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Let’s wrap up to RAMP UP!

  • Do you have any in-office plans to promote the launch of the new website?

  • Did you receive our test messages from your new website forms?

  • Are we waiting for any marketing surveys?

  • Do you approve the images our team chose to market your practice?

  • Let’s verify your Local Business Data Sheet.

  • Let’s discuss the third-party platforms you use.

  • Are we waiting on anything else from you?


Marketing is a TEAM effort. We need YOU!

  • Weekly Coach

  • Who are the marketing points of contact in the practice?

  • Would you like them added to the Weekly Coach mailing list?


You cannot afford to ignore blogging as a part of your marketing!

Is Roadside helping you to create and promote custom content?

  • Yaaasss!

    Great decision! Let’s review your content priorities as a starting point.

  • Nope, we've got this!

    Remember we are here to help!

    • Make sure to take advantage of our Marketing Resource Toolkit.
    • What service or topic you would like to start promoting?
    • We can optimize your blogs for greater SEO impact!
    • Let us know if you ever want to add content marketing to your budget (here’s why you would).

What are your marketing goals?

  • What are your new patient goals per month?

What is Roadside going to do for you?

  • Recommendations from our SEO team

  • Your Monthly Marketing Package
  • Website Updates

What are you going to do to contribute to your marketing?

  • What are your goals?

  • What did you choose as your focus for this Quarter?

  • What are your marketing barriers?


Who should you contact at Roadside?

  • One Point of Contact

  • How often will you hear from us?

    • January, April, July, October: Quarterly Check-In Calls or Emails
    • One to two weeks before the end of each quarter: Content strategy plan for approval
    • When new custom content or promotional materials are completed: Approval requested with a deadline
    • Reports: Watch this overview video
  • Quarterly Review Meetings + Check-ins

    • When you work with Roadside, you’ll get two thorough checkups a year. (Sound familiar?) Here’s how it works:
      • Quarter 1 (January) and Quarter 3 (July). You choose between a brief check-in call or an emailed rundown of what we’d like to discuss. With the email option, you can review the information at your convenience and let us know if you have questions or need anything.
      • Quarter 2 (April) and Quarter 4 (October). Before our call, we will collect personalized recommendations from our SEO team so your website shines above your competition! We will send our call outline and your website health report prior to the call for your review. On the date and time of our call, we will arrange a screensharing call to review your report and marketing priorities to harmonize our marketing efforts.
  • SEO Reports

    • Your automated report will cover the top metrics that affect ranking and compare your results with the previous month.
    • If you have any questions, you can contact your Account Manager or our SEO Director, Kelsey at (360) 209-1004.
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