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3 Link Building Strategies for Dentists [Guest Blog]

Big thanks to guest post author Vlad Orlov for sharing insights on this valuable topic! Learn more about him in the author bio below.

Having a website is very much a necessity for every kind of business nowadays, and dentists are no exception.

Link building is one of the most important factors that influence search engine optimization, and showing up on the first page of Google makes a huge difference for the profitability of your business.

So, today we’re going to discuss some link building strategies that dentists can use to increase their online visibility, and, as a result, gain more customers and simply earn more.

Don’t worry if you have no previous experience with link building, we have gathered the easiest and most effective strategies for you to use.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is arguably the most widely used and effective way to earn high-quality backlinks. The premise is extremely simple: your offer to write a … This text opens a new tab …guest blog to a relevant website in your niche, do it, and leave a link back to your site, usually in your bio.

Having a “Write for us” page is a tell-tale sign that a website accepts guest posts. But, in reality, most websites actually accept guest posts if you ask them directly.

It is a win-win situation, the resource gets a free piece of content that potentially drives more traffic to them, and you get a high-quality backlink that has a positive impact on your … This text opens a new tab …SEO.

The downside to guest posting is that it can be time-consuming to write a whole article for each link.

So, you can add another layer to guest posting. If you have any partner websites, you can also add links to their articles into your guest posts, and they will add links back to your site on theirs or in guest posts of their own in return.

This way, you can get 3-5 backlinks out of each guest post instead of just one.

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2. Competitor Backlinks

Competitor backlinks is our personal favorite link building strategy because it allows you to build up your prospect list quickly and effortlessly.

You will need Ahrefs (or any other tool that can reveal a site’s backlink profile) for this. You will also … This text opens a new tab …need a blog with some strong content for this to work as well. Even if you’re not doing any link building, a blog is a great way to … This text opens a new tab …generate traffic to your website, and if you still don’t have one, you really should put some time and resources into it. It pays off in the long run.

You can create link building campaigns to already … This text opens a new tab …existing content of yours, or create new articles solely for the purpose of besting your competitors’ articles. This is also called the skyscraper technique.

The premise is extremely simple here too: you export the list of backlinks of your competitors, and reach out to the people linking to them, pitching your own content instead. It has to be better or different than your competitors’ in some way: longer, more informative, or touch on different topics.

You also need a strong value proposition in your link building pitch. Most of the time, a simple link back works just fine for this purpose.

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3. Editorial/Anchor Text Strategy

The anchor text strategy is also one of the most commonly used link building strategies, and arguably one of the simplest.

The idea behind it is also quite simple: you take an article of yours, and look for your keyword (or similar phrases) mentioned in other people’s content.

The trick here is to find only brief mentions that are not the main focus of an article and aren’t in direct competition with it.

To find such opportunities, you can make use of advanced search operators, like “intitle:” and “intext:”.

They allow you to specify exactly which words should be mentioned in the titles and bodies of articles you’re looking for.

The downside to this strategy is the fact that building up a big prospect … This text opens a new tab …email list can take a lot of time. However, all of the prospects you find this way will be of high quality.

Using a Opens in a new tab on Contact Outprospecting and email list-building tool can have numerous benefits. With this type of tool, you can easily and efficiently create targeted lists, based on various demographics and criteria.

Additionally, the tool can help automate and streamline your email marketing campaigns, saving you time and effort while still ensuring that your messages are reaching the right people at the right time.

Try these three easy-to-implement link-building strategies to increase your practice’s online visibility. And if you need any assistance, simply reach out! Roadside’s dental SEO team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Managing brand partnerships at … This text opens a new tab …Respona, Vlad Orlov is a passionate writer and link builder. Having started writing articles at the age of 13, their once past-time hobby developed into a central piece of their professional life.

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