Our entire team is sending positivity your way and a virtual hug (or elbow bump!) during these uncertain and stressful times.

As a small business ourselves, we want to do all we can to support other businesses that will be affected in the days ahead.

We’ve put together tips, ideas, and resources to help your business create positivity, reassurance, and value for your communities.

First and above all, we want to help you help others.❤️

Check back regularly, as we’re updating our resources frequently.

Gather Your Assets!

Before we can start crafting your brand new website, you’ll need to gather and send us your most important assets. On the Welcome Call, we will review the Website Checklist (which contains the assets we will need), set a timeline for when you’ll be able to provide everything, as well as, answer any questions you may have.

Scroll down for a whole host of helpful information, tips, and quick links (and remember to download your Website Checklist!).

If you don’t have much of these yet, keep these tips and tools in mind! Start gathering, and we can always add to your site in the future.

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“My goal is to WOW you by making your website project easy, simple, and, most of all, enjoyable.”

– Lori, Project Manager

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Survey 1

New Client Onboarding Survey

Survey 1 will discuss the nuts and bolts of your company i.e. office address, services list, etc. This can easily be done by the Office Manager or can be assigned to your right-hand man.

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Survey 2

Website Design + Content Survey

Survey 2 covers your practice’s mission and what makes you unique. We recommend collaborating with your team’s key players to help provide clarity on your values and what sets you apart!

Have a SPECIFIC VISION FOR YOUR CONTENT? If you have a strong vision for your content – or specific words or adjectives in mind – please include these in the Website Design + Content Survey. By providing your specifics, we can nail it the first time!

Doc + Team Bio(s) Survey

Doctor Bio Survey

Team Bio Survey

We want people to learn about how awesome you are. The doctor bio survey is the ideal place to tell your story. What if you have multiple docs? That’s not a problem, send them each the survey link.

People want to hear about your team too. Send out the team bio survey to your team members with a one-week deadline.

Dental Practice Images Doctor Photos Examples

Logo Files

Please note, we need your logo in a vector file format: .ai or .eps.

Aren’t sure what that means? Ask your printer! They should have a copy of it.

What if you’ve received your logo but can’t open it? It’s ok. Just send it over. You most likely need a special design program to open it.

Dental Practice Images Doctor Photos Examples

New Logo Creation

You’ll work directly with our expert designers to create a personal brand and identity that will be memorable, compelling, and visually represent your unique practice.

Dental Practice Images Office Photos Examples

Logo Refresh

We’ll enhance and adapt your existing logo concept while updating it for today’s responsive website technology. With small revisions – like new fonts and colors – your updated logo can make a huge impact.

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Photoshoot Photos

Photoshoot Planning

Photoshoot Checklist

Patient Model Request Script

Photo Release Form

Are your photos from 2-5 years ago? If so, it’s probably time to update your brand and image with new photos of the doc and team. Building a new website is a great opportunity for a new photoshoot.

Prior to your photoshoot:

Day of your photoshoot:

Review our top tips for what to do on the day:

  • Use the Photoshoot Checklist on the day of the shoot to ensure you get as many great shots as possible
  • Have your team and model patients fill out the Photo Release Form and keep for your records

BONUS: Everyone loves a good story. For each model/patient:

  • Ask the photographer to take a headshot
  • Encourage them to write a quick testimonial using the Patient Testimonial Worksheet (grab them while they are in the office!)
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Existing Photos

Having real photos of the doctor, team, and practice on your new website is great for building trust and gives potential patients a glimpse into who you are.

If you can’t do a photoshoot at this time, provide us anything you’ve got! Here are the types of photos we can use on your new website:

  • Office photos
  • Doctor photos
  • Team photos
  • Social media photos
  • Community photos
  • Family photos
  • Patient selfies/portraits
  • Doctor/team selfies

Gather some photos

If you don’t have actual patient photos (yet!), you can send an email to your top patients – including friends and family – and ask for their favorite selfies and portraits.

You can also make a “real” connection and build trust by including fun, casual selfies of your team! We’d love to build your site with authentic smiles and showcase your unique personalities!

Need some photo inspiration?

Take a look at these real client sites:  Oak Grove Family Dentistry • Knight+Knight Dental HealthcareChildren’s DentistryLake Bluff Family Dentistry

Licensed Stock Images

Alternatively, we can build your website with stock photography and update it later down the road once you’re able to do a photoshoot. Updating the website with a new photoshoot takes extra time and can be done “a la carte” or with your marketing budget. Updating a Branded Site takes 3 hours, Personalized Site takes 5 hours, and an Ultimate Site takes 7 hours.

