Your Marketing Roadmap

Your step-by-step guide to the world of successful online marketing!

What is SEO Now?

Times have changed, but we're here to lead you to success!


Google makes 500-700 changes to its algorithm every year.


Google considers more than 200 factors in ranking a website.


#1 is still where you want to rank in search results – but how do you get there?

SEO: Then vs. Now

You can’t simply “set it and forget it!” To succeed online today, you must give your target market relevant answers to the questions they’re asking!

Examples of how SEO used to be done
  • Old SEO:

  • Keyword focused
  • Content written for robots
  • Use of spammy link networks
  • Unnatural repetition of keywords
  • Stale content older than three years
  • Outdated stock images
Helpful holistic SEO examples
  • Holistic SEO:

  • Emphasis on user experience
  • Answers users’ questions
  • Provides solutions to users’ problems
  • Focus on quality of links, not quantity
  • Builds up your brand
  • Natural, conversational content
  • Generates audience engagement
  • Includes all platforms

Your marketing needs to focus on truly helping your patients!

Icon of a whiteboard showing how to target market strategy

Identify your target market and answer THEIR real questions

Icon of a finishing podium showing how your unique value proposition will show your ideal customer why you're number one

Prove your unique value and build THEIR trust in you

Icon with a question mark and solutions showing how Roadside overcomes barriers.

Show how you provide solutions for THEIR unique barriers

Download your printable roadmap to get the most of your marketing!

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As the name suggests, this is the foundation of your marketing.

picture of house frame representing seo being the foundation of your website

SEO Search Foundation provides the building blocks and basic ongoing maintenance that every small business NEEDS.

Without it, you will not be able to catch up to the competition. With it, you’ll not only catch up, but actually overtake (and CRUSH) your competition.


A icon a wrench to represent Roadside's technical SEO
Technical SEO

Technical SEO updates keep your site in tip-top shape to keep up with Google's 500+ yearly changes.

What's Included?
An icons representing Roadside's Local SEO
Local SEO

Local SEO puts your practice on the (online) map. Be found in Google map results and in localized search.

What's Included?
Icon representing Roadside's On Page SEO Content
On-Page SEO

Ongoing improvements to headings, page titles, image optimization, etc. help get your site found.

What's Included?
Icon representing Roadside's Weekly Coach
Weekly Coach

Get DIY marketing tools and coaching for blogging, social, reviews, and more.

What's Included?

Technical SEO

We’ll take care of your:

  • Ongoing script optimization

  • Ongoing image optimization including:

    • Naming
    • Alt text
    • Title tags etc.
  • Ongoing maintenance including:

    • Code tweaks
    • Website security updates
    • Theme updates
    • Plugin updates, etc.
  • Application of various types of Schema

Local SEO

We’ll take care of your:

  • Ongoing location data management

  • Optimized Google map listings, ongoing verification and image additions

  • Implementation of various types of Schema and metadata code

  • Ongoing optimization of Google My Business, Yahoo Small Business, Bing Places for Business listings
  • Ongoing updates for directories across the digital world

On Page SEO (Content)

We’ll take care of your:

  • Ongoing improvements for:

    • Page titles
    • SERP descriptions
    • URL redirects
    • Heading tags
  • Ongoing monitoring, improvements, and additions to:

    • Keyword strategy
    • Site hierarchy
    • Page rank

Weekly Coach

Your Weekly Coach email includes:

  • Ready-to-use social media posts
  • Printable promotional items
  • Blog recipes
  • Easy marketing tips + ideas
  • And more!

Each week, you’ll receive a Weekly Coach email filled to the brim with DIY marketing tools! Take advantage to boost reviews, engage with patients, and easily create fresh content to boost your SEO. Need help? Just ask – you don’t have do it all on your own!

  • Q: Is all of this “ongoing” work really necessary? How will it help my business?
    A: Google makes 500-700+ changes to its algorithm EACH YEAR. To keep up, regular, ongoing updates are necessary to keep your site’s SEO and technology up to date, relevant, and ready to rank.

    Additionally, patients searching for a dentist may land on one of your local directories BEFORE your website – so we want to ensure the information they find is accurate and represents your brand. The work of managing listings is ongoing because directories are constantly updating what can be added to your business listing. In some cases, they revert back to old, outdated, or incorrect information, so we monitor and maintain these to ensure your online brand is current, consistent, and correct.

    Have more questions? Just email Angela!

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Get the support you need to maintain basic blog and social health.

picture of house frame representing how content can add to your websites foundation

Google looks at, not only how much content you have, but also at how regularly it is updated.

Adding fresh content and updating existing content regularly is extremely important in search engines’ eyes.

With BASIC CONTENT FOUNDATION, you'll get help in the following areas:

An icon of a speed meter to represent improving websites
Website Improvements

On-page updates and improvements for both SEO and user experience.

What's Included?
An icon of speech bubbles to represent support and coaching
Support + Coaching

Get personalized coaching and assistance to help you make the best use of Weekly Coach tools.

