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How to THRIVE now!
  • Keep checking Roadside's COVID-19 Resources for Dental Practices

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    • We’ve rounded up a list of timely COVID-related resources for dental practices. 

    Please check back regularly as we’ll add more links daily.

  • Analyze your practice and solidify your 12-Month Marketing Action Plan

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    • Pay special attention to the SWOT exercise.
    • Take a good hard look at the practice and create a mindset to THRIVE in this unprecedented shift.

    “Now is the time to reevaluate your practice, work on the fundamentals of building a great dental team, take a new look at your marketing approach, and learn new skills to deliver more services to your patients.”
    — Source: Dentistry and the Recession | Dental Economics

  • Spend some time digging into your Marketing Resource Toolkit

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    • Explore the education and resources so you’re prepared with a game plan for the next few months.
    • Think of the top three services you want to do more of or that the community will need in a few months.
    • What educational content and videos can you create now to become the expert on these services during the slow time?

    We’ve provided the tools to help you create this content, but if you need help polishing, optimizing, or launching your new content, we’ve got your back!

Now, let's brainstorm.
  • How can you adjust and adapt to the needs of your community?

  • What is your plan for a successful reopening?

  • GOAL:

    • Address pain points
    • Show empathy
    • Build trust
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We’ve got you!

Our leadership team has created solutions for practices that need relief to enable you to weather the storm.

If you find yourself in this situation, please schedule a call right away with your Marketing Account Manager, who will discuss your options, and how we can help.

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Need some more inspiration?
  • Click here for a few of our favorite takeaway ideas from this post
    • Provide increased value by offering a warranty
    • Initiate a NEW “gift card” and referral program
      • Roadside Tip: And a fun quarterly contest onto this, like a free iPad or other enticing prize!
    • Eliminate negative reading material in your office
      • Roadside Tip: Put positive mindset material out for your patients.
    • Offer value-priced whitening
      • Roadside Tip: Mouthguards, nightguards, Invisalign, and Sonicare all great valuable needs to address.
    • Increase outside financing options and get good at presenting
    • Create more affordable payment options
    • Invest in team training
      • Roadside Tip: During your team training, call them in and make it all about marketing moments. Have them help you with creating materials for marketing! Here’s how!
    • Be positive! Be different! Grow and thrive.
  • Here's one of our favorite quotes from the article

    “Marketing… becomes even more important in a recession, during which, like it or not, patients view a visit to the dentist as nonessential, and when money is tight they may simply leave it if they are not experiencing pain. Marketing need not be rocket science, but it does require a resource commitment be it in time or money if it is to produce dividends.”

And finally... let's not forget to practice a little self-care.
  • Some tips, ideas, and resources from our fearless leader, Shannon!

  • Click here for ways to stay positive and abundant
    • Create and keep consistent on your morning routine.
    • Wake up! Don’t push snooze 54321 times, get up!
    • Morning wiggle with your large warm cup of lemon water.
    • Take 15 minutes to be grateful. You can journal, pray, or read a holy book.
    • Take 15 minutes to meditate. Use what you need and connect with your Creator. Be in the now; be calm and reboot. You can use the Calm app, which is hugely popular, or a 12-minute easy breath meditation from Joe Dispenza.
    • Limit mainstream news.
    • Find online communities to help you grow from this. Don’t shrivel.
    • Learn something new, read the book, or write the poem you have been putting off.
    • Dang, get to know your family on a “Little House on the Prairie” level, not a “glued to electronics” level. The 2020 version: My husband, Chris, just made us watch “Babe” as a family… LOL… we complained, but then we loved it! Who here has watched “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”? Classic!
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