Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

Check back regularly, as we’re updating our resources frequently.


We are so excited to start building your brand and marketing and a lasting relationship with your practice.


Monthly Marketing
Let's review what you can expect from our team!
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What's Included
  • Hosting (including ongoing server technical maintenance) and 1 email address
  • Maintenance of your website, including updates to themes, security, and plugins
  • Ongoing audits for technical SEO improvements
  • Marketing Resources including Weekly Coach email
  • Roadside Connect platform
  • SEO and Google Business Profile Growth

  • Minor website updates (ie. changes to hours or team members from time to time)
  • Dedicated Marketing Account Manager available for support, strategy, and questions

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What's Optional
  • Additional email accounts ($5 each / month)
  • Responding to reviews
  • Posting on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile)
  • Custom blogs (if not strategized as part of your SEO and Content Growth)
  • Additional service pages (if not strategized as part of your SEO and Content Growth)
  • Paid Ads
  • Extensive website updates (minimal updates can be accommodated or strategized as part of SEO and Content Growth)
Still have questions?
  • What could be included in my SEO + Google Business Profile Growth budget?
    • Relationship-nurturing newsletters
    • Hygiene Reactivation Campaign
    • Treatment Acceptance Campaign
    • Content strategy and creation (pages, video, blogs, emails, social media, etc.)
    • On-Page SEO improvements including heading tag, page titles, image optimization, meta descriptions
    • Keyword optimization for main keywords and research on how to introduce new keywords into your portfolio
    • Competition-focused optimization which includes research on current positioning and portfolio assets of your main competition
    • Google Business Profile optimizations (adding brands, products, FAQs, posts, etc.)
    • ADA page maintenance, if applicable
    • Link building, if applicable for best ROI
    • Metrics and reporting
  • How do I make updates to my website?

    It’s important to update your website to keep it fresh and current. Did you hire a new team member? Do you want to promote a service? We’re here to update your content as needed!

    To request an update:

    Simple updates, like adding or removing a team member or changing the business hours, can be incorporated into your plan.

    More extensive updates will require additional time for our team to complete, separate from your strategized plan. We can let you know how long the update will take our team. Then, you can decide whether to pay only for the updates you request on an hourly basis or with a 5-hour or 15-hour block of updates time that never expires. We offer an hourly rate discount if you purchase a block of time.

    In either case, our team will add your update to our queue and you will receive a notification from our team within 5 business days. If your request is urgent, please let us know and we will try and accommodate you.

  • Can I add more email accounts?

    You sure can! Just request an update on our Customer Support portal and let them know the email addresses you would like to create. Each additional email account is $5 / month. If you need to reset the password of your email account, submit a request to our Customer Support team.


Roadside Connect
Our all-in-one platform to nurture relationships and boost revenue (plus so much more!)

Roadside Connect can help you convert more leads into new patients and generate more revenue plus easily track the ROI of your marketing investment!

Here's why you're going to love it:
  • Connect with your current patients...
    Think about all the unaccepted treatment plans and referral sources.

    • Most practices have over a million dollars in unaccepted treatment sitting in their practice management systems — and they don’t even know it.
    • Research shows consumers need a minimum of 8 touchpoints from a brand before committing to a purchase (this absolutely applies to dental patients!) And yet, many practices have only spoken to a patient one time about a treatment recommendation.

    How Roadside Connect can help:

    • We can build nurture campaigns that are specifically designed to help you close the hidden revenue sitting in your existing database with relationship-nurturing (i.e. non-spammy) emails, text messages, and education.
    • Send review requests by email or text and respond right from the Conversations tab
  • Connect with potential patients...
    Think about how potential patients reach out to you…

    • Phone calls, text messages, email, website forms, web chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, Google chat (this is going to be the next big thing!)
    • Studies have shown that if you aren’t responding within 5 minutes of them requesting additional information—you are running an exponential risk of losing that new patient.

    How Roadside Connect can help:

    • Connect all your incoming messages in one convenient inbox, including two-way texting! (plus it’s 100% HIPAA compliant)
    • Record calls for tracking and training.
    • Optional features available:
      • Allow new patients to request an appointment and then check your schedule to book them on your schedule.
      • Offer the convenience of web chat. We can even set up automated responses!
  • Connect with Roadside...
    You’ll find all this in Roadside Connect!

