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Read our case study about Creekside Dentistry's dental website in Loganville, GA.

About Creekside Dentistry

Roadside Dental and Medical Marketing had the pleasure of working with Creekside Dentistry – the friendliest dental office in Loganville, GA, who always puts their patients’ needs first before their own – after meeting their office manager, Cyndi, at the AADOM conference in 2016. She told us the doctors of Creekside Dentistry needed a new, modern website that is user-friendly for their community. The only problem was…the doctors recently launched a new website.

Headshot of Cyndi, Office Manager at Creekside Dentistry

Meet Cyndi, Dental Office Manager and AADOM member

Challenge: Convincing the doctors to buy a new website.

Working within their budget

Just like you would work within your patients’ financial needs, we do the same thing with our clients. We understood Creekside Dentistry was making a big investment with our responsive dental website, which is why we worked with Cyndi and Creekside to find a website package that worked within their budget.

By working within their needs, they were able to commit to a killer responsive website with Roadside.

See Friendly Dentistry On Any Device

Our Objective: Make Creekside's new website user friendly, modern, and full of SEO juice while showcasing their caring nature

  • Modern design: Since launching Creekside’s website, they’ve received many compliments about how beautiful the site is with the pops of blue and white along with the custom icons. Combined with their fun photography, you can easily see how friendly and fun the Creekside Dentistry team is. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this dental family?

  • Personable content: We found out the previous website developers have used duplicate, templated content. Because of Google’s algorithm to use original and relevant content, we personally interviewed Creekside Dentistry and learned about their uniqueness and commitment to their patients. We took that passion and turned it into content that builds trust with patients.

  • Better patient experience: Providing outstanding customer service is what Creekside Dentistry does best, and having a user-friendly website was equally as important to them. Their patients LOVE the ease of use and how easy it is to learn more about the team.

Build your brand and make a strong online presence.

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Creekside Dentistry new responsive website on desktop
Creekside Dentistry old website on desktop
Creekside Dentistry mobile screenshot of their responsive dental website
No Mobile Before

What Are Creekside Dentistry's Patients Saying?

‘‘Overall, great job with the new website. Very informative and matches my experiences at Creekside.’’

Actual Creekside Dentistry Patient

‘‘Clean layout. As a web designer, I can appreciate a well thought out website.’’

Actual Creekside Dentistry Patient

‘‘It's super mobile friendly I was able to view the site entirely from my phone and it's easy to navigate. I think the blog is a great feature, as you all continue to populate it with more stories I'll definitely use it to learn or hear about interesting facts/tips.’’

Actual Creekside Dentistry Patient

‘‘How up-to-date and modern it is. Very welcoming, just like everyone on the staff.’’

Actual Creekside Dentistry Patient

‘‘It's attractive, informative, helpful. It's nice to see pictures of all the wonderful staff who've been helping us for years!’’

Actual Creekside Dentistry Patient

Exclusive Deals For AADOM Members And Soon-To-Be Members

As AADOM’s official website and SEO champion, we’re thrilled to offer any AADOM members these amazing gifts to help you be the hero of the dental practice. You have a million things to do as an office manager, so Roadside makes it super easy to get you a modern, responsive website. As Cyndi puts it, “I was blown away by the quality of product Roadside offered. It’s so much more than a website product; it’s a marketing plan!”

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