What's Included?
An icon of a magnifying glass to represent optimized content
Optimized Content

We'll edit and optimize content provided from you or your team as needed.

What's Included?
An icon of a pen and paper to represent blogs
Readership Blogs

Get up to 3 readership blogs (plus social media promotion) per quarter.

What's Included?

Website Improvements

Regularly adding content to your website is a key ranking factor for Google.

  • Ongoing improvement of headlines and calls to action for SEO and to motivate and engage readers

  • Split-test calls to action and headlines to achieve higher conversion ratios

  • Ongoing content updates based on customized keyword strategies

  • Add trust-building content, including testimonials, FAQ’s etc. as budget allows

Support + Coaching

A dedicated Content Manager will:

  • Provide coaching for you and your team to make the best use of your Weekly Coach tools

  • Manage and attend to your blog, social media, and website for an average of 2 hours each month

  • Be a point of contact for communication and client-directed updates

Optimized Content

When you write your own content, we’ll help take it to the finish line!

  • Editing, optimizing, formatting, and publishing of client-provided blog posts for SEO

  • Editing, optimizing, formatting, and publishing of client-provided content related to services, promotions, or products to the website

Readership Blogs

Up to 3 readership blogs and social promotion per quarter

  • We’ll post 1 monthly, dental readership blog that matches your target audience. We’ll also create and share up to 3 social posts to complement the blog and raise awareness on social media. Please note that readership blogs do not carry SEO benefit but DO provide fresh content and ongoing activity on social media channels.

You'll also get a dedicated Content Marketer with your BASIC CONTENT FOUNDATION!

Roadside Content Team Portraits

Your Content Marketer is here to help YOU! They’ll manage and attend to your website, blog, and social media for about two hours each month.

Ready to take your marketing beyond BASIC? Let’s see how we can help your practice GROW!

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Boost your visibility with frequent, strategic SEO-boosting content in a variety of formats.

image of a house being constructed, showing how adding content can strengthen your website's SEO

Quality, unique content directly affects Google rankings … but one size does NOT fit all.

Quality AND quantity both matter when it comes to content – the more high-quality content you provide, the better your website will perform in rankings and the more it can be linked to.


A icon to represent new website pages
New Website Pages

Regularly adding new pages boosts SEO & educates patients about what you have to offer.

What's Included?
An icons representing Roadside's custom blogs
Custom Blogs

Custom, unique, educational blogs tell search engines you're relevant and keep your community up-to-date.

What's Included?
Icon representing Roadside's page updates
Page Updates + Improvements

We'll strategize content updates to improve SEO, increase conversions, and be more effective.

What's Included?
Icon representing Roadside's video and image optimization
Image + Video Optimization

Correctly optimized videos and images are a goldmine opportunity for your website and marketing!

What's Included?

New Website Pages

We’ll regularly add new website pages, including:

  • Targeting a specific service or promotion of your choice

  • Effectively written headlines, content, and calls to action designed to complement your existing strategy and add new keywords and increase your SEO potential

  • Technical and on-page optimization

  • Image and video optimization

Custom Blogs

Fresh, unique blog posts:

  • Provide a steady stream of fresh new content that Google LOVES.

  • Give you the opportunity to tell your readers about a new promotion, a target service, what’s going on in the office, how you’re supporting your community, and more… the possibilities are endless!

Page Updates + Improvements

Just like teeth cleanings are needed to stay healthy, your site needs regular, scheduled “cleanings” to stay healthy and current.

  • During quarterly marketing strategy review meetings, we’ll review your business goals as well as our recommendations for updates and improvements.

  • We’ll strategize ways to refresh and improve your top-performing pages that already have great content.

    • Update headlines and content for SEO and conversion
    • Add trust-building content (testimonials, case studies, videos, etc.)
    • Restructure page hierarchy to increase user actions

Image + Video Optimization

Google loves visuals! We’ll add your images and videos and will make sure they’re fully optimized.

  • Add and optimize client-provided trust-building visuals to help break down patient barriers, including fresh photography, before and afters, case study videos, etc.
  • Feature fresh visual content on social media to drive traffic to the site and to increase engagement
  • Review and update optimization on existing images and videos to ensure they’re up to date for ADA compliance and Google’s algorithm changes

With CONTENT ESSENTIALS, you'll get strategic content that Google LOVES!

Visual grid showing content hierarchy
Visual grid showing content hierarchy legend

Content Essentials is designed specifically to help you build on your foundation over time. We’ll start with the most important pages, ensuring they’re regularly updated and performing well with search engines AND patients.

Then, with input from you regarding your business goals, we’ll strategically plan, write, design, and optimize fresh new content to build patient trust, break down barriers, and increase your site’s reach and effectiveness.

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Google loves links … and you should too!

Almost completed house, showing how backlinks can complete your SEO strategy

Links help you WIN the popularity contest!

When quality, reputable websites link to your home page or specific content on your website or blog, this tells Google that you’re worth taking notice of.

Linking Signals account for:


29% of your ORGANIC search ranking (that’s a BIG piece of the pie!)