    • Find analytics from your website traffic and Google Business Profile
    • Check your Google and Facebook Ads reports
    • See the potential revenue we’re generating for you and the return on your marketing investment
    • Access Roadside’s DIY Marketing Resources
    • Connect with your Marketing Account Manager or request a website update via form submission

Watch for your logins from your Marketing Account Manager!


DIY Coaching Resources
Think of us not as your marketing agency but your marketing guides!
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Every Tuesday, you’ll receive an email with marketing tips to encourage your team to do more on social and keep your social media more active.

You’ll find:

  • Ready-made social posts
  • Ready-made tools for in-office campaigns (desk displays, photo signs, etc.)
  • Tools, resources, and ideas
  • Save all the free posts in a folder on your computer to use any time
  • Customize the post descriptions for your practice
  • Use the social posts as inspiration and post something that’s a little more personalized
  • Decide which of your team members should receive Weekly Coach and provide us with their emails
  • Each week, review it together in a huddle and schedule out who will post the provided content. Use our free Weekly Checklist to help with this!

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This is an exclusive page available only to Roadside clients.

Click the Marketing Resources tab in Roadside Connect to find:

  • A new team training video every month (get it before it’s gone!)
  • Weekly Coach
  • Your Quarterly Game Plan
  • Coaching DIY to overcome any barrier
  • Upcoming events

Goals are essential to marketing success. Here’s how:

  • Evaluate what worked and what didn’t from the previous year. Use our Marketing Action Plan Workbook to help you! Watch this video on how to use it.
  • Choose one goal for the quarter, and focus on helping your team become rockstars with it. Then by the end of the quarter, decide on your next focus.
  • Start a marketing calendar for the practice – paper, digital – whatever works best for you!
  • Schedule a Marketing Lunch with the whole team and bring in lunch for training to get them excited to help the practice grow.
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Marketing with Smiles is a private community for dental professionals (and the Roadside Dental Marketing team) to discuss all things marketing!

  • Brainstorm ideas, share wins, ask questions
  • Bounce ideas off each other
  • Ask for feedback from other practices and marketing experts

Get VIP lifetime access so you’re always in the know of the latest marketing news.


Maximize Your Marketing Investment
What's expected from you and your team now?
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The most successful practices make marketing a part of their everyday routine. Here are some ways to get your entire team excited to help the practice grow:

  • It all starts with a schedule and a plan (get your free resources here)
  • Bring in lunch once a quarter for marketing training and brainstorming with the whole team
  • Invite key team members to join your marketing calls with us
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It’s not as hard as it sounds… and we have resources to make it easy! The fact is, the most successful practices are content creators.

  • Write blogs
  • Shoot DIY videos
  • Post real company stuff on social
  • Even… have live stream videos or podcasts!

See the Marketing Resources tab in Roadside Connect for education, tips, and free resources.

  • Before the end of each Quarter to get your feedback on the Quarterly Marketing Strategy
  • To notify you of any new content created
  • To schedule a Quarterly Review Meeting if we don’t have one scheduled
  • To update you on the progress of  your campaigns
A La Carte Menu
Reach out if we can help you with any additional services.
Facebook Basic Social Package


  • 2 engagement-driven Facebook posts per week (8/month, 24/quarter)
  • Posts are designed for engagement and education and are NOT custom
  • Posts are scheduled and posted on behalf of the office, no review or approval
  • Get Instagram added for only $25/month


  • Engagement (call to action to comment, like, or share)
  • Fun (jokes, memes, quotes, fun facts)
  • Education (tips, facts)
  • Call to book (call to action to call office to book appointment)
Facebook Deluxe Social Package


  • Facebook Basic posts (2/week, 8/month, 24/quarter) (not customized)


  • Custom Facebook posts (1/week, 4/month, 12/quarter)
  • Survey to collaborate on specific goals and objectives each quarter
  • Posts are scheduled and posted on behalf of the office
  • Practice can review, approve, and edit custom posts directly in scheduling platform
  • Get Instagram added for only $50/month


  • Drive traffic to website
  • Promote a specific service or special offer
  • Ask for reviews
Social Growth Outreach Boost
$1200 each</b (choose from Facebook or Instagram)>

For social media to be successful, it needs to be SOCIAL! But starting from ground zero might be intimidating. Who should you connect with? How do you increase your reach? Let us do the initial legwork for you! This will set your practice up for success by increasing your following and providing you with everything you need to become a social star in your community.


