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You’re opening your FIRST dental practice!

You’re putting your and soul into this new adventure, and we get you have many irons in the fire!

It’s important you have a marketing team you can trust, a team who’s with you and focuses on what really matters to grow and maintain your unique, online brand. This all starts with a strong website foundation and creating relationships with your online community. #EnterRoadside!

Take a ... Deep Breath ...

You've got this! - and we're here to help you overcome any obstacles!

Unsure how to beat your competition and market your uniqueness?

Want to get into DIY Marketing, but have no idea where to begin?

Need help getting the marketing materials to set you apart?

Feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do, and don’t know where to start?

Let's start by reviewing


We’re here to help you take care of the little things (and do them correctly!)
Get ready to overtake your competitors!

Let’s take care of the prep work.
Do you have a physical office number?
Get ahead by gathering assets.
Let the online marketing begin!
Let’s take care of the prep work.

This is where we take care of the basics by gathering all the information about your new practice.

  • What is your NAP (name, address, phone number)?
  • What domain (URL) is your site launching onto?
  • Do you need Roadside to buy your domain for you?
  • Did you sign the Domain Management Agreement?
  • What emails would you like? (info@, team@, etc.)

Do you have a physical office number?

Great! We can get started on the following tasks:

  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Branding
  • Online Directory Setup
Get ahead by gathering assets.

Jumpstart the website and social media process by sending us assets that will build trust with future patients.

  • Gather testimonials from family members and friends you’ve treated.
  • Compile your favorite social media photos to show off your personality.
  • Decide on patient forms (online or fillable PDF).
  • Determine how you’re going to get rid of financial barriers (accept most insurance, third-party financing, etc.).
Let the online marketing begin!

Now you have the logo, trust builders, office number, and social accounts, it’s time to start the virtual online handshake. Start introducing your brand to the world and getting patients to your doors (before they even open!).

  • Launch your temp site (we need your headshot, contact information, and the first website survey completed).
  • Start your Prebook Campaign.
  • Start sending weekly DIY Marketing Goodies to your inbox.

Now it's time to


Before we get started on your marketing powerhouse, it’s important we have all of your assets to ensure your project runs smoothly. What do we need? Just go through our easy-to-follow checklist!

A icon of a post-it note being peeled off to represent filling out Roadside's easy surveys

It's crucial to capture your practice's uniqueness to stand out from your competitors. It all starts with our easy surveys to find your marketing gold!

Tips For Success
Photo icons to represent the importance of having professional photos on a dental website

Photos tell the real story about you and your philosophy. There are many options to choose from to set your practice apart and tell your story.

Tips For Success
Icon of a star in a circle to represent branding and logos
Brand + Logos

Your brand is the first impression of your business. Make sure it speaks to patients the right way and gains their trust.

Tips For Success
Icon of a person to represent the importance of showing convenience for patients

What do you do to make your patients' appointments a walk in the park? How do you solve their problems? This is what will get patients to walk through your doors!

Tips For Success
Comment bubbles to showcase the importance of gaining trust and proving dentists' greatness.
Proof + Trust

We know you're awesome, but do your patients know? Prove your kindness and commitment to patients with testimonials, videos, and before and after cases.

Tips For Success
Domain Management Agreement
Domain Management

Manage domains? Emails? Oh my! Let us help you take care of all the tech-y jargon, so you don't have to!

Tips For Success

Fill Out Our Surveys

Be Likable With Photos

  • Are your photos from 2-3 years ago? It’s time to update your photos (mullets are out!). Need help finding a lifestyle photographer? We are here for you!

  • BONUS POINTS: Only send us approved photos.

  • Is your photoshoot 3 to 6 months out? That’s ok! Let’s start with stock images and update later. It only takes 2 to 4 hours to do a basic photo update – easy peasy!

  • Don’t have actual patient photos right now, but would love to build trust? Send an email to your favorite patients, friends, and family that you see and ask for their favorite self-y, cheesy grins on Facebook. We can create an authentic band of real smiles! Just look at Schur Orthodontics!

Your Brand & Logos

  • We need the version of your logo in these file formats: .ai or .eps. What does that even mean? Ask your printer! They will have a copy of it.

  • Has it been over five years since you updated your logo colors and fonts? Think refresh! Our team can update the basic look, so it’s modern and works well for any device (5-hour scope).

  • Do you have affiliate logos? Where did you go for CE? What technology do you use? Having these assets builds trust and is a great way to start linking.

  • Do you have any awards or “best of the best” honorable mentions? If you got it, flaunt it!


  • Attach and send over your current patient forms in PDF format?

  • Do you want online HIPPA compliant forms? Check out IntakeQ or Dental Eshare.

  • Do you have a patient login portal? Send us the link.

  • Do you have any consent, post/pre-op forms? Red rover, red rover, send those on over.

  • Do you need a patient photo consent form? We can help you out below.

  • Do you have any financial barriers solutions? For example, most insurance accepted, in-house financing, or in-house insurance program.

Proof & Trust

  • Please send over 10-15 of your favorite patient testimonials (photo and name is best)

  • BONUS POINTS: Add to their story! What problems did they have? How did you solve those problems?

  • Have videos of you or patient testimonials? Send those over with a YouTube/Vimeo link.

  • Have a before and after case you’re proud of? Send it over for the Services page! PS: Be sure you have a story to match to it.

  • Do you have any marketing material from the technology brands you use?

Domain Management

  • Be sure to sign the Domain Management Agreement, so we have permission to transfer your domain to Roadside’s account.

  • What URL is your site launching onto?

  • Who is the best person to contact for our IT guy to talk to?

  • Do you have email? For example:


Once you’ve gathered all your assets, it’s time to schedule your kick off call!

Let the fun begin! It's time to get on the phone for your


Your project manager will introduce your website team, who are going to be a part of your practice for the next 30 working days. Together, they form an elite squad, ready to make your website great! During the call, we’ll discuss:

  • “Do we have your logo and brand assets?”
  • “What colors do you prefer?”
  • “What are your favorite website examples?”
  • “What style represents your practice (modern, warm, classy)?”
  • “What type of photos do you love?”
  • “Do you have any other specific design ideas?”

  • “How is your practice unique?

  • “What’s the main message of your website?”

  • “How do you solve your patients’ problems?”

  • “Who are you reaching (target audience)?”

  • “What sort of ‘voice’ suits your practice?”

  • “Any questions about your pages or sitemap?”

Now you can sit back and relax while we ...


Your dynamite team will get cracking and build your website to represent your unique practice.
Wonder what’s going on behind the scenes?

1. Design
2. Build
3. Edits
4. Launch
1. Design

Using the design input from the call and surveys, your skilled designer crafts a stunning and functional website. Every site is responsive and user-friendly, looking amazing on any device. We’ll schedule a design reveal to ensure you’re loving the overall look and feel before building the rest of the website.

2. Build

Meanwhile, your writer strategizes how to lay out the pages and content, including placing keywords Google will love. Most importantly, it’s written to solve your patients’ problems and showcase what makes you so amazing.

3. Edits

Once finished, we will send you the website for all of your edits and schedule a launch date. Depending on your package, you will receive one or two rounds of edits. We can either go over the edits by phone or in written form to ensure nothing gets missed.

4. Launch

After you sign the launch approval form, your tech team begins launching your website on your launch date. We ask to give 24-48 hours for the website to be fully propagated. Once complete, you will have one week to send us any final edits.

Start Strong. Stay Strong. With Online Marketing

Once your new website has launched, your Project Manager will set up a Kick-Off call with our killer marketing team! During this call, we’ll make sure you’re set up to access your DIY marketing tools and we’ll coach you on how to make the best use of them. We’ll also outline a tentative schedule for your quarterly marketing calls for the upcoming year. If you want to add pages, campaigns, or anything else throughout the year, we’re just a phone call away – here to help make your new practice a success!

Who will be on this call?

Headshot of Shannon, Co-Owner and Marketing Maven

Co-Owner + Marketing Maven

Director of Client Services

Headshot of Angela, Roadside's Director of Client Services

Director of Client Services

Headshot of Kelsey, Roadside's SEO Director

SEO Director

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