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Get an insider look at what it takes to get an amazing healthcare website.
Imagine this: You're Googling for a medical professional in your area.
Side by side photos of dental websites on mobile devices to show the difference between a mediocre and boring dental website versus an exceptional dental medical website.
Two photos comparing the difference between a template website and the best dental website.

Based on this first impression, which doctor would you call?

Most likely, you would go with the doctor who had the best medical and dental website and content. (Right?!)

Your Website is an Extension of Your Medical Business

Those custom websites mentioned above didn’t happen with a click of a button. Those doctors did extensive research and invested in a marketing and website company to customize a responsive website that reflected their brand and uniqueness, answered their customers’ questions, and has a user-friendly design.

But the question is:

What does it take to make the best dental and medical website?

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Choose Your Look and Feel

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Create a User-Friendly Design

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Write Unique, Valuable Content

Choose Your Look & Feel to Set Up Your Website's Design Foundation

Everyone has a style, and your logo likely reflects that style! Not sure what you want? Use this helpful cheat sheet!
Preview of one of the best medical websites: Genesis Chiropractic

One of the most popular styles, modern websites are known for balancing bright and bold colors with whitespace and large photos. This clean design and works best for boutique practices or big city offices. View Example: Genesis Chiropractic Clinic

A preview of Night and Day Dental's best dental websites

A contemporary design combines a modern approach with an artistic twist. It uses abstract shapes and non-traditional layouts. It’s excellent for dentists who are targeting a younger audience or promote innovation.

View Example: Night and Day Dental

Preview of Smile Surfers' pediatric dental website, one of the best dental websites around.

Fun sites are bright, playful, and say “wow”. The design grabs your attention with a lot of colors and movement. It’s great for pediatric dentists or doctors who want to showcase a more light-hearted vibe.

View Example: Smile Surfers

Harmony Dental's responsive website is one of the best dental websites on the web.

Portraying warmth and a small-town feel, these sites use natural colors and homey textures (wood, trees, etc.). The design of your warm website is always inviting and calming.

View Example: Harmony Dental

Preview of Chatham Orthodontics website, one of the best dental websites on the web.

Classic websites are perfect for doctors who have an older clientele or prefer to show their high-class approach. This style uses serif fonts, heavier textures, and simple layouts for a more professional feel.

View Example: Chatham Orthodontics

Preview of Mint Dental's responsive dental website.

Elegant websites are a combination of modern and classic. This design tends to use a soft color palette and more classic layouts but with a few modern touches.

View Example: Mint Dental

Create a Beautiful and User-Friendly Design

Design isn’t about creating pretty pictures and graphics. A strategy needs to be created where every color, font, and photo has a purpose and tells potential patients where to go on the website. Here are some tips to consider:
Graphic of a color palette to show that proper color choices are important aspect to creating the best dental website.
Choose a Color Palette

A well-thought-out color scheme can go a long way. The perfect color can create a balance that guides your user through the website. With accent colors, you can make your most important information stand out, including calls to action to tell your patients to request an appointment.

Graphic of different examples of custom photos to show that the best dental and medical websites use actual photos of doctors and team shot by a professional photographer.
Have Custom Photos

Say “no” to stock photos. Your customers can tell the difference between a stock photo and a genuine doctor photo. Make sure you hire a professional photographer. Take candid photos of interacting with patients, laughing with your team – be yourself! Need help scheduling a photo shoot? ASK US! We have the magic touch (more like photo touch!) to find you a local photographer to capture your team’s personality.

Graphic of a template website trying to load to show that custom responsive designs make the best dental websites
Down with Templates

“I can get a cheaper website.” It’s always tempting to go with a cheaper option. Buyer aware: You get what you pay for. Template websites are just that – templates. They cannot portray your uniqueness and it develops an immediate mistrust with your audience. Read our blog, which will give you a detailed step-by-step of why custom websites beat template sites – always.