17% of your LOCAL search ranking

Choose your level of link love:

icon showing 3 quality backlinks

3 inbound links per quarter

Add power to your SEO – we’ll search out and acquire a minimum of 3 quality, competitive links each quarter.

icon showing 6 quality links

6 inbound links per quarter

Get to the top faster and dominate the competition – we’ll search out and acquire a minimum of 6 quality, competitive links each quarter.

Photo demonstrating how backlinks compliment your SEO

Inbound links refer to links on directories or other websites that point to your website.

These links carry the most SEO value and can drastically improve your organic and local rankings. Our team looks for and pursues high-quality links on an ongoing basis, using competition analysis, brand mentions, sponsorships, or personal relationships within the local community to build your inbound link portfolio.

We get creative to find good quality links! This is a concerted effort ON TOP of what we’re already doing in SEO Search Foundation to keep your practice relevant in Google’s eyes and to help skyrocket your site to the next level.

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Get on point awareness – targeted to your ideal clients!

Completed house with trees and shrubs, showing how promotional items can bolster already strong SEO

There are many ways to build brand awareness and gain traffic to your website.

A service campaign or seasonal promotional may be just what your practice needs! We also offer targeted PPC Google ads (like click to call) and social awareness posts and campaigns.

With PROMOTIONAL ESSENTIALS, there are many options to choose from:

An icon of a speed meter to represent campaigns and packages
Service Campaigns

With a customized campaign, you can highlight specific services, promotions, and products.

What's Included?
An icon of speech bubbles to represent google PPC ads
PPC Google Call-Only Ads

Generate more leads, and shorten the sales funnel by directing people straight to your front office staff.

What's Included?
An icon of a magnifying glass to represent social ads
Paid Social Ads

Increase traffic flow to your website and build brand awareness with paid social posts.

What's Included?
An icon of a pen and paper to represent Lead Generation Pages
Lead Generation Pages

Educate and show visitors why your practice is superior to your competitors, while gathering contact information.

What's Included?

Service Campaigns

Highlight or promote a specific product or service:

  • Website additions

    • Customized offer band on existing page OR new landing page depending on campaign level
    • Customized form with offer and analytics tracking
    • Customized homepage band advertising your campaign
  • Materials for your office to promote:

    • 1 printable desk display
    • 1 printable flyer card
    • 2 email blasts
  • Materials for Roadside to promote:

    • 6 customized social posts
    • Social covers for Facebook, Twitter, G+

PPC Google Call-Only Ads

With our call-only ads, your practice will get more leads and a better ROI:

  • You’ll get the most bang for your buck because your Adwords budget will only be used when your business is open and the phone is ready to ring!

  • You’ll know EXACTLY what leads are coming from your Adwords campaign through your call tracking number and analytics

  • You’ll get tracking that records the length of calls; to count as a conversion, each phone call must be a minimum of 30 seconds. 

  • The ads will target your specific areas and users who are on mobile devices and looking to speak to a local dentist NOW

  • View phone number and name of incoming callers via email notifications, so you never miss a lead!

Paid Social Ads

Grown your brand recognition and awareness through strategic social advertising:

  • Lower financial investment than Google AdWords

  • Global audience of over 1 billion

  • Hyper-target your ads to your ideal customer – choose your audience by age, gender, location, income, interests, etc.

  • Be seen in the Facebook News Feed, which is checked daily by millions of Facebook users

  • Drive traffic to your site, blog, or landing page in one click, and encourage phone calls to your practice

  • Higher visibility for your business to be seen on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

  • Detailed monthly reports on your ad reach and results

Lead Generation Pages

Gather customer contact information while simultaneously educating and helping visitors choose your practice:

  • Customized landing page focused on a specific service or product
  • Printable promotional items
  • Customized lead magnet download
  • Customized form to capture your lead details
  • Optional pipeline management

For three months, you’ll receive valuable pipeline management for your lead generation service. This includes ongoing optimization and improvement of ads, list management, and resources for lead nurturing.

We’ll recommend options that fit your unique practice goals, but if you have your own ideas, just ask – we love creating out-of-the-box, custom pieces too!

Icon of a rocket ship signifying the growth your practice can have with Roadside

Ramp up your Marketing POWERHOUSE!

Ask us which options will meet your goals!

The whole goal of your online marketing is to increase your business … in line with your goals. This is why we believe wholeheartedly in an open line of communication!

Your marketing team will meet with you each quarter to strategically plan your marketing based on your needs, goals, and wish list. First and foremost, we’ll LISTEN to you! Ultimately, we want you to be pleased with your online “treatment plan” for continued growth. We’ll provide our honest recommendations for your growth and will thoroughly explain the reasons behind our recommendations. As always, our team is happy to answer any questions you or your team may have.

Headshot of Shannon, Roadside's Co-Owner and Marketing Maven


Co-Owner + Marketing Maven



Director of Client Services

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Director of Client Services

Headshot of Kelsey, Roadside's SEO Director

SEO Director

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