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Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Practice Google My Business Listing

Perhaps you’ve read on the internet, “Your Google My Business listing is your storefront on Google.”

It’s a popular saying for a reason: It’s true!

Your … This text opens a new tab …Google My Business (GMB) listing feeds Google’s local search, Google’s Local three-pack, the Knowledge Panel, and … This text opens a new tab …Google Maps. As you can see, these provide plenty of opportunities to reach potential patients.

It also keeps your patients up to date with your address, phone number, website, hours, days of operation, reviews, photos, and more. The information patients and potential patient’s find there should be accurate.

Dental practice Google My Business listing for a Seattle dentist

To further see the importance of your dental practice Google My Business listing, check out these eye-opening stats from … This text opens a new tab …LocalIQ:

  • Google reports that 46% of all searches have local intent.
  • 56% of actions on GMB are visits to the listed website. 24% are calls.
  • 64% of consumers have used GMB to find contact info for a local business.
  • 16% of businesses receive 100+ calls monthly from GMB alone.

If all this talk of GMB is new to you, check out our … This text opens a new tab …starting guide to GMB.

Otherwise, here are the most often used and overlooked parts of your GMB Listing and how to get the most out of them.

Google My Business categories

The main category you set will be the one Google interprets to determine which are the most relevant searches for your business to appear. Google is constantly updating the list and PlePer has an updated … This text opens a new tab …category list for 2021.

Use your specialty as your main category

While it is tempting to cast a wider net by going with a broader category like ‘dentist,’ this places you at a disadvantage. Broad terms have higher competition within local markets. Instead, get specific with your practice; if you specialize in teeth whitening and crowns, then your category should be Cosmetic Dentist.

Then use your other services and broad categories

Google allows up to ten categories for your GMB listing. Use the remaining nine categories to fill out your practice areas. Remember to include broad categories like ‘dentist.’

Keep hours updated including holidays and vacations

Updating hours is one of the most overlooked but essential pieces of information you provide patients. Most practice GMB listings fail to include their vacation dates. Don’t forget to update it if your office closes for team events or community service! Updating the hours will reduce patient frustration of calling the office and finding it closed.

Let potential patients know your accepted health insurances

Practices are often reluctant to add the insurances they accept for a myriad of reasons. We understand insurance can be a hassle! Knowing which insurances are accepted can be a deciding factor when potential patients are considering which practice to choose.

Add an appointment link

Appointment links allow patients to book an appointment without leaving the search window, improving conversions. If you don’t offer appointment booking on your listing, now is a great time to start!

Add a virtual care link

This is an underused feature of GMB because so few dental practices offer virtual appointments. Virtual appointments are growing and are another way to set your practice apart from your competition.

Include dental products

Highlight the brands, dental appliances, and dental aids your practice carries. Do you offer CEREC®, Invisalign®, nightguards, etc.? Highlight them in the Products section of your GMB listing and let patients know what you carry!

Fill out your services

The services that appear by default by Google are dependent on the categories you have chosen. Include all the services you offer under each category. Think of this like the Services section of your website. You want patients to know all the services you offer them.

But don’t forget to:

Add custom services

Include any services you offer that didn’t appear by default. This is another great spot to highlight unique services like teledentistry!

Add Attributes to set your practice apart

The Attributes section of your GMB listing allows you to let patients know what amenities you have. There is a wealth of valuable information to provide potential patients and avoid friction. Let your patients know if your parking lot, entrance, and restroom are accessible. Does your waiting room have wifi? Fill out Attributes and let both patients and search engines know.

Upload high-quality photos

High-quality photos of a dental practice in their Google My Business listing

Photos familiarize patients with the dental office and team before stepping foot inside. Use … This text opens a new tab …high-quality photos; these are the first impressions of your business. Photos are another overlooked area. While most GMB listings have the logo and cover photos, many forget to include team, exterior, and interior photos. Team and interior photos allow you a personal touch to your GMB photos. Exterior photos help patients find your practice but also reinforces the location relevance for Google.

Add your own posts

You can add easily add posts to your GMB listing within your dashboard. Think of this as Google’s version of social media.

While these posts are only visible for seven days, they can improve your map pack rankings and provide yet another platform to provide valuable information for your potential customers.

What types of posts should you share on GMB?

Informational Q&A-style posts are great for this platform, as they may answer the questions of a user searching for a dental provider in your local area.

Include Google My Business as part of your local SEO strategy

Optimizing your dental practice Google My Business listing is part of a larger local SEO strategy. And the good news is, we can help!

If you’re interested in setting up and optimizing your own dental practice Google My Business listing, we’ve got you covered!

Download our free guide: How to Set Up Google My Business for Your Dental Practice.

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