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Videos Made Simple

We love adding videos to your site. Here are a few important points to note:

  • Upload videos to the video hosting site of your choice, such as YouTube or Vimeo (adding actual video files to a website will slow it down and we don’t want that!)
  • Once uploaded (to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), just send us the link and we’ll take care of adding them to your website

Want a hero video? Here are a few important points to note:

  • A video hero should be 5-15 seconds long
  • If sending an actual video file, please have your videographer compress it as much as possible

Don’t have a video but want one? Here is how Roadside can help:

Looking for video inspiration?

Take a look at some of our live sites: Karmazin DentalWildewood DentalArch DentalEmpire Dental Aesthetics

Real Photo Examples

Doctor Photos

Include professional and casual photos of each doctor – and be sure to get a group shot!


Practice Photos

Include interior and exterior shots of your practice building.


Comforts + Tech

Include your unique patient comforts and technologies.


Culture Photos

Show some personality! Let loose and give patients a reason to connect.


Team Photos

Include a mix of formal individual portraits, and group shots.


Working Photos

Show patients what they can expect when they come to visit your dental practice.


Office + Lifestyle

These photos offer a less formal office tour and a chance to see your team in action.


Area Photos

Include landmarks, surrounding areas, and other notable locations.

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Patient Forms

Make it easy for your patients by providing your patient forms online. We can add your patient forms to your new website in the following formats:

  • PDF format
  • HIPAA compliant fillable online forms (via a Third Party, see below)

Examples of the types of patient forms you may want to add to your website:

  • New Patient Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Pre/Post Op Instructions

Third Party HIPAA Compliant Forms – our current faves:

Icon of a wrench and a speaker

Third-Party Applications

Do you have any of the following features you would like linked to your website: 

  • Online Forms
  • Online Booking
  • Online Payment
  • Chat Features
  • Review Applications

To properly use any third party widgets, plugins, apps, or special forms such as Lighthouse 360 or NexHealth, we need all the relevant access and information. Need help? Ask your rep to provide us with the relevant info.

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In-House Membership Plan Info

Provide us with your membership plan information/brochure so we can showcase it on your website.

Check out a few of these examples to see how we can do this:

If you would like a third-party recommendation for help creating and managing a membership plan, we recommend Dental Menu or Kleer (ask us to introduce you!).

  • Common third party connectors
    • EMBED CODES: Many plugins or apps provide a special embed code (HTML) for our developers to place on your website. This can be found within the plugin or app.
    • SERIAL CODES: To activate a purchased plugin, we may need the serial key you received at time of purchase.
    • LINKS or URLs: Often we don’t need to integrate your third party app but simply need a link to the page you want us to reference.
    • API KEYS: Apps linking to or incorporating other apps normally require a special API key. You can retrieve this from the app itself or the app’s administrator/developer.
    • APP LOGINS: In some rare instances, we may require your apps login details to integrate an app into your website. However, if you prefer not to provide this information, then we can assist you in adding the app yourself.
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Reviews & Testimonials

Patient Testimonial Worksheet

You can send us patient reviews and testimonials in various forms, including:

  • Links to your Facebook and Google reviews
  • Links to Third Party websites including BirdEye
  • Video testimonials via hosting sites (YouTube/Vimeo)
  • Photos of hand-written testimonials

If you’re doing a new photoshoot:

  • Invite a couple of your favorite patients to join you (See the Patient Model Request Script which provides an easy outline to send them)
  • Ask each “model patient” to write a quick testimonial while they’re at the office. Provide your patient(s) with this easy-to-use Patient Testimonial Worksheet. Don’t forget to take a headshot too!

Not doing a photoshoot:

  • Ask your fave patients to provide a testimonial along with their favorite selfie or photo

Before & After Cases

Real Patient Photo Tips

Case photos:

Before & after photos are great for building trust as they make it easy for people to see the amazing work you do. See our Real Patient Photo Tips to see the best type of photos to display. These include:

  • Teeth Photos – before & after (try to avoid retracted smiles)
  • Portraits (full face) – before & after
  • Lifestyle – Real life photos or selfies (if you don’t have one, send a quick email and request they send you their favorite selfie)


Do you have any awards or “best of the best” honorable mentions? If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Patients love to see the recognition you have received. Please send us any of your accolades or awards. You can send them in the following formats:

  • Award logos or badges
  • Links to websites or articles
  • Magazine images
  • Photos of you receiving the award/accolade

Once you’ve gathered all your assets, it’s time to schedule your Design Kick-Off Call!

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