of implementing a membership plan now as part of your recovery strategy and how Kleer can help.

Your Patients Will Need Budget-Friendly Access to Care

Dental practice closures are creating a backlog of dental care treatment needs, from preventative to restorative and cosmetic. When this crisis lifts, patients will want to address their oral care needs, but they will be sensitive to price. Many of them will have lost employer-sponsored dental benefits or experienced financial hardships. Having a dental membership plan in place will enable your patients to access the care they need in a budget-friendly way.

Your patients will get exactly what they want. Payments are affordable, prices are transparent, coverage is easy to understand, there are no hassles like deductibles, pre-approvals, and annual maximums. Plus, patient benefits start the minute they join.

With your membership plan, patients will:

  • Have access to simple, affordable and personalized care
  • Have budget-friendly payment options (monthly and annual)
  • Receive benefits immediately upon sign-up
  • Bypass the costs and hassles of insurance—no deductibles, waiting periods, claims denials or paperwork

Your Practice will Need the Additional Patient Visits and Revenue

By making it easier for patients to get the care they need, a membership plan will help your practice bounce back from the crisis. If your plan is designed and priced correctly, your membership plan patients will visit two to three times more than uninsured patients and generate twice the revenue.

The proof is in Kleer’s data. Data collected from Kleer customer practices prove membership plan patients will be your best patients. This graph shows the average results for practices on the Kleer Platform and shows that uninsured patients with a membership plan generate 2.1X more revenue than uninsured patients without it.

Chart showing membership plan patients generate 2x revenue

We recently drilled into this data in a webinar “Data Validates the ROI of Dental Membership Plans,” that is available for on-demand playback and CE.

Kleer Will Implement Your Plan in a Completely Virtual Way—and for Free

The Kleer team is committed to supporting dental practices through this unprecedented time. We remain open and are assisting dental practices every day to stand up membership plans. Kleer can handle all your membership needs virtually—from educational demos to design and pricing consultations to contracting, implementation, training, and support. And, the implementation is free, so there is no reason not to start your membership plan today.

Kleer’s cloud-based membership plan platform is user-friendly and makes managing your membership plan simple—from patient self-service tools to intuitive plan management tools, fast electronic payment processing, and automated renewals. Additionally, we provide a full suite of marketing and support tools, and we will help you optimize your plan and grow your membership enrollment by analyzing plan performance and helping you implement best practices.

To learn more about Kleer’s membership plan solution, complete this form.

We look forward to talking with you!

This post originally appeared on Kleer’s blog and has been republished with permission. 


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