Content Should Resonate With Your Patients

Write content that solves your patients' problems and answers their questions.
Website preview of Dental Group of Westchester's website to give an example of how we used UVP to create one of the best dental website on the web.
Unique Value Proposition

Don’t talk about WHAT you do. Instead, create content that focuses on your why and values. Why do you practice dentistry or healthcare services? This is what we call your Unique Value Proposition – why should people choose you over your competition? Discover your UVP in just two easy steps. Download our UVP wizard to help you discover your difference.

Preview of Fitzpatrick Dental's website as an example of hwo we use content to solve your patients problems and create a dental website that is better than your competitions.
Overcome Your Patients' Barriers

Your website is a marketing tool and it should be there to solve your PATIENTS’ problems. What are some common barriers your patients face? How do you solve those problems? Ask yourself these questions when writing your website’s content. Check out our blog, The Secret to Writing Website Content to Beat Your Competitors.

Preview of Lucas Orthodontics' website as an example of how we use your unique voice to create the best dental website available.
Find Your Unique Voice

It’s important you pick a writing style that identifies with your brand. Are you more upbeat and conversational? Or do you prefer to be high-end and professional when caring for your patients? Check out some examples of content voices.

"So, how do I put all of this together to create the best healthcare and dental website?"

You Have: Your Style. Your Voice. Your Message.
Now it's time to put all of this together!

It depends on your goals. Ask yourself: When someone lands on your website, what’s the first thing you want them to know? Answering this question will help you decide how to layout your website. But here’s a general idea on how to set up your homepage:


Your website should be VERY easy for patients to move around your website and immediately find the information they need.

  • Have your logo prominently displayed so your user knows they landed on the right website.

  • Have vibrant calls to actions or buttons to encourage your user to take action (ie., request an appointment, call the office, meet the doctor, etc.).

  • Make it easy for people to contact your office. Have your phone number prominent on the menu, add an inline form to your hero area so they can email you right away, put your patient forms right on the homepage, etc.

  • Make sure your mobile site is easy to navigate, so it is easy to call your office right away, get directions, and to email your office.

Preview of Night and Day Dental to show that effective hero panels make the best dental and medical websites. Preview of Lucas Orthodontics hero panel to show that an engaging title and image make the best dental and medical websites. Preview of Fitzpatrick Dental home page toshow that choosing the right message and Call to actions result in the best dental and medical website. Preview of Nashville Dentistry CO home page as an example of one of the best dental and medical websites.

This is the first image, statement, and impression your website is going to make. It’s the first impression your business is going to make. There are many ways you can make an incredible hero area:

  • Put your favorite photo (of your team, laughing with a patient, etc.) in the hero area.

  • Create an impactful, unique headline. Then, create a bulleted list of how you make your patients’ visits super easy and worthwhile (early morning appointments, online payments, new patient specials, etc.).

  • Add a form right in your hero, so potential customers can get in touch with you right away.


This area of your website should talk about the “why” behind your practice and why you’re unique. One way to do this is to go over your patients’ barriers and how you overcome them.

  • Do your patients fear the dentist? Talk about how you overcome that barrier. Tell them why you do this.

  • Are your patients worried about the cost of healthcare? Talk about how you accept most medical insurance plans, in-house payment plans, or offer a membership plan for anyone without insurance.

  • Are your customers super busy? Talk about how you make appointment times convenient.

  • Extend an olive branch to call or email your office to get in touch with you in case they have any questions.


People want to know who you are. After you talk about how you help patients, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce who you are. Keep in mind: This isn’t about you. Make the content about how you help your patients.

  • Have a photo(s) of yourself? This could include a professional photo and/or a goofy one.

  • Include a quote of what you promise to your patients. What are your values? What are your goals?

  • List out your expertise to prove you’re an expert in your field. PRO TIP: Listing out your memberships, awards, and status is excellent for Google’s Expertise, Authority, and Trust update.


Now is the time to bring up what services you offer at your practice.

  • Mention your top 3 services you offer. Write a brief blurb about how these services will help your patients.

  • Do you have any promotions for current and new patients? Promote it on the site and dangle that carrot to encourage people to call you.

Preview of District Orthodontics website page with clearly stated points that make them different than other orthodontists in the area which is a component of creating the best dental and medical websites. Preview of Fitzpatrick Dental web page with clearly stating conveniences at the office which is a component of creating the best dental and medical websites. having actual patient testimonials and case studies as shown here on Shawn Kellers website is a key to creating the best dental and medical websites.

You talked about how you help patients, but where’s the proof? Should patients take your word for it? No! Your website is the perfect opportunity to have proof from your existing patients to tell your potentials patients how amazing you are.

  • Include testimonials from your fans talking about how you answered their questions.

  • Include photos of actual patients.

  • Have a portfolio of your work? Give people a sneak peek of the work you’ve done and put in a call to action to see more of your work.


Now’s the time for a potential patient to take action! Make it so easy for them to reach you, they don’t need to leave their devices.

  • Add a link to get directions to your office via Google My Business.

  • Put your new patient forms on the website (BONUS: Make your patient forms fillable online!).

  • Add a form to encourage patients to email your office.

  • Display your phone number and link to it so people can easily call your office on any device.

  • Can current patients pay online? Add that link for them!


With 65% of people searching online on a mobile device, it’s crucial your website is user-friendly on ANY device. When building your website, make sure it’s responsive (adjusts to any screen size).

  • Can your website call your practice right away on a mobile device?

  • Is it easy to get the information a patient needs right away?

  • Are the design and font sizes easy to browse through on any device?

  • Does it load fast?


You now have the best medical website.

Do you need help? Let Roadside take your website under our wings.

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So when it comes to the best dental and medical websites, why choose Roadside?

A photo collage of Roadside Dental-Medical Marketing team members at work doing what they do best which is creating the best dental and medical websites.
A photo collage of Roadside Dental-Medical Marketing team members at work doing what they do best which is creating the best dental and medical websites

We’ve been building the best medical and dental websites since 1999.

We understand you have a lot to do - BUT the great news is we're here to make your life easier!
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Save you time.

We’ve created proprietary surveys, roadmaps, and interview processes to make it easy for you to help us create your unique website. We can even find a local photographer and videographer in your area, so you don’t have to.

Icon of a person with a lightbulb inside their head to show that Roadside Dental-Medical Marketing speaks your medical language which gives up a leg up on creating the best dental and medical websites.
We speak medical.

Many of our team members come from the dental field. We know what patients are looking for in a medical professional and can speak your language.

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Everything is custom.

Cookie-cutter is so boring! We believe in creating custom website designs and content to match your brand and message.

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Affordable prices.

From specialty practices to established offices with multiple locations, we have websites for dentists and medical professionals that fit EVERY budget and need.

Dr. Benjamin Turnwald, owner of Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry and is an actual client of Roadside Dental Marketing talks about how we created him the best dental websites available.
Lori, an actual client of Roadside Dental Marketing talks about the positive feedback from her patients on her new responsive website and how we created the best dental website for her specific needs. .
Dr. Shawn Keller, a dentist at Smiles by Design and an actual client of Roadside Dental Marketing talks about his experience with our marketing packages and how his dental website is the best around.
My website is the opposite of the generic website and they delivered on everything they promised. Highly recommend!
Dr. Benjamin Turnwald | Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry
They took our vision and brought it to life. Our feedback from patients has consisted of nothing but glowing reports...they love the ease of use, mobile-friendly interface, and streamlined, sleek, modern feel. It's everything we dreamed of, and so much more!
Lori Herbert, Practice Administrator | Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry
After the launch of my new site by Roadside, within six months I am now on page one again. Their top tier marketing package has paid for itself over and over again. I definitely recommend Roadside - their team is on point!
Dr. Shawn Keller | Smiles by Design
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