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Technical SEO is a puzzle piece to being found online from potential patients.

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Nowadays, it seems every so-called SEO expert knows exactly what you “need” to be on the top of search results. Here's the truth.
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Dentistry is never “one size fits all,” and neither is SEO.

People used to think SEO was a static set of rules one could bend in their favor. But it’s not. Search engines are ever-evolving, striving to deliver relevant results and to understand what humans actually want when they search.

Since no dental practice is the same, we co-engineer tailored SEO strategies for our dentists that repair (when needed), build up, and strengthen the foundation of your website and marketing to get the calls, leads, bookings, and reviews you want.

Roadside Dental Marketing’s practice-built SEO services are solidly based on:

  • ROI-driven SEO strategy
  • Transparency and communication
  • Technical SEO and on-page optimization
  • Local directory management and link building
  • Quality optimized content

We Make SEO Easy For You

Our coffee-binging team of SEO nerds works around the clock to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes so you don’t have to. To reach your specific long- and short-term practice goals, we recommend the following for each SEO strategy:

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Just like in the real world, referrals contribute to your practice's success. We'll go high and low to find quality sites to link back to your website!

An icon depicting how technical SEO sets up the foundation for your site to get found online
Technical SEO

This involves us working behind the scenes to set up the strongest foundation for your site and content to rank for relevant keywords and phrases.

An icon depicting how local SEO involves online directories - the new phonebook
Local SEO

Online directories are the new phonebook. Our local SEO experts work to ensure your information is consistent and correct to avoid any confusion with Google.

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On-Page SEO

Content is king and it's not going away! We'll dive into your site to ensure content is relevant, unique, and optimized for search.

How Does Roadside Help You Get to the Top?

For the tech-savvy nerd in you, here are some details about the caliber of SEO services we provide.

An icon depicting what to expect for Technical SEO from Roadside Dental Marketing
What to Expect: Technical SEO
  • Ongoing script optimizations

  • Ongoing image optimization, including naming, alt text, title tags

  • Ongoing maintenance, including code tweaks, theme updates, plugin updates, and more

  • Application of various types of Schema markup to help search engines easily find your site

  • Ongoing improvement of page load speed

An icon depicting what to expect with Local SEO from Roadside Dental Marketing
What to Expect: Local SEO
  • Ongoing location data management

  • Ongoing updates for directories across the digital world

  • Ongoing management of NAP on main listings

  • Ongoing link building campaigns to boost rankings (organically and in the map pack)

An icon depicting what to expect for On-Page SEO with Roadside Dental Marketing
What to Expect: On-Page SEO
  • Ongoing tweaks for page titles, SERP descriptions, URL redirects, and heading tags

  • Ongoing monitoring of keyword strategy, site hierarchy, and page rank

  • Ongoing creation and optimization of new pages and blog posts

SEO is Holistic

Similar to dentistry, SEO involves many factors that affect the overall health of your online presence, which is why we use a holistic approach.



These signals are based on your website visitors’ unique search history.

Being well known and active in your local area’s online community will better contribute to how a person’s unique likes, interests, and search history relates to your business.


Behavior and Mobile Signals

It is a fact that people increasingly shop and browse on their mobile devices. Whether it be calling your practice from your responsive website, getting one-click GPS directions to your office, redeeming one of your special offers, or checking-in on social media, Google notices it all.

We provide the tools, training, and systems needed to rank high when people are on-the-go and in need of a dentist in your area.


Social Signals

Being active on social media is no longer an option, it is a must! Facebook “Likes”, retweets, pinning, G+ posts, comments, etc. are all relevant in your rankings.

Having worked at dental offices ourselves, we’ve distilled simple, actionable solutions to help even the busiest dental team be active on social media the right way—and without overwhelming anyone.


Review Signals

People use online reviews to determine which dentist to use. Google knows exactly when, where, and who is recommending you and your competition.

To earn the trust of Google and prospective patients, we provide tools and systems that get your current patients talking about your excellent services online.


Link Signals

When another website links back to your site, it is seen as an online recommendation, also known as a backlink or link signal. This is a major ranking factor for Google because it determines the popularity and relevance of your website.

Our linking campaigns provide authoritative online recommendations for your practice, thus backing your practice’s rankings with a strong sense of community.


On-page Signals

These signals represent the value of your website and your content.

Our team works around the clock to ensure your content, photos, and keywords are optimized to Google’s ever-evolving standards while still providing a good experience to prospects who visit your website.


External Local Signals

These involve other vital online directories including Yellow Pages, Super Pages, and so much more.

We continuously maintain and unify your presence online making sure your practice’s business name, location, and phone number are the same and consistent on all platforms.


My Business Signals

These signals involve local search signals that relate to My Google Business, including categories and keywords.

To be found online, we make sure your practice’s directory, business info, reviews, and categories are all up-to-date and consistent across the World Wide Web.

It’s easy for any SEO company to show you a long scary list of the “improvements” your website needs.

But when it comes down to results, our knowledgeable and dental-driven SEO experts systematically improve, build, and maintain your online presence according to Google’s ever-changing standards. We thus make sure the tight ship you run is able to grow steadily while outranking your competition.

Years of working with Google-acclaimed industry experts, ongoing continuing education, and more than 20 years of real-world experience back us as we strive to keep you up-to-date with the eight critical factors for online domination:

  • ‘My Business’ Signals

  • External Local Signals

  • On-page Signals

  • Link Signals

  • Review Signals

  • Social Signals

  • Behavior & Mobile Signals

  • Personalization

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