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Case Study: Boise Dentistry Co.

Went from ground zero to opening three locations within two years (and during a pandemic).

About Boise Dentistry Co.

Dr. Chris Minert ran a successful practice for six years in San Antonio, TX. With 10,000 patients, 15 staff members, and three doctors, Dr. Minert isn’t a stranger to operating a profitable business. But, he wanted to go back to his home roots in Boise, ID. So, he sold his practice, moved to beautiful Idaho, and started over.

Preview of the hassles Boise Dentistry Co went through as a startup practice

The Challenge

Dr. Minert had to rebuild a dental empire from scratch. Saying he was busy… that’s an understatement:

Dr. Minert knew the logistics of running a business, and having a stellar online presence was key to making a great first impression – especially for the new guy. He wanted his website to:

  • Reflect his philosophy of whole-health dentistry
  • Be clean, contemporary but warm
  • Appeal to new patients immediately

The Solution

Prove world-class dentistry is available to everyone - all through design and copy.

Boise Dentistry Co's new website
Start with an attractive landing page
  • Dr. Minert didn’t have a website. But he needed to send people somewhere.

  • We created a responsive landing page with all the basic info about Boise Dentistry Co.
  • The doc could start booking appointments before the office opens
  • A great starting point to drive traffic to his domain before the grand launch of his new website
Introduce the office culture through copy and design
  • Dr. Minert had a ton of competition. He needed to standout right away.
  • Through his custom photography and video, we could design a warm and contemporary website that reflects his values of world-class and ethical dentistry
  • Dr. Minert preaches total wellness, which a lot of patients aren’t familiar with. We wrote copy focused around his values of oral systemic health and emphasized how it benefits his community

Attractive offers so people couldn't say, "no"
  • If total health wasn’t enough, Dr. Minert sweetened the deal if you became a new patient.

  • He crafted compelling New Patient offers to get people into his office, giving this personable doc the opportunity to build a rapport and trust.

  • Patients enjoyed conveniences from the website to the office, including online forms, choosing their discounts online, morning-or-night office hours, and access to an in-house wellness plan.

Boise Dentistry Co's new website
Dr. Minert had tough competition
He couldn't settle for a website. He had to go further with SEM ads.
Computer icon
What are SEM ads?
These are paid ads to get you on page 1 of search results – guaranteed. It’s one of the most profitable marketing channels when it comes to generating higher ROI.
Traffic icon
Why did Dr. Minert need it?

SEM ads drive qualified traffic to a website quickly. Since Dr. Minert was the new dentist in Boise, he needed to generate leads and conversions quickly to compete with the top dentists.

Clicks icon
Do SEM ads work?
Yes, they do! Every month, Dr. Minert averages 10-13 form fills, 60 clicks for phone calls, and 140 clicks to get directions.
Boise Dentistry Co. is off to an amazing start!
Keywords indexed
Think: search engine brownie points
Views and engagement on the site
People were intrigued and wanted to know more
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