  • Initial planning, research, and setup
  • PDF guide with custom recommendations for your practice
  • One-on-one coaching with our experts

Ask us for more details!


BrandMaker unifies your online social presence, ensuring your brand is represented professionally, consistently, and accurately. Additionally, your brand’s consistent “look and feel” builds patients’ trust, and adds credibility to your practice.


  • Social setup
    We set up social pages for your practice, including Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube based on your needs and preferences.
  • Custom social branding
    You’ll receive custom-branded profile and cover images for each included social site, designed to coordinate with your website brand. We’ll send them for your review, and includes up to two rounds of revisions, if needed. Once approved, we’ll upload the designs to your various social accounts for you!
  • Social optimization
    Social optimization includes adding keywords to your descriptions, biographies, and account stories. We’ll also update your practice’s latest photos, delete older ones, ensure account links are correct, update social usernames, verify accounts, and ensure consistent business details and services.
  • Accurate listings
    We’ll reclaim, correct, and delete renegade social accounts (including Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube).

Interested in one of more about the above? Ask your Marketing Account Manager for pricing.

Blog Posts

Adding blogs on specific topics is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and visibility and grow your rankings over time. Blogs can highlight services, COVID protocols, virtual consultation benefits, or any other targeted topic you want to rank for.

Evergreen posts are older blog posts on a topic that’s never outdated. When an old evergreen post is performing well and getting traffic, there can be tremendous SEO value in updating the content, adding new visuals, and republishing it.

  • Custom Blog Package $600
    900-1200 words / 2-3 custom images / 1 Facebook post
  • SEO Blog Package $300
    500-800 words / 1 stock image / 1 Facebook post
  • Update + Republish an Evergreen Blog Post $300

Ask us about bundle pricing!

Service Pages

Share your expertise – and what you offer – with custom pages about a specific dental service or location. We offer different levels of pages to fit your budget and unique needs! Just ask your Marketing Account Manager which page is right for you.

  • Ultimate Page $1000
    Up to 8 bands | Up to 10 photos | Around 1200 words
  • Personalized Page $750
    Up to 7 bands | Up to 8 photos | Around 1000 words
  • Basic Page $500
    Up to 6 bands | Up to 5 photos | Around 600 words
  • Library Content Page $125
    Templated content to establish a starting point for a service

Ask us about our bundle pricing!

Basic Virtual Consultation Package

Your new page will feature content explaining the ease and benefit of a virtual consultation, a form to request consult, and/or a link to your video chat service (if applicable). You will also receive a temporary update to the hero area at the top of your homepage to focus on virtual consultations.

Page example: Arch Dental

Deluxe Virtual Consultation Package

The deluxe package includes everything in the basic package, but allows for higher visability – which will lead to more consultation opportunities! This package includes the addition of a Virtual Consultation band on high-traffic pages throughout your website (homepage, meet the doctor, patient resources, and contact pages).

Page examples:
Santucci Exceptional Dentistry
Orthodontic Specialists Indian Valley: New Patients | Treatment Progress Checks

Learn more!

Safety + Precautions Page

Having an up-to-date website that meets the needs of patients and the community will strengthen your brand and build trust in patients who have concerns about COVID-19. We’ve put together a list of suggested content updates to consider to enable you to communicate effectively with your patients and community during this unique time.


  • Safety + Precautions page with your practice’s unique info
  • Page link added to the homepage (either a band or button, depending on website design) or a link in your navigation

To learn more about why it’s so critical to adjust your website’s messaging in response to COVID-19, please read this blog post.

Dental Membership Plan Page

New page with custom content about your existing membership plan, with strategic calls to action to attract new members. Also includes a homepage band or button to advertise / link to your new page, which will link to your third-party membership plan.

Page example: Arch Dental

If you’re looking for third party recommendations, we recommend:

  • Dental Menu (Ask your Account Manager to introduce you directly to our partner!)
  • Kleer (schedule a demo)

To learn more about now is such a good time to implement a dental membership plan, please read this blog post.

Homepage Refresh

Not only does Google love to see updates to your website regularly, but there may also come a time when you want to give your website a little upgrade.

We can refresh your homepage to improve conversions, raise CTR (click-through-rate), and make it more user-friendly. Content creation is used to make the homepage more marketable and communicate your uniqueness.


  • New custom content blocks
  • New photos/videos
  • New review/testimonial sections
  • Implementation of inline forms, or attractive CTAs (calls-to-action)
  • May include adding content to additional pages based on amount of time spent on homepage

Homepage refresh options available:

  • Hero update only $200
  • Full homepage refresh $500 and up (ask us for pricing!)
Video Editing and Creation

Videos are one of the top emerging trends. Videos will increase website traffic and conversions, improve your SEO, educate your patients, and help you sell more services. We offer a wide range of video creation services from adding some sparkle to your DIY videos to custom video creation.

  • Custom video creation $350-1150
    We can use your existing video footage and photos to create videos that can be used on Facebook, YouTube, and your website. Ask your Account Manager for more details!
  • Remote video creation from $625
    If the reality of getting a videographer to book interviews with your patients, schedule a video shoot, and create beautiful patient testimonial videos is unlikely for you, we’ve partnered with a video production company that uses Zoom! Create FAQ or testimonial videos easy peasy!
  • Editing your DIY videos
    Shoot your own simple videos using a mobile device or tablet and we’ll personalize it, adding an intro screen featuring your logo, which then transitions into your video. At the end, we transition to an outro screen with your logo and contact information. Audio is faded with transitions as well.
    • Edit video $150
    • Upload to YouTube and Basic Optimization $125
    • Add video to website (inline player) $100

Need more help or tips? Talk to your Marketing Account Manager!

Logo Creation

Work directly with our expert designers to create a personal brand and identity. We’ll listen to your needs, and present you with 3-5 concepts to create a stunning new look. This new brand includes a custom logo that will be memorable, compelling, and visually (and accurately) represent your unique practice.

Logo Refresh

We’ll use your existing logo concept while enhancing and adapting it to today’s technology. With small revisions – like new fonts and colors – your updated logo can make a huge impact. Feel confident that your logo is legible and striking in every instance.

from $200/month

Consistently receiving new reviews is vital not only to help new patients get to know your reputation bu also to show your value to Google. A review platform integrates with your practice management software to automatically send review requests to patients via text and email after an appointment.

Our top recommendations include:

  • Podium
    • The only review platform officially partnered with Google
    • Additional features include text, live chat, and automatic payment
  • BirdEye

Talk to your Marketing Account Manager so we can send a contract to get started or introduce you directly to our partner.

Website Refresh

Roadside is best known for our custom, responsive websites. If you’re interested in a design refresh talk to your Marketing Account Manager for more details.

Free Marketing Training

Roadside was founded by those who walked a mile in your dental shoes. That’s why we love giving back by providing marketing education and resources to help simplify marketing.

Ask for details to schedule education with your professional group!

starting from $500/month

Paid ads are the fastest way to get your website in the top five sponsored results, consistently driving traffic to your site. (Not convinced? Watch this video!) As a certified partner for both Google Ads and Google Analytics, Roadside has the expertise to help get your phone ringing.


  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

No matter which Ad Campaign you choose, your package will include a robust setup strategy and ongoing maintenance. Ask your Marketing Account Manager for budget recommendations and details.


Marketing Account Managers
When you need us, we'll be here.

Reach out to us directly if you want our help a la carte for custom content (like blogs or pages), website updates, or questions.

Save Your Roadside Marketing Kick-Off Email.
Refer to this email and custom video for your Roadside Connect logins and to educate team members!