Highlights from AADOM’s 2017 Dental Management Conference

Roadside's experience at AADOM's 2017 dental management conference

In September, our team headed to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona for the American Association of Dental Office Management’s Annual Conference. AADOM has built a tribe of rockstars – a tremendous community of leaders in dentistry. Camaraderie, support, and generosity of spirit are in the air at this conference!

Before I dive into the specifics of why we recommend attending the AADOM dental management conference though, I’d like to share a story.

What it means to be part of the tribe

As the conference was coming to a close, Hurricane Irma was on a path directly toward Florida. As the hurricane picked up strength and airlines began canceling flights, it became apparent some attendees would be stranded.

Kim, AADOM’s Executive Director, announced this from the stage on Saturday and a member in the crowd yelled out, “How can we help pay for the rooms of those who are stranded?” and another person shouted out “Let’s pass around a hat!” An AADOM team member grabbed a tub, started heading toward the stage, and before she could get far, members ran to her, dropping in money – $1, $5, $20, even $100 bills.

It didn’t stop there. Exhibitors offered to pay for nights. A member who had received a check for participating in a panel asked for it to be added to the pot to help stranded attendees. The third-place Chapter of the Year winners returned the check they had been awarded to be put toward rooms.

Within one afternoon, AADOM had collected enough donations to cover ALL the additional room nights needed AND even some food expenses for those who were stranded. Kim sums it up perfectly: “It was the most unbelievable things I have ever seen in my life! We are indeed a TRIBE! We take care of our own!!!”

Resources to run a profitable, progressive dental practice

I could try to describe exactly WHY we love the AADOM community so much, but really, this experience tells the story so much better than I ever could.

If you are involved in any aspect of dental management or if you’re a dentist looking to improve your practice from all angles, this is the tribe for you. Period. It’s not ALL warm fuzzy feelings – those are definitely there (as shown by the story above) but it’s REAL actionable support and education from a community of leaders in the industry.

Dental management conference highlights

The annual AADOM Dental Management Conference is packed with education on everything from leadership and motivation to HR and insurance. Managers gain practical solutions they can then take home and implement right away in their practices.

Attending the conference helps dental professionals:

  • Gain top-notch education to take the practice to the next level
  • Feel motivated and invigorated, both personally and professionally
  • Bring practical and actionable improvements to the practice
  • Receive honor and recognition
  • Enjoy new friendships and support from fellow members

Plus, it’s FUN! There is so much laughter  – seriously, anywhere you go EVERYONE is smiling and having a great time. Case in point: the first ever AADOM Family Feud – pictured below (survey says…Roadside was even one of the answers! Woot woot!)

Family feud fun at the AADOM dental management conference

One of my favorite parts of the dental management conference is the opportunity to personally chat with managers about their day-to-day challenges. When we get to hear first-hand the challenges (and victories) dental practice managers face every day, it gives us better insight to create websites and products that SOLVE practices’ marketing problems effectively.

On Saturday of the conference, Shannon and Kelsey taught a marketing course on SEO: Simple. Exciting. Optimization! Our aim was to explain SEO in practical terms and to empower attendees to take simple strategies back to their own practices to try out right away.

Education at AADOM's dental management conference

Hear about the value of the conference straight from the mouth of one of their members:

“I love to attend the AADOM Conference every year! It’s jam-packed with continuing education, professional connections and, frankly, it’s down-right fun! The AADOM team switches up the locale each year, so I feel like quite the traveler just by attending! But, the real meat and potatoes, if you will, is the quality education I receive in the courses and the connections/friends I’ve made while there.

“I’ve been in dentistry for well over 30 years, but I always leave this conference with a brain full of new ideas, techniques and tools to take back to my practice to help make it better than ever. Additionally, the people I’ve met and often end up calling friends have been an unprecedented resource of help. I’m very thankful I am able to attend each year; the experience just gets better and better!”

– Cyndi Simmons, Practice Manager at Creekside Dentistry, Loganville, Georgia

Find your tribe at AADOM

Dental managers are directly involved in shaping the culture and atmosphere of a successful, profitable, progressive practice. AADOM gives anyone involved in practice management the tools, support, and understanding to be able to do it RIGHT.

In other words, if you haven’t signed up yet for AADOM membership, you’re missing out, big time. It’s a small investment packed with so. much. value. Individual membership is just $164 for one year – that’s less than $14 a month. We simply cannot recommend it enough. Sign up today!

Join us next year at 2018’s AADOM Dental Management Conference in San Antonio! For details and registration, visit https://www.aadomconference.com/









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