Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

Check back regularly, as we’re updating our resources frequently.

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Attention Heart-Centered Multi-Location Practices and DSOs

Here’s the 4-Step Process our DSO Clients Use to Systemize + Automate Their Marketing and Sales

And they implement them with their operational systems to scale and grow faster.

(Only for multi-location practices + small DSOs)

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Does it feel like you’re in the success chaos tornado?

You’re acquiring new practices. You’re making money. But….

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It’s challenging to pinpoint your practices' path to quick profitability

An icon of crossed out statistics objects
You’re dealing with bloated internal marketing

An icon of 3 hands supporting each other
Employees are quitting

An icon of 3 people
You inherit associates who don’t give a sh*t

An icon of a stack of coins
You can’t see a clear ROI on your marketing dollars

And when you’re dealing with all this chaos…

You can’t grow at the rate you want to.


You get caught in the weeds of the menial tasks of assets and consolidation…

When you should be creating a strategy to continue your growth projection.

You’re not alone. From our 20+ years of helping dental practices scale and grow…

Many practices are struggling with this.

They’re not asking themselves these questions:

  • Have you created a 6-month strategy to break even from your practice acquisition?
  • Do you have a plan to build a thriving team culture?
  • How do you plan to surprise, delight, and wow your patients?
  • What’s your process for cleaning up your numbers and patient lists?
  • Are you creating foolproof internal marketing systems?
A chart of the deal
Picture this:
  • A cleaner view of your growth trajectory

  • Getting rid of deadweight associates

  • You enjoy your job and don’t want to pull your hair out from the day-to-day

  • Your sales and marketing no longer feel bloated but is systemized to slingshot growth

  • Finding employees who are practicing with heart and serving your community

  • Dealing with less employee turnover

  • Streamlined practice acquisition to scale and grow at a faster, predictable rate

  • A strong brand that not only attracts the right patients… but attracts the right private practices to join your mission

This is what happens when you marry marketing with your profits and operations
We’ve created a 4-step system that’s helping our clients continue to serve their communities while scaling faster.
A 4-box chart with 4 steps that help our clients scale faster in their communities.
Step 1: Creating a High-Touch Strategy
We’ll partner with you to ensure your marketing aligns with your business operations.

Your success team:

Shannon Mackey our SEO smiling
Your Fractional CMO
  • Helped 2500+ practices grow since 1999
  • Backed by 50+ marketing and business experts
  • Will travel to your locations to systemize marketing with your business operations
A circular collage of three photos of our Roadside Dental Marketing team members
Your Account Manager
  • Your point of contact
  • Handles all of your questions and updates
  • Expert communicators to relay your goals and vision
A circular collage of seven photos of our Roadside Dental Marketing team members
Your Marketing Pod
  • An extension of your team that’s invested in your vision + brand
  • Crafting messaging + targeting that resonates with the right patients
  • Hitting your goals faster
Together, we’ll create:
A pie chart showing three of our clients with multiple dental offices

Real Results: Motor City (50-practice DSO)

  • Bloated Internal Marketing
  • No Accountability
  • Unclear ROI
  • Stressed Out Team
  • Unified Their Marketing Efforts
  • Handled All Lead Follow Up
  • Transparent Tracking
  • Systemized Optimization
A graph showing patient appointment data

Step 2: Consolidating Your Marketing Info

Unify all your marketing efforts into a single location

A chart showing the messy practices of dental offices
A pie chart showing good practices for keeping your dental office organized
A pie chart showing strategies to resonate with the right patients
Our practice onboarding package graphic

Want to create unity within your multi-location or DSO?

Download our Practice Onboarding Package.

We’ll hand you our system that consolidates all your practices’ marketing efforts.

Step 3: Creating Systems + Automation

Make tactical business decisions through Roadside Connect - your global CRM.
Global tracking

Track your practices leads, revenue opportunities, and closed treatment.

You’ll see where leads come from and track them through the patient journey.

A graph showing different revenue data from different practices
A graphic showing a flowchart of how to build relationships with patients
Automated nurture sequences

Build relationships with inactive patients, current patients, and new leads on autopilot.

We’ll create relationship-building emails that deliver value to patients so they say YES to treatment faster.

Systemized communication

Filter all your communication into one dashboard to connect with patients and prospects. This includes:

  • Calls
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Google reviews
  • Facebook/Instagram messages
  • Google chat
A graphic showing a client chat with dentists
A graphic showing a dashboard of a dental practice
Master internal marketing

Automate your reviews and referral processes.

Review management makes it a piece of cake to ask and respond to reviews.

See your ROI

Finally, marketing that’ll give you tangible results.

You’ll see all the necessary numbers to ensure you aren’t wasting valuable marketing dollars.

A graph that says "Triple your investment!"

Grown to 10,000+ members

Heather Colichhio, President of American Association of Dental Office Management

Step 4: Results-Driven + Predictable Growth

We’re as obsessed with numbers as you.

By tracking your growth, we can test, optimize, and prove how your practices are producing predictable revenue.

No more marketing that doesn’t work
No more risk on your end
Let us prove our commitment to your growth

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3x ROI or your money back
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cloud decoration

If we can’t triple your investment in 90 days, you’ll get your money back.

Quick cash injection
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cloud decoration

Most offices have $500K-1.5 million of revenue sitting in their patient database.

We help you leverage that relationship capital for a quick cash injection to fuel your expansion.

Our clients have been seeing results within 90 days (see the actual numbers below)

Flexible pricing
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Cut down on the costs and headaches of an in-house marketing team. We offer flexible pricing for multi-location or DSO practices. We believe 2023 marketing should:

  • Be proven and trackable
  • Provide tangible ROI
  • Require out-of-the-box thinking
  • Never sound douchy/corporate

Our clients see real results, real REVENUE in 90 days

A table showing the results of our last four clients

Are You a Candidate?

We’re looking for multi-location offices or small DSOs with heart.

This means:

  • You don’t treat patients like a number
  • You’re passionate about creating a systemized team culture
  • You see us as a partner in your growth (not the answer to it)
  • You realize people need more connection to build trust and act now
  • You may be a DSO but you’re anti-DSO
  • You believe in giving abundantly for a greater impact on your community

If this sounds like you, keep scrolling to learn about our offerings.

Our Services

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Dental Websites

Have systemized branding and messaging throughout your practices. This includes:

  • Fast page speed and SEO optimization
  • Custom design built around your branding
  • Mobile-first technology for a seamless experience
  • Conversion opportunities to get new patients
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SEO + Growth

Climb to the top of page 1 with results-focused SEO. We have different levels of SEO packages designed to:

  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Increase your local visibility
  • Build authority and generate leads
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Content Creation

Attract the right patients to your practices through professional videos and photos that show off each practice’s authenticity. You’ll have seamless branding and content to work with for months.

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New Patient Generation

Generate more high-ticket cases at scalable and predictable growth. New Patient Generation takes your prospects on a journey that nurtures them strategically.

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Patient Reactivation

Inject immediate cash into the practice. We’ll do all the heavy-lifted from setting up your CRM to providing a team of appointment setters. You’ll see a clear ROI.

ProGrin Dental office
ProGrin Dental

Has 10 locations and seeing:

  • 28% growth in website traffic
  • 23% increase in conversions
Allen Family Dentistry office
Allen Family Dentistry

Has 3 locations and seeing:

  • 13% growth in website traffic
  • 11% increase in conversions
Neighborhood Dental office
Neighborhood Dental

Has 8 locations and seeing:

  • 71% growth in website traffic
  • 58% increase in conversions
Night & Day Dental office
Night & Day Dental

Has 10 locations and seeing:

  • 37% growth in website traffic
  • 39% increase in conversions
3x ROI or Your Money Back

Let us take away all the risk. If you don’t grow, we don’t grow.

That’s why we look at the whole picture of your practice growth. From the ice-cold lead to a happy new patient, we ensure you get results – no matter what.

Our system comes with a 3:1 ROI Guarantee. If you don’t triple your investment within 90 days, you don’t pay.

A graphic of 3x ROI or Your Money Back

Want to create unity within your multi-location and DSO?

Download our Practice Onboarding Package.

We’ll hand you our system that consolidates all your practices’ marketing efforts.

Our practice onboarding